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By the time Yin Xu Dong ran into the dim alley, the stupid dog with him, he was greeted with Qin Ke Xuan standing on a “corpse”, and was even bending down clearing the ‘corpse’, a stack of money in her hand, and several emptied wallets on the ground beside her.

Yin Xu Dong squatted down to check if the “corpse” was still alive, before scolding angrily: “Didn’t I say not to damage her?!”  I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 26 is hosted on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS.WORDPRESS.COM

The bunch of “corpse”s were all feeling very wronged, they didn’t attack her at all! They didn’t even touch a finger of hers from the very beginning okay?!

The stupid dog Ke Ke wagged his tail happily and licked Qin Ke Xuan fondly, it hadn’t seen her in a long time. Qin Ke Xuan threw the last emptied wallet on the ground, and said to Yin Xu Dong: “You’re Yin Xu Dong’s friend as well? Hand me your wallet.”

The “heavily” injured bunch of people snickered behind his back in a rarely seen good mood. Yin Xu Dong’s river of tears flowed with a 45 degrees tilt of his head, a complete embodiment of a wolf howling in anguish, before making a scene of his grief: “Fudging hell, I’m Yin Xu Dong!”

Qin Ke Xuan stared at Yin Xu Dong for the longest of time with a strange expression on her face, before asking him curiously: “Are you poisoned?” Who did he provoke, to actually be poisoned?

The bunch of people lying on the ground couldn’t hold it in any longer, holding their laughter in any longer was going to cause death. Regardless of whether their bodies were hurting or not, they burst out laughing. Yin Xu Dong’s facial muscles scrunched up, making him out to appear even more malevolent. He gnashed his teeth: “Poisoned my ass! This is called acne! Acne you get it?!”

“Oh.” She’s never heard of such a thing before. Z L T

“Because of searching for you, I had no appetite, and was worried sick, that’s why all these acne popped up! Oh yeah! Why’s your phone off? I couldn’t contact you, do you know how worried I was? Hiding like this isn’t going to solve whatever problem you’ve landed yourself into! Let’s go home first!”

“Oh, take out your wallet.” Qin Ke Xuan stretched her hand out at him.

Yin Xu Dong face palmed himself fiercely, why did it feel like nothing he had just said went in, was this lass thinking of being a thief to steal things now? Ah what a headache!

“You’re out of money to spend? Then go home with me.” Yin Xu Dong urged. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 26 is hosted on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS.WORDPRESS.COM

Qin Ke Xuan didn’t say anything save for a glance in his direction before pushing the dumb dog lying on her foot Ke Ke aside with her foot, and grabbed the fallen bag on the side, ready to leave. According to the recollections of Yin Xu Dong’s gang of friends, Qin Ke Xuan, at that time, had left uninhibitedly and remorselessly, leaving behind a human and a dog, (they automatically deleted their own presence from the scene) both of them brimming with tears as they watched the girl/owner dissolving into the shadows of the night, their foolish look on their face a complete replica of each other.

And then, the human and the dog shot each other a look before dashing forward to catch up to Qin Ke Xuan. Yin Xu Dong said to Qin Ke Xuan, panting: “If you not going back, I’m not going back either! I’mma follow you from now on!”

“Go away.” Qin Ke Xuan said, a cold glint flashing in her eyes.

“Humph! Even if you kill me today, I’m not leaving!”

“Whatever.” Qin Ke Xuan leapt, jumping over the enclosed walls on the side into the alley.

Yin Xu Dong was immediately stunned, and stomped his foot angrily: “That’s against the rules! Oi! Wait for me!” The dumb dog Ke Ke, too, squatted at the foot of the wall, barking away.

Qin Ke Xuan left without even a backward glance. Z L T

Yin Xu Dong spent a great deal of energy, panting and clambering up the wall, then patted the little dog he’d stuff down the front of his shirt, saying with glee: “Thank goodness you’re small, otherwise I would’ve abandoned you and find Xuan Xuan on my own. Listen up, this time you gotta properly sniff her out!” Leaping down from the wall, he produced a pillow cloth he’d prepared long ago and placed it in front of the dumb dog Ke Ke’s nose to sniff.

Ke Ke immediately zipping forward, yapping along, and Yin Xu Dong followed it tightly, before stopping in front of a dark and gloomy looking basement.

He leant against the side of the door, squinting to try to catch a glimpse of what’s inside from the crack, but instead saw an absurdly large eyeball, and screamed for ghost, retreating and falling to the ground from the scare. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 26 is hosted on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS.WORDPRESS.COM

The door opened with a creak, and Qin Ke Xuan crossed her arm as she looked down below at the Yin Xu Dong on the ground, starting: “How did you follow me here?”

“Hehe, isn’t this dog a golden retriever, if it can’t find you then it won’t be named retriever! Oh yeah, Xuan Xuan you live here?” Yin Xu Dong patted his behind and stood up.

“No.” After much thought invested in finding a way to return to when she came from, she had decided there was a need for more clandestine information and resource, not the fabricated stories found on the web. Even though the dark organisation is only a second-tier organisation, she would be able to lend support on this foothold to seize or gain the ability to obtain information about other organisations that had the resources and information, and hence obtain the resources and information she wanted. Therefore, she came to the basement where she was brought to after being shot and Xiang jie extracted the bullet that day, following which, she contacted Wolf, Leopard and Jackal and proceeded with carrying out the orders given by the organisation and began working, and hence, had been staying here temporarily.

“This is not somewhere you should be, go back if you don’t want to die.”

Yin Xu Dong, who had his arms on his hips, walked into the room, muttering: “Why can you enter but not me? I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to go back! I’m gonna hang ‘round, ‘round you!”

He swept the room a gaze. It was pretty run-down, there was no bed, a metal frame sat in the middle, and a finally a sofa in one corner. On top of the coffee table in front of the sofa sat a bag that consisted of all the cup noodles Qin Ke Xuan had bought from the store just now. He automatic sat himself down on the sofa, rummaged through the bag and frowned, saying: “You’re just gonna eat these rubbish food?”

Qin Ke Xuan took out a cup of instant noodles, opened it and poured in hot water and placed it on the coffee table without even batting an eyelid. Yin Xu Dong sudden stood up, saying: “Stop eating all these stuff! We’re eating out! I have money!”

“You sure?” are you reading this on zhanlantranslations.wordpress.com

“’Course! Eating these stuff’s not good for your health, I’ll treat you.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 26 is hosted on ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS.WORDPRESS.COM

“I mean, you sure you have money on you?” Qin Ke Xuan slanted him a gaze. are you reading this on zhanlantranslations.wordpress.com

Yin Xu Dong produced his wallet from his pocket and flipped it open. “Of course… Aye? Where’s my money?!” There was not even a shadow of a single cent in his wallet.

“In my pocket.” Qin Ke Xuan said, clasping the cup of noodles in her hands.

“Aye? When did you take it? Why didn’t I notice?” Yin Xu Dong remembered Qin Ke Xuan wanting money from him, but he didn’t give!

“Enh, you won’t know if you die on my hands one either.” Qin Ke Xuan after saying that expressionlessly, she started eating her instant noodles and watched Yin Xu Dong plop down defeated, looking at the pile of cup noodles silently, no longer able to voice a word more about treating her.

Qin Ke Xuan finished the cup of instant noodles within minutes, and said to Yin Xu Dong: “I’m not scaring you about your little life being at risk if you keep following me.”

Yin Xu Dong slapped his thighs, turned around to face Qin Ke Xun, and said with a rarely seen seriousness “Xuan Xuan, exactly what kind of organisation did you join? You’re probably doing all the illegal things right. Listen to me, while it’s still early, leave that shitty-ass organisation, go home with me!”

“Don’t be a busybody. Mind your own business, I don’t need you to mind mine.”

“Say, why are you so damn stubborn? What do you mean busybody? Okay, I know you didn’t have a very harmonious relationship with your parents since young, they neglected you, didn’t take good care of you, that’s why you’ve fallen so such a state right now. But things are different now, isn’t that Jiang Hui Lin pretty nice to you, your family’s all harmonious now! And, there’s that little brat, he’s very worried about you too. He’s always running over to my place to wail and howl his lungs out.” Yin Xu Dong said sincerely. “Not only that! Even if all the other people’s bad to you, isn’t there still me! Let bygones be bygones, now I’m your ge! How can I possibly watch you continue going astray?!”

Qin Ke Xuan looked at Yin Xu Dong with a strange expression, did this guy seriously just consider himself as her older brother? Was he bored out of his mind? Seemed like if he still wasn’t sure of what circumstances she was under, he’s not going to let things go. She stood up, telling him: “Follow me.” Then headed for the door, indicating for him to follow her.

Just as Qin Ke Xuan opened the door and stepped out, her senses she had developed from the many years of career as a killer had her withdrawing immediately. She slammed the door shut with a bang, stretching her hand to block the Yin Xu Dong following behind her.

“What’s wrong?” Yin Xu Dong asked.

“Shut it. You don’t want to go when I told you to, now things sure are in your favour, you can’t go back even if you want to go back.” Qin Ke Xuan glared at him rigidly.

Her look sent Yin Xu Dong into unease. He swallowed, and asked anxiously: “It can’t be the people from the underworld business knocking on the door can it?”

Qin Ke Xuan didn’t reply. She walked over to the coffee table, squatted down and pulled out a metal box from underneath. Gesturing for Yin Xu Dong to come over, Yin Xu Dong squatted down and she handed him a long-haired wig. “Wear it.”

Yin Xu Dong fiddled with the wig, asking in uncertainty: “What am I wearing this for?”

“As long as you’re in any way related to me, you better pray they don’t take down your appearance. If they can’t finish me off, they’ll probably even look for you.” Qin Ke Xuan grabbed the wig from him and wore it on Yin Xu Dong’s head, then pulled out a makeup pen, aimed at his face, but couldn’t find it in herself to make him up. Forget it, with or without makeup, he’s going to look the same. She found another cap and had him wear it so to hide his face as much as possible. She even threw him a dress for him to wear in the end.

“Get it in your head, you’re a female now. No matter what happens, don’t make a single sound.”

“Enh, Xuan Xuan, will it be very dangerous?” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 26 is hosted at ZHANLANN

“You don’t need to worry about me. You should worry more about whether you can still see the sun tomorrow or not.” Qin Ke Xuan pulled out her phone and dialled for Leopard, Wolf and Jackal.

“An Ye xiao mei mei, what a rarity for you to call! What is it?”

“Someone’s got their eyes on the basement. Just letting you know I will be leaving this place.”

“Ah?! Wait there, we’ll head over to provide support.”

“No need, I’m leaving now.” By the time they arrive, it’ll be too late.

Qin Ke Xuan packed all her belongings in a little bag attached to her waist, then headed to the room with an air vent connected to the ground and stood on a wooden box below it, stretching to tear down the glass window. She popped her head out to survey the surrounding situation before calling for Yin Xu Dong: “Come over here, and crawl out.”

Yin Xu Dong headed over to below the vent, estimated his own size and the vent’s size before asking, his expression bad: “Can’t we walk out the front door?”

“There are people blocking that way. I can leave by the front door, but can you?” With her skill and agility, she could perhaps be able to evade their gunshots, but if she were to bring Yin Xu Dong, then she would not be able to guarantee he would escape unscathed. This guy’s existence was pure trouble!

Yin Xu Dong reckoned that if he were to go out like that, and if all those underworld type of movies weren’t exaggerating, he would definitely be rake by those sweeping machine-gun fire till he became a honeycomb, so he immediately shook his head. “I’ll crawl, but if I get stuck, you need to pull me. Oh, and that dumb dog, if we dump it here do you think they’ll chop it into pieces and eat it?”

“Do you understand what situation we’re in? You still have the effort to think about a dog!” Qin Ke Xuan rolled her eyes, why did she have to get herself involved with such an idiot? I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 26 is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM

“But it’s the dog I painstakingly raised for so long!” Z L T


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted on ZHANLANN.COM.

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