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CHAPTER 21 ♦ Experiment Subject II

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Looking up at Ramsay after he turned around, Christine asked.

“This medicine was made by Ramsay.”

“Yes, what about it?”

Christine took a deep breath.

“Ramsay-sama, are you very knowledgeable about magic medicine?”


Christine settled on a firm decision and implored. 

“Would you be able to teach me? I want to make my own medicine.”

If it was him, surely he would be able to help her craft a medicine that she could use to suppress her seizures.

“By yourself?”

‘Yes please, if you would be so kind to share.”

His eyes glinted as he lowered his head.

“──I don’t mind, but I won’t teach you for free, there will be conditions.”

A little indimidated, Christine flinched. 

“…what would that be?”

Silent, Ramsay looked at Christine.

“If you are willing to be the subject of my experiment, I can teach you.”

Christine frowned.

“…experimental subject? ..what do you mean…?’

At her cautious question, the corners of his lips lifted as Ramsay smiled. ♢ THE DARK VILLIAN DAUGHTER IS TOO LOVED, CHAPTER 20 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢  

“You don’t have to be so defensive. I just want to understand more about your Star element. If you agree to be the subject of an experiment, I’ll teach you about magic medicine.”

After contemplating, Christine nodded.

“…I agree”

Learning how to make this medicine was a skill that she must definitely acquire. 

Christine had consulted a magic doctor about this before, but it seemed that they were unable to prepare such medicine.

In the game, Ramsay was known to possess a deep knowledge of magic. If it’s him, surely he would be able to create such a medicine to suppress her seizures for her.

Similar to Christine, he too possessed the same Darkness affinity magic as Christine.

Given her experience with the game, Christine was also familiar with his circumstances to some extent.

While he would find out about her affinity, she would too have his ace up her sleeve. 

“Ramsay-sama, thank you very much in advance.”

Ramsay’s smile deepened.

“You’re welcome. I’m quite busy these days, I will be leaving the capital for a period of time to settle some matters. Things should settle down after a few months, I’ll contact you again when I have time. I shall make my leave then, Christine.”


After Ramsay’s departure, anxiety gradually filled up Christine’s heart.

(I’m not sure if it’s a good idea that I just agreed so easily…)

Ramsay was a cold-blooded person.

But he’d already agreed to this as well.

Unless she could learn how to make her own seizure medicine, her life was at stake.

Even if this arrangement seemed a little dangerous, Christine couldn’t help it.

(I have to do it!)

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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