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If you ask when Fan Xiao Qing became the real guild fu ren, you’ll need to jump to the activity on double seven*.

* 七夕 = evening of seventh of lunar seventh month, i.e.: girl’s festival/Chinese’s Valentine’s Day

The activity on double seven was a large couple competition. It didn’t matter if they had just gotten just married on that day. So long they were a couple, they were entitled to join, and the system will randomly select couples in the same server as PK opponents.

And so, that evening when Fan Xiao Qing logged on, she saw Fan Hua San Qian squatting and waiting for her at the place where they had logged off the day before. Upon seeing her logged on, he immediately pulled out his mount and sent her an invite to mount together.

Fan Xiao Qing very naturally boarded the horse, and was carried to the matchmaking temple. ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 06 is hosted at ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS.WORDPRESS.COM

She watched the vast crowd at the matchmaking temple, and couldn’t help but look at Fan Hua San Qian in suspicion, and looked, speechless, at the person in front of them, black lines* drooping from her head.

* 黑线 = black lines; visual depiction of a character feeling exasperated/speechless/helpless/second-hand embarrassment or idiocy; like this  -> (;一_一||)

Fan Hua San Qian, however, was looking as he normally would, and pulled her directly to under the tree at the matchmaking temple, asking her: “Still want to be my bodyguard?”

Fan Xiao Qing had originally wanted to say no very happily, but the finger she had on the keyboard suddenly paused. It took her a long while before she understood what he meant. “So laggy…”

Fan Hua San Qian knew she saw, and asked again: “I’ll give you a chance.”

Fan Xiao Qing blinked her eyes, her interest once again peaking. “Really? I’ve been anticipating day and night for the longest of times to escape your sinister claws.”

Fan Hua San Qian thought about something for a while before continuing: “Then let’s get married. If we win the couple competition tonight, you don’t need to be my bodyguard anymore.”

Fan Xiao Qing, despite having learnt long ago, that Fan Hua San Qian was a black-bellied and treacherous person, upon seeing she could not find any loopholes no matter how much she flipped the sentence about, hurriedly hauled him over to the matchmaker to get married.

Getting married required a red string and a certain extent of friendship experience to be reached. Fan Hua San Qian had the red string since long ago, as for the friendship experience… he rubbed his chin, smiling a smile that didn’t look like a smile. If they still hadn’t cultivated enough after he tied her beside him for such a long time, he should just go bang a wall and reflect.

And so, a certain person who had already fallen into his trap remained totally unaware, and happily pulled him to go PK.

San Qian had been grouping with her to clear dungeons for a while, so she has already cultivate her skills have to the point of perfection, hence she played beautifully, and they made a come-back in this battle. Despite not getting first place in the end, they still managed to seize a solid third in their server.

Fan Hua San Qian upon seeing their position’s all fixed, touched the sword-wielder’s head in satisfaction, smiling in contentment.

Fan Xiao Qing was still submerged in her glee from being able to shake off Fan Hua San Qian. However when she saw the blood-red “Fan Hua San Qian’s bride”, she instantly could not find it in her to continue her laughter.


Fan Hua San Qian’s smile, upon seeing someone having reacted, became even more unbridled. “Xiao* Qing, what do you think about your new identity?”

* 小 = Xiao; little; added as prefix before one’s nickname to: express fondness or used by someone of older age/higher status to address someone inferior in age/status to them (this is a gesture of informality/friendliness/fondness)

Newly wedded couples were given the matchmaker’s blessings. And this perverted blessing was that the couple would not be able to divorce regardless of reasons. In other words… even if Fan Xiao Qing wanted to forcibly divorce, she would have to wait for at least a month.

As for that little twinge of guilt stemming from her casting off Fan Hua San Qian had immediately evaporated, and she bluntly lugged her large sword and chopped crazily at Fan Hua San Qian to death right in front of the guild members who were coming in groups to congratulate them.

Fan Xiao Qing blew her large sword that was still stained with blood, smiling eerily. “Just letting my sword out a little on the first night of our marriage.”

The innocent groom on the floor: “…”

The bunch of flabbergasted guild members: …”


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