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Xiao Jiang cracked open his eyes blearily, asking: “Why? She appeared?”

Xiao Song felt like just shooting him dead. He dragged his elbow, yelling: “Chase after her! Don’t let her escape!”

When they reached the place where Qin Ke Xuan had scuttled past, the person was long gone. Xiao Jiang comforted the Xiao Song whose anger was exploding. “Since we’ve confirmed it’s her, then what’s there left to worry about, we’ll catch her sooner or later! Just go to her house and catch her. I’m dead tired, I’m going back to sleep!”

The second day, there was a missing person in the dormitories, so the girls went looking for their form teacher anxiously. The form teacher told them Qin Ke Xuan had some family emergency so she had to head back first, and everyone started being envious of the fact that she need not endure the pains of the military training any longer. Along with envy, however, was suspicion. Why did she not bring her luggage back with her? They were then instructed by the sergeant to tidy up her things and hand it to him, and that had them even more puzzled. Even if the luggage was going back to Qin Ke Xuan, would it not be more convenient to hand it to the teacher? Unless the sergeant had to personally hand it over to Qin Ke Xuan especially? Sadly, no matter how much quandaries they had, there would not be anyone to answer their questions.

Military training continued on as per normal, save for the military vehicle that took off from the base quietly.

Qin Ke Xuan walked on the streets aimlessly. She could not contact Wolf Jackal and Leopard, and she had not been to the organisation before either. A cold laugh escaped her lips involuntarily. So it seemed that other than killing people, her being alive was no different from being dead. How meaningless! Once she lost the targets the organisation provided her with, she had become an unnecessary existence.

Even if she did know the location of the organisation, she did not want to go. Thank goodness she still had another goal, and that was to find a way back to the world she had come from, and then…… That way, she would be able to truly die. It was perhaps she had yet to complete this task that’s why she came to this world.

Suddenly, the phone in her pocket rang, chopping off Qin Ke Xuan’s train of thought. She took it out and looked at the screen. Oh right, she still had a dabbler of a “disciple”. Despite her never having actually treating him as a disciple, she had still taught him some moves, so she would bid him a farewell.

“Yin Xu Dong.”

“Xuan Xuan! Where are you right now?”

“Yin Xu Dong, I’m going.” You are reading I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 25 on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS

“Go? Go where? The heck! Did the fact that you joined an underworld organisation get discovered? I see a military vehicle outside your house! They’re not here to catch you right? Wait hold on! Even if they were here to catch someone it would be the police moving out instead!” He had been thinking about Qin Ke Xian hurt and her being in the so-called dark organization the past few days. He was afraid that she would go astray. It was a weekend today, and he was ready to leave his house when he saw the military vehicle parked outside. That had scared the hell out of him when his thoughts linked to her and thought there were people coming to catch her.

“Military vehicle?” Qin Ke Xuan’s eyes darkened. As expected, the military wanted to catch her.

“Yeah, did something happen? Xuan Xuan don’t even think of coming home get it? Where are you? I’ll go find you!”

“Don’t come looking for me. That’s it I’m hanging up.”

“Xuan Xuan! Don’t……”

Xuan Xuan hung up silently. Her phone rang again, this time, the call was from Qin Shu Hua. She didn’t even need to think to know what he called her for, and removed the phone battery expressionlessly.

In the Qin family’s living room, Qin Shu Hua put down his phone and said to the military Instructor Li in front of him helplessly: “Her phone’s off.” A few people from the military had come to pay them an unfathomable visit. They brought the luggage his daughter brought to military training back, and he was notified that his daughter, after doing something bad, escaped from the military base. If he was sure today was not April Fools’ Day and that the military vehicle outside their door was real, he would definitely have thought all this was a joke someone pulled.

Li Xiu minced his lips and muttered to himself irresolutely, before he raised his gaze to meet the Qin Shu Hua who was still caught in his own appal, saying: “We are not sending her to prison, she is after all still a minor, so she’s under the protection of the law. We are however worried if she had been influenced by people with wicked intentions. If so, it would be of essence to have her undergo rehabilitation, else should she commit something of heightened severity in the future, it would no longer be a matter of re-education. So we hope Mr Qin can cooperate with our work. Should Qin Ke Xuan return or contact you, you must keep her here and notify us.”

“Of course, of course.” Qin Shu Hua rubbed his hands together sincerely, nodding.

When they left the Qin family, Xiao Song could not help but ask Li Xiu: “Instructor, we’re just going to leave it like that?”

“Why? Unless you want to guard here?” Instructor Li snorted, “C’mon, we’re going back to the police station to find out about how she saved her little brother from the kidnappers. Perhaps she would turn out to be one with quite the potential.”

Xiao Song whispered, discontented: “What one with quite the potential, she’s just a burglar, bandit.” Xiao Jiang beside him punched him, laughing. That guy was still holding a grudge about the fact that he got knocked out by the little girl.

Meanwhile, in Yin Xu Dong’s room, he and Qin Peng Cheng are currently sitting face-to-face on the floor. He had his brows scrunched up, asking seriously: “You heard it all?”

“Enh, I’ve recorded what they said in a recording pen.” Qin Peng Cheng produced a recording pen from his pocket and pressed play. The two of them listened attentively from the start till the end.

“Dong Zi ge, is jie jie not be coming back?” Qin Peng Cheng asked Yin Xu Dong with a small voice, his eyes red.

Yin Xu Dong send a slap to his forehead, saying fiercely: “Shut your stinky mouth! I’m going to find her!” If he were to let Xuan Xuan just leave like that, she would definitely not come back! No way! He definitely would not allow for her to do such foolish things!

“I’m going too!” Qin Peng Cheng jumped up, shouting.

“Going my ass! You better stay at home obediently!” He was going to look for a misguided and fallen girl, not bring a kid to an amusement park!

“I don’t care, I want to go as well! Can you even find her on your own?”

“Nonsense! What if you got kidnapped again if you went out, then am I supposed to look for you? Or your sister? Don’t add to the chaos, you better stay at home and help me keep a look out if anything happens. Call me immediately if there’s any news about your sister!”

Qin Peng Cheng thought about the time when he had been kidnapped not long ago. It had indeed left a shadow in his heart, and pouted: “Okay then, if you receive any news from jie jie, you need to let me know immediately!”

“Alright, alright, then let’s leave it at that, I’m going!” Yin Xu Dong rushed out hurriedly. When he saw the stupid dog downstairs, an idea hatched in his head. He once again rushed back to his bedroom to climb over to Qin Ke Xuan’s place via his balcony, grabbed the pillowcase and returned to his house. He carried the dog and placed it in the front basket of his bicycle and stepped on the pedal, heading out.

They searched like that for her for a week. You are reading I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 25 on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS

“Sob sob sob… Dong Zi ge, my dad said he’ll stop looking for jie jie… sob sob sob…” Qin Peng Cheng cried a river of tears.

Yin Xu Dong gritted his teeth, scolding him in anger: “What the heck are you crying for! You’re only good for crying! What business is it of mine whether he looks for her or not?” After an entire month, be it publishing a search post on the newspaper or the police searching, they found not even a single strand of her hair.

Xuan Xuan definitely was definitely waiting for someone to find her, so how could he possibly give up? No matter what, even if Qin Shu Hua gave up, he was going to continue looking for her! Other than the times his mother forced him to go to school, he would be out drifting around in the city on his bicycle. No one was able to urge him otherwise. He firmly believed Qin Ke Xuan was still in City B, because he couldn’t come up with anywhere else where she could have went otherwise. Where else could she have went?

“Heh, that Qin Ke Xuan you gonna owe me big time! Just watch if you’ll still dare threaten me again without rhyme nor reason in the future!” Yin Xu Dong said to himself in the mirror.

His phone on the table starting vibrating. He picked it up in a hurry: “Hello?”

“Dong Zi! I saw your sister! She’s at XX store, hurry get over here!”

“Okay! I’ll go over immediately, you better follow her tightly!” He hung up his phone and zipped out like the wind, stuffing the stupid dog, as usual, in the front basket of his bicycle, and warned it fiercely: “If you can’t find Xuan Xuan this time, I’ll chop you into pieces!”

Even if Qin Ke Xuan was able to evade the police, she was unable to guard against all the high school students who looked no different from random passers-by. Yin Xu Dong had photocopied a huge stack of her pictures and distributed them to all his gang of friends, and had them to take note. If they saw his sister who had ran away from home, they had to notify him immediately. These people’s relationships with Yin Xu Dong were not bad, so when they saw him running around every day painstakingly, they were were pretty sympathetic and so they agreed to help him.

However, they had not met the girl in the picture after all this while, and so they assumed she had probably left the city. If it were not for Xiao Tong, who’s people-recognising skills were top-notch, among them when they chanced upon her tonight at the storefront, they probably could have simply brushed past the Qin Ke Xuan wearing her cap.

Qin Ke Xuan carried the few cups of instant noodles she bought from the store, and slipped through the masses with her head down low, before zipping off in a flash of light into a little alley.

The few boys following tightly behind, after turning the corner, realised she was gone!

“Shit! We lost her!” One of the guys who dressed like hooligan spat out.

“Geh, she’s spiderman? How did she disappear with a flash?”

“Hurry call him…”

“Why are you following me?” Suddenly, a voice from above their heads sounded.

The bunch of them looked up, and freaking hell! Was she a legitimate spiderman?!

Qin Ke Xuan jumped down from the railing above their heads, asking icily: “Who are you?” They did not appear very old. Not the police or the military, high school students probably. Yet, they tailed her for so many streets. “Who are you informing?”

“Xiao Tong you sure this is Dong Zi’s little sister? She doesn’t look like it.” You are reading I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 25 on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS

Qin Ke Xuan threw down the bag in her hand, and grasped that person’s chin with a slant of her body. A tightening of her fingers, and she dislocated that person’s lower jaw, and said to the rest of the flabbergasted bunch of people: “Don’t beat around the bush, who exactly are you people? Who did you want to call just now?”

“You, you’re Qin Ke Xuan right? We, we’re your brother’s friends.”

“I have no brother.” Qin Ke Xuan squinted, exuding a murderous and threatening aura.

The guys upon seeing her murderous-looking eyes glinting under her cap could not help but shiver, and said, trembling: “Dong, Dong Zi said you’re his sister.” Dong Zi this time was sure sending them to their deaths! How the hell was she a friend’s sister? She’s a reincarnation of a soul-reaping king of hell goddamnit!

“Dong Zi? Yin Xu Dong?” Qin Ke Xuan’s hand moved, and she reconnected that fellow’s jaw again with a move of her hand.

“Yes, yes, yes! He had us come to find you. If you’re unhappy about this, go back and tell him that!” Not look for them for trouble! Dong Zi, we will leave your little sister to you to handle, your friends’ frail little hearts cannot handle it!

“Since you’re his friends, lend me some money.”

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