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Under the appearance panel, not only were the players able to adjust their prettiness index, in order to differentiate the players, they could also craft their own faces, so it was pretty convenient. 

Ai Bei thought about it, and decided to add a mole at the end of the eyes as her signature. 

The addition had also added a lingering aftertaste to Chu Tian’s original timid, delicate and exquisite appearance. 

The entry point she selected was an important scene in the storyline, where the plot was nearing one of its climax. Ji Yan Zheng’s lover Gao Lin Xue found out about Chu Tian’s medical report in the hospital, and realised that the latter was pregnant. And so, she was about to meet with Chu Tian and chase her out the country.

In the original plot, Chu Tian left the country in sadness. Many years later, she returned with Ji Yan Zheng and his son.

The mission in the pre-task was to “add a twist” to the plot, and allow the audience to be drawn into the story quickly.

Add a twist…

Ai Bei went to the toilet, and made some preparations while she was there. Not long after she returned, Gao Lin Xue made her belated appearance.

“Sorry for coming late, something urgent cropped up with Director Ji.”

Gao Lin Xue was Ji Yan Zheng’s lover, she was also a secretary in the company, and had even helped Ji Yan Zheng manage his “harem” and sort out the matters of his other lovers.

The first night when Chu Tian woke up on Ji Yan Zheng’s bed without a single piece of garment on her, Gao Lin Xue was the one Ji Yan Zheng had instructed to buy her clothes.

Ji Yan Zheng had never seemed to realise, if it was an issue for one of his lovers to make arrangements for the rest of his lovers.

Ai Bei had already entered Chu Tian’s state of mind and considered things from the latter’s perspective. Chu Tian’s foolish and obedient personality also happened to be one of her favourite “facades” for herself, so it was very easy assimilating. 

When she heard Gao Lin Xue’s words, her fingers holding the spoon tightened, and the spoon stirring the coffee stopped moving. She lowered her head slightly, “it’s fine, you wanted to meet me today becuase…”

“I called you down because of this.” Gao Lin Xue placed a report in front of her, and spoke calmly, “I’m pregnant.” ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 16 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Having heard that, “Chu Tian” toppled her coffee cup.

Gao Lin Xue was very good friends with the doctor, and managed to change Chu Tian’s “pregnancy” diagnosis report to “chronic enteritis”, while she herself followed the pregnancy report and created a copy for herself. Chu Tian only came to an accidental realisation later when she was abroad that she was pregnant.

Gao Lin Xue sighed, and handed a piece of tissue to Chu Tian. This was among her rare actions of displaying kindness, as though she was pitying the latter. “I know you’re different from Yan Zheng’s other lovers, this is not something you got into willingly, so I was thinking you definitely wouldn’t get between someone else’s marriage.” 

To be honest, even if she was pregnant, Ji Yan Zheng would not marry her. But she had played with her words to make it seem as though Ji Yan Zheng would take her as his wife because she now bore his child.

“I’m sorry, I, I didn’t know you…” Chu Tian took the tissue paper to wipe the spills on the table, flustered and disconcerted. Her tears fell into the spilt coffee, mixing together with the liquid. “Of course not, but I owe him a sum of money, I won’t be able to leave…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you settle that. You just need to leave him.” Gao Lin Xue picked up the coffee in front of her and took a sip. 

When she saw that Chu Tian had wanted to say something, she asked leisurely: “Why, this is your chance, you don’t want it now?”

“Of, of course not…” Chu Tian mumbled.

During the entire duration of their conversation, Gao Lin Xue had been leading the rhythm, and as a result easily controlled the outcome. When the conversation was over, she watched as Chu Tian walked out the door in low spirits, before she went downstairs to get her car happily 

She drove out the carpark and couldn’t wait to call her doctor best friend.

“She agreed.”

“So easily? Didn’t you say she’s very sly.”

“That’s right, I’m worried because she agreed this easily.” She frowned, “who knows what she’s up to behind my back.”

While she spoke, Gao Lin Xue saw Chu Tian through her windscreen. The latter was currently crossing the traffic light with her head down as though thoroughly disheartened. She’d especially selected a cafe in a deserted area in the newer city area. There were only a handful of people on the streets. The only person crossing the road was Chu Tian. 

“Then you should be careful.” Her best friend’s voice sounded from the other side of the call.

Gao Lin Xue leant backwards on the seat, relaxed, “Of course. I see her now. Pft, no one’s around to see her pitiful facade…”

Out of all of Ji Yan Zheng’s lovers, she hated Chu Tian the most, because she always seemed as though she was the most innocent and pure out of all of them. She’s out selling her body and yet she’s trying to pretend as though it’s against her will. Not only so, she could also tell that Ji Yan Zheng seemed to be quite affected by Chu Tian, and that had her disgusted as though she’d just swallowed a fly. 

Gao Lin Xue humphed coldly and pressed down on the accelerator. She wanted to zip past Chu Tian by a hair’s breath. 

But when she was about to turn her steering wheel, she suddenly realised that her car was not turning the way she wanted it to!

When she saw that her car was driving towards Chu Tian, she finally felt a sense of panic. She stomped down on the brake, but no matter how hard she pressed, the car had no intentions of slowing down. Gao Lin Xue had always been calm in the face of emergencies, but right now, her face was completely drained of blood. She could only watch as the car she was in slammed straight into Chu Tian, and the impact sent the latter flying.

Just moments before the crash, “Chu Tian” turned around, and their gazes met.

She tilted her head and smiled. 

The next moment, she seemed as though a kite whose string had been severed — she was slammed out and landed by the roadside. Very soon, a puddle of blood gathered on the ground.

Gao Lin Xue sat in the car, frozen, her entire body shivering.

“What’s wrong, Lin Xue?”

“What happened, I heard a crash earlier…”

“Can you talk!”

Her lips moved, but no voice sounded. Ai Bei’s smile was on replay in her head, as though a haunting ghost.

Agony spread through her entire body. Despite so, Ai Bei didn’t seem to feel the pain, nor the dripping blood, as though she’d only been bitten by an ant rather than slammed into by a car.

During the waiting time before the pre-task, she’d carefully watched and had finished the movie, so she knew no matter how obedient and abiding Chu Tian was, with Ji Yan Zheng’s growing adoration of her, Gao Lin Xue would only feel that Chu Tian was a sly fox, and was only putting up a fake front. 

Since that was the case, then this would be as she’d wished. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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