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While she recalled the words in the main body of text, she suddenly felt as though all her years of studying all went down the drain — she barely understood it. 

The huge prologue paragraph was still roughly understandable. The gist of it was talking about many powerful demons. The author wrote a book to introduce all the special demon craft he had invented all these years. According to what she read, the demon craft seemed quite impressive, there were things like “a movement verse travels in place of the demon”.

Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that this book seemed to be a conclusion to that unknown demon’s life story. He had written down almost all of his life experiences, but Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t manage to understand everything, there were too many traditional Chinese characters. 

There were also a number of sensitive words contained in the information found in the jade that caught Yuan Yuan Yuan’s attention, such as the word 【blood】. The traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese writing of this character was the same. Yuan Yuan Yuan also realised that even though the information written seemed incredibly powerful and impressive, the actual quantity of information found within the jade was actually very little. If you were to transfer it to paper, it would only take up a few pages only. 

Despite so, on these few pages. Yuan Yuan Yuan made a rough count, and the word 【blood】 appeared at least forty to fifty times… 

There were also some rarely seen words, as well as a number of words that she’d never seen before that existed purely to challenge people’s intellect and knowledge, such as “tent (廗)” and “four (亖)”. Also because everything was written in Classical Chinese, it was very tedious trying to translate everything out.  

…Yuan Yuan Yuan turned to her side. She knew that the information contained within this book was really insanely powerful, and it might very possibly be Ji Qiu’s attempt at handing her a huge hack to everything. After all, as a “male supporting character” she was too weak. The things Ji Qiu had mentioned last night was also worth pondering over about. 

【This is a very mysterious identity, very powerful, charismatic, and much more powerful than yourself currently. With the identity, you can accomplish a lot of things that you cannot achieve right now. What would you use this identity for?】

A mysterious, powerful and charismatic character. These were all characteristics that Yuan Yuan Yuan herself would not be able to achieve. 

She was the walking definition of a weakling right now. She barely understood the demon world, and had even made herself out to be a joke sometimes with the things she’d done. After a while, she stopped asking about things she didn’t understand, and she had received less beatings in recent years as compared to when she’d just started out. 

As for the pendant that Ji Qiu gave her, she figured that he wanted her to follow and learn. 

The problem was… Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that this thing seemed a little evil. 

She didn’t really like it, from the bottom of her heart.

Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that she was really quite a hypocrite and also rather despicable. Honestly speaking, she’d once thought about something like this. If someone were to place before her a “legendary and rare martial arts skills scroll”, she would definitely learn it. 

But when something like this really did present itself to her, she realised that things were different. Other youths would get positive and affirming scrolls that read 【furthest in steadfast, furthest in Yang, furthest in benovelence, furthest in purity】, but the first page she saw in hers was【in order to practise this, one must first XX】…

Such an opening really would leave any normal person thinking twice. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 35 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Cough cough, even if this might not truly be some kind of strange martial arts skills scroll, just the frequency of the “blood” word was high enough. Other than this word, there were other more sensitive words that appeared, such as 【destruction】, 【corpse】…

…exactly what kind of effect would it create if she were to learn this? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan hadn’t even taken out her translation dictionary, but she didn’t want to continue translating the rest. 

Let’s continue sleeping first. She’ll sort the rest out next time. 

With such a mindset, Yuan Yuan Yuan quickly fell asleep…

However, when she woke up in the afternoon, she picked up the translation dictionary for some reason and started translating again. 

She had no abilities to call her own… if only she had some powerful relative or someone she knew, then they would be able to teach her some moves and she wouldn’t need to resort to something as suspicious as this thing that she’s translating. 

Even though this really doesn’t look that reliable… it was the only thing related to demon craft that she’d gotten her hands on. Well, she could just not learn it after she translated it. Just reading through it and finding out how this grand demon had lived his life was also good enough. 

”What does this line mean… it’s saying…” Frowning as she translated, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly heard someone outside knocking on her door. She stuck the jade pendant back into her shirt, looked through the peephole before opening the door. 

Xiao Ying was at the door. She looked at Yuan Yuan Yuan and asked mysteriously, “Sister Yuan Yuan, did you buy this week’s DreaManga issue?” 

”Ah? Which issue is it?” Yuan Yuan Yuan glanced at her manga rack. Ever since she started appearing on the manga, she’d gotten into the habit of buying two issues of DreaManga every month. 

“There’s a card inside the latest issue of DreaManga. Can you give me yours?” Xiao Ying asked anxiously. 

”Sure.” Yuan Yuan Yuan walked over, grabbed her manga and took out the photo card from inside.

Nowadays, even normal mangas had things like these, mostly to receive feedback from readers. 

”What do you want this for?” Before she handed the card over, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly asked. Xiao Ying took the card and thanked her before saying: “There’s an official popularity leaderboard for DreaManga characters in this week’s issue, you don’t know?” 

“…ah?” Yuan Yuan Yuan’s reply was a single verse, she stood at the entrance, looked at Xiao Ying, and repeated again, “hah?”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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