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Ah Hui and the bunch of them went to stand by Qin Ke Xuan’s side. The guys jostled around, and Ah Hui walked to towards Qin Ke Xuan confidently, stopping in front of her, “Classmate, I’m Luo Sheng Hui, what’s your name?”

Qin Ke Xuan sent a sideway glance at the guys laughing even more loudly on the side, and stared at Luo Sheng Hui, saying: “If I tell you, you guys need to stay further away from me.” They were seriously too noisy.

The guys, upon hearing that, burst into laughter. Luo Sheng Hui glared at them fiercely, and nodded, “Okay!”

“Qin Ke Xuan.”

Luo Sheng Hui did as he had said, and immediately brought his gang of people to the back of the line.

“Aiyaya, there’s actually a girl that would ignore Hui Shao hmm!”

“Shut your trap!”

“But, don’t you think that girl’s too arrogant, Ah Hui you’re still going to chase her?”

“What are you talking about, when did I say I’m going to chase her?”


The form teacher marked the attendance several times before everyone had arrived, and everyone boarded the big bus. Qin Ke Xuan, because of her smaller height, were the first few who boarded the bus, so the minute she got on, she chose the last seat to close her eyes and rest. She did not open her eyes to look at the noisy bunch of students ever since she boarded the bus till she alighted the bus, and that included the few boys who sat in the last row laughing away.

When they had reached the military school, they gathered at the field. The principal and the person in charge from the military school spoke about some pointers to take note before the form teacher from each class settled the dormitory arrangement, and followed the instructors in bringing the students back to their dorms.

There were 12 people in a dorm. Everyone was classmates, and military training had not started on top of that, so the spirit was still pretty high, and they placed their luggage down, greeting each other and chatting.

Qin Ke Xue looked at them briefly and quietly memorised their appearances and names when they introduced themselves, and then unpacked her luggage without a sound.

“Oi! What’s your name?!” A girl walked to Qin Ke Xuan, her tone one of arrogance.

At that moment, Qin Ke Xuan’s phone in her pocket rang, so she looked at the girl who had argued with Luo Sheng Hui at the school gathering point coldly, “You better shut your mouth, careful your tongue will disappear.” And proceeded to ignore the girl’s fierce glaring and angry trembling, walking to the hallways bringing the phone to her ears, “I remember saying I’m not free these few days.”

“Hehe, An Ye Mei Mei, how can you be so heartless towards the phone call we made especially for you in concern?”

“Xiao An Ye, when are you coming back?”

“Oi oi, can the two of you let me talk?”

Qin Ke Xuan hung up the phone decisively, but the phone rang again, and she picked it up once again, “If you’re gonna sprout more nonsense, I’ll quit the organisation immediately.”

“……” The other side stayed quiet for a while before asking carefully: “What organisation?”

Qin Ke Xuan checked the screen, before placing it back to her ear, “What is it?”

“Xuan Xuan! What organisation are you talking about? Did you join some bad organisation, that’s why your injuries were that bad the other day! Oh god! Xuan Xuan you better hurry quit that organisation thingy, what kind of crap organisation is that! To actually abduct under-aged little girls to do unlawful things, and almost die! Xuan Xuan, listen to me……”

Qin Ke Xuan once again ended the call and took out the battery as well so these people would not be able to come look for her to nonsense.

The announcement to gather sounded, and the Qin Ke Xuan who had changed into the military attire long ago leisurely walked towards the gathering point the instructors had announced. She had not appeared unusual when she went to school. She wore a mid-sleeve shirt, anher arm was still exposed, so when she saw the thick and long-sleeved military attire, she immediately wore it before having a peace of mind.

The announcement sounded for a while before stopping. The other classes had pretty much arranged themselves, but there were only a few people gathered at the spot of year one class 15. Their instructor immediately got mad, and his expression was very……actually, she could not tell because he was too tanned.

“Freaking hell! Did the bastards eat a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall*?! And still dared to put me in such an awkward spot?! Where did the rest of the guys die off to?!” The instructors first questioned where the guys went. Soldiers did not have too good of a temperament, when they were angry, as long as they did not meet anyone with a higher rank than themselves, they would definitely sprout profanities.

(T/N: “吃熊心豹胆” = “eat a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall”; gained courage)

“Report Sergeant, they are still unpacking their luggage.” One of the guys shouted loudly.

“Why the bloody fuck are they still unpacking their shit! You, call them over to gather!”

“You! Why’re you the only girl here? Where’s everyone else?!” The instructor asked the only girl at the scene—Qin Ke Xuan.

“Report Sergeant, they are still doing their make-up.” Qin Ke Xuan replied, copying the format convincingly. When she had walked out of the dorm, the girls inside were indeed putting on the so-called sunscreen, they were probably dressing themselves up.

“Fucking hell! Are they here for military training or shopping? You, go get them over here to gather.”

“Report Sergeant, they are here.” Did she look like the type to run errands for people? Those delicate and cute little missuses were not even worth her lifting her shoe for them!

The sergeant gave her a dubious look and looked at the entrance at the girls’ dormitory. There was no one there. He turned back to said lowly to Qin Ke Xuan: “You go call……”

At that moment, the flopping sounds of the bunch of the girls running from the dormitory entrance sounded. It turned out their form teacher seeing her own students that still had not appeared when it had been the time to gather had personally gone up angrily to catch these disobedient students, and roared at the girls to hurry go down.

Very quickly, the guys arrived as well. The tanned-faced sergeant revealed his ghostly white teeth, smiling: “Very good, you guys have got quite some guts, huh, to challenge my authority on the very first day. I’ve got to praise you for that though, so I’ve decided to give you all a large present, are you happy?”

At such a time, even a fool would know there was nothing good waiting for them, how could they happy themselves up? Everyone stared at the ground quietly, no daring to make any noise.

“So the silence is your consent? Okay then, I’ll announce your present now! From today onwards, all of you are to run ten rounds around the field after morning gathering!”

“Hah? No way!” These pampered young masters and mistresses that had lived like a royalty were all not happy. They could not even handle running ten rounds around a basketball court, much less this endlessly large field, and there was military training on top of that, it was going to be dead exhausting!

The sergeant glared at the bunch of bratty little kids of students, shouting loudly: “If anyone can go and run ten rounds now, you won’t need to run in the future.”

Just as his words faded, Qin Ke Xuan stepped out of the formation, saying blandly: “I’ll go.”

Everyone else immediately quietened down. Just looking at her thin and weak little body, it would be a miracle if she could finish one round. As for running ten rounds, that would be impossible.

The sergeant held the same misgivings, and raised his eyebrow at the only girl who was not late, asking: “Are you sure?”


“Then go.” Soldiers were always very particular about being nimble and straightforward. Upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan’s nod, the sergeant did not say much and agreed. Even if she really was unable to finish the run, he would not say much, after all, she had neither been late nor clashed with him head-on. From a certain point of view, her actions had given him an opportunity to extricate himself. Whichever reason he focused on, he would not make things difficult for him.

Actually, Qin Ke Xuan had not thought so much about it, she had entirely just wanted to train her body and raise this body’s finesse. Also, even though the field looked large, it was not that big of an area in her eyes.

And hence, gathered in the field that appeared beyond large, everyone watched the skinny and weak-looking girl run the frighteningly large track round by round. Not only did she not faint, she continued, not even slowing down her speed once, and maintained her medium-speed pace all throughout.

Qin Ke Xuan did not keep count of how many rounds she ran, until she, once again, ran past where class 15 was situated at did the sergeant stop her. The sergeant stared at the rosy-cheeked Qin Ke Xuan who only had a tinge of sweat on the tip of her nose, and said, at loss: “That’s ten rounds, you can rest. You need not run the ten rounds in the future.” Normally even when they trained, they were all panting and weak after running ten rounds, yet this little girl did not even pant after running?

“Report Sergeant, I don’t need to rest. And, I want to join the ten-round run in the future.” Qin Ke Xuan said calmly, if she did not participate, what was she here at the military training for?

Seeing the student so enthusiastic, the sergeant was of course very happy to hear that, but, this child was not auto-sadistic, right? Probably not right? His lips twitched slightly, saying: “Okay, return to your team.”

The sergeant turned to face the people who had been sneakily trying to slack; his gaze was robbed of any tenderness or gentleness. He glared murderously at the bunch of student, fucking hell, why was he so unlucky, so be allocated such a terrible mess of a class?! “Do you fucking think I’m blind? Still moving? Fucking hell! Looks like if I don’t tidy the mess of you up, you’re all gonna grow hair on your guts?! Turn left! I want ten rounds! Don’t give me your hellish groans! Run!”

Even though the students in this class were all pretty rebellious, they were after all on the military’s territory, so they still had to obediently listen to orders and obey commands.

Not even after one round, there were already people who could no longer run. The sergeant so was not the type to gently take care of those people, and said with a cold face: “Don’t you see that who’s-that-person, she’s running again after finishing ten rounds, she’s not even panting and you guys are already dying? Don’t you dare think of slacking, even if you end up crawling, you’re gonna finish crawling the ten rounds!”

The entire class 15 immediately elapsed into moans and groans, there were even some girls who complained why Qin Ke Xuan had to encumber them! The guys, on the other hand, did not say such stuff. After all, even a delicate little girl could finish the run and was now running, again, with them. If they could not even match up to half of the distance she ran, were they still man enough to be called guys?!

Hence, the guys gave it their all to compete with Qin Ke Xuan, with the girls gathered sufficient courage to give the Qin Ke Xuan running ahead of them death glares, vowing to slaughter her with their glowers!

After ten rounds, a portion of the guys could barely keep up with running, while the girls, other than Qin Ke Xuan, had all finished it by walking in the end. After having completed the last round, everyone, including those who had very much regard for their appearances, planted down on the ground, not moving. If it were not for the mud on the ground, they would have long laid down.

After the sergeant gave his punishment, his mood became better, and he announced smilingly: “Let me tell you a good news, tomorrow, we’re the first to conduct a firing exercise, are you guys happy we get to use guns?”

“Uh~” The reply everyone gave him was a lifeless sound, the bunch of them, at that moment, other than letting them lie on the bed, everything else was of no importance.

Qin Ke Xuan looked at the sergeant meaningfully.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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