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Having stayed at home to recuperate leisurely for two months, the Qin Ke Xuan nourished by Yin Xu Dong’s blood enriching soup gained rosiness in her cheeks and even grew taller. This had Yin Xu Dong feeling very accomplished, and firmly decided that he would continue his Lolita-raising… uh, he meant fattening plan on the skinny and weak Lolita-sized Qin Ke Xuan.

The long-awaited day first day of school arrived. Qin Ke Xuan called Yin Xu Dong over to help move her luggage on the way to First High. The admission notice had indicated that there was a military training kind of activity happening before lessons started. She had heard from Yin Xu Dong that the military training was very exhausting, and hence developed a strong interest in this military training, and was eager to give it a try.

Yin Xu Dong carried Qin Ke Xuan’s many luggage on his back, as well as in both his hand and eluded a regional-mafia-boss aura as he played the role of Qin Ke Xuan’s guide in bringing her around B City’s First High.

“This building, this building and this building are all classrooms, year one, year two and year three respectively. That building’s the dormitory, the one beside and the one behind are also the dormitories. You need to walk along this pavement and turn round the corner to see the library. That’s the basketball court, soccer field, and indoor sports hall. Hehe, and this road is hailed as the Lover’s Road by the students, don’t you think the scenery’s especially amazing and is especially suitable for dating?”

“Dong Zi!” A group of people walked towards them.

It was Ah Lang and the bunch of people who went to Karaoke the other time. Ah Lang pointed at the enslaved Yin Xu Dong and laughed out loud, “Hahaha, sis-con!”

Yin Xu Dong’s expression darkened as he glared at Ah Lang. Meng Xiao Jing smiled and walked forward to help with the luggage. Yin Xu Dong happily passed a bag he was holding to Meng Xiao Jing, but his gaze that had inadvertently met Qin Ke Xuan’s chilly look made his hands tremble, and it retracted, “No need, no need, it’s not a lot, I can carry it.”

“Go report.” Qin Ke Xuan said, pinching the admission notice in her hand.

Yin Xu Dong replied “Oh”, and said to the bunch of them: “I’ll go first then, you guys go play your stuff.” And he hastened his steps to catch up with Qin Ke Xuan, shouting behind her: “The reporting place is in your classroom, at the year one classrooms.”

Ah Lang and the people left behind looked at each other, the former evil tyrant Dong Zi had really regressed to being a complete sis-con! That was seriously too horrifying and too shocking!

The two of them reached Qin Ke Xuan’s classroom—Year One, Class 15. The year one classes are streamed according to the student’s results. Those with better results were allocated to classes more towards the front. Class 1 was the heaven for top-notch students, Class 15, on the other hand, was made up of 50 students with the crappiest results in the level. These students were admitted First High to either by donating loads of money or through strings pulling, and Qin Ke Xuan was considered the former.

There were only a few people sitting very spaced out in the classroom. Qin Ke Xuan walked towards the teacher in front, and said: “I’m here to report.”

Before the teacher of the class could ask for her name, she said again: “I want to withdraw from dorming.” First of all, she was not used to such dormitory lifestyle, and secondly, this would largely obstruct her undercover activities she had to carry out for the organisation.

The teacher frowned, and pushed her spectacles, and said sternly: “This student, perhaps you don’t understand how the rules work here, it’s a rule that all year one student must dorm, so there’s no such thing as withdrawing.”

Qin Ke Xuan raised her eyebrows, and pointed at the Yin Xu Dong outside the door, “He didn’t dorm when he was in year one.” What she was very unambiguously hinting at was that why she could not withdraw from dorming.

The form teacher’s frown deepened, a student should always obey the rules, how could she rebel so arrogantly! She blacklisted this student whose name she still did not know in her head. “This policy is implemented starting from this batch. He’s from the previous batch, hence is not related to this policy, but you, must obey school rules! Do you hear me? You, what’s your name?”

Qin Ke Xuan pointed out her name on the teacher’s name list in front and left with a fling of her hair.

Yin Xu Dong followed Qin Ke Xuan, and turned back to glance at the teacher boiling in anger, and said worriedly: “Xuan Xuan, it’s better not to clash head-on with the teachers, careful she’ll make things difficult for you.”

“So.” She was only here to study, that teacher could not possibly be so irked with her she would stop the lesson right? “Where’s my dorm? Lead the way.” She raised her admission slip in front of Yin Xu Dong, chopping off his non-stop blabbering.

“Hah? Oh, let me see. It’s at building B, 403. Come this way.” Did she not just render her student-teacher relationship rigid a moment ago? Why did she suddenly want to go to the dormitory? Was his line of thought too slow and could not catch up?

Yin Xu Dong brought Qin Ke Xuan to her dormitory. There were already five girls inside unpacking their things. They stopped to greet Qin Ke Xuan when they saw her.

The tallest girl said smilingly: “Hi, you’re Qin Ke Xuan right? I’m Song Ping, please treat me kindly.” The rest of the girls also introduced themselves one by one.

Qin Ke Xuan swept a vague gaze at them, “Enh”ed and walked to the only empty bed and sat down.

Yin Xu Dong smiled awkwardly as the ignored girls: “Sorry, our Xuan Xuan don’t like to talk much, please pardon her.” That damned girl, with that kind of crappy temperament, she would definitely be ostracised by her dorm-mates in the future! Gosh, and she provoked her form teacher before school even started, and the proceeded to air her stinky expression to her dorm-mates, did she still want to survive high school?

Song Ping waved her hand, well-tempered, showing that she did not mind, “It’s okay, it might be because she just started dorming, still not used to the setting, she’ll get used to this slowly in the future.”

Yin Xu Dong commented in his head, that would be even more impossible, it was very likely that they would slowly gain awareness of how strange and how unpardonable her temperament was.

“Come here, lay the bed sheet.” Qin Ke Xuan commanded from where she was.

The shocked 403 girls hence saw Yin Xu Dong carrying the luggage in happily, opening the luggage, finding the cloth to wipe the bed, and started laying the bed sheet and other bed accessories conscientiously, while Qin Ke Xuan sat on the opposite bed, her eyes closed.

Someone asked curiously: “You guys are siblings?” Why did it feel like it was a slave-and-master relationship instead? It was still a socialistic society now right?

Yin Xu Dong said cheerfully as he busied himself around: “Yeah, yeah, we don’t look alike right?” He had already automatically titled himself as Qin Ke Xuan’s biological brother.

“Uh, there is that little bit of similarity.” Actually, they looked nothing alike because they were from different parents, to begin with.

“Right, a lot of people say we look super alike.”


“I’m also from First High. If there’s any problem or situation regarding Xuan Xuan, you guys can go to year two class 14 and yell for ‘Yin Xu Dong’ to find me.”

Yin Xu Dong? So they were not from the same pair of parents unless it was the same father but different mother or same mother but different father?

After Yin Xu Dong had more or less finished tidying the bed, he gently pushed Qin Ke Xuan, “Xuan Xuan, you guys gotta go gather at the military school in the afternoon, so hurry tidy some clothes to bring along. Oh, and, the food there isn’t very good, so I’ve bought you some food for you to bring. Also, this is the sunscreen Auntie Jiang bought for you, remember to apply them properly, careful not get any sunburns.”

Qin Ke Xuan grabbed her backpack and stuffed two shirts, along with the snacks and the so-called sunscreen in, altogether not taking up more than half a minute. “You’re done here, go back.” After finishing packing, Qin Ke Xuan sent the fully taken-advantaged-of Dong Zi student away.

The Yin Xu Dong who had been enslaved for a large half of the day left in grievance to look for his gang of unhealthy friends.

Just as Yin Xu Dong left, the girls in the dorm started discussing reservedly, “Qin Ke Xuan, your brother’s so handsome!”

“I swear he’s definitely the most handsome boy in this school!”

“Woah~ if only I had such a handsome brother! I’m so jealous of you, Qin Ke Xuan!”

“Nonsense! What the heck’s the use of a handsome brother, if it’s me, if I had such a handsome boyfriend, I think I’ll melt in happiness?!”


Qin Ke Xuan was annoyed. Why was this world filled with noisy people? Why was it that everywhere she went, she would meet this kind of people? What was worse that, now, not one, but five popped up at one go, and she had to live with that for a year.

In the afternoon when it was time to gather, her dorm-mates all from class 2 went together to their class. Qin Ke Xuan grabbed her bag and arrived at the packed field, and saw the “Year One Class 15” flag with at a glance. She squeezed through the crowd and saw the bunch of people under the flag. She could only use the word peculiar to describe them.

Compared to the other fourteen classes, their hair was an assortment of rainbow colours, their attire in a complete mess, and stood or squatted down around messily. In the entire field, her class seemed to protrude sharply. On top of that, the gazes of others towards them were all of disdain.

As to entering such a strange class, Qin Ke Xuan was very… satisfied. This way, her actions would not appear overly abrupt or odd enough to attract attention.

A guy upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan walking over to join the troop of them whistled exaggeratedly, “Woah! A beauty!” The guys squatting together chatting away senselessly also raised their heads, and immediately started buzzing away noisily, “So Ah Hui that’s your cup of tea huh!”

The guy called Ah Hui was unhappy, and shouted loudly: “What wrong with this cup of tea? Delicately petite and exquisite’s adorable!”

Qin Ke Xuan’s height did increase a little, but she still had not hit 160, hence was still stuck in this Lolita physique, no matter how mature she was inside……

The several girls at the side upon hearing the guys observed Qin Ke Xuan for a while, and turned, saying to Ah Hui in disdain: “Don’t you think your perception of beautiful is a little too twisted? The girls in our class are a lot prettier than her!”

Ah Hui, having been suspected of his beauty perception, got angry, and asked the girl in a strange voice: “The other girls you mean are referring to? Unless you’re talking about yourself? Geh, you sure know how to stick gold* on your own face! You think sticking gold can fill your bumpy skin for you?”

(T/N: “给自己脸上贴金” = “stick gold on your own face”; to exaggerate/blow up your own value/worth)

That girl’s face flushed red, from embarrassment and from anger, and pointed at Ah Hui scolding him sharply: “Who the hell do you think you are?! You dare insult me?!”

Several guys around them stood up, and one of them standing by Ah Hui’s side stretched his hand to push hers, “This classmate, we’re not sure who Hui Shao is either, so if you want to survive this class, shut up and stay on the side yeah? Your voice sure is piercing, it’s making me annoyed, and when I’m annoyed, I’ll feel like beating up people, you hear?”

The girl was angry, but she also knew the majority of the people in this class had some pretty influential backgrounds that were not to be easily trifled with, hence harrumphed and dragged the person beside her to stand on the other side.

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