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Thursday evening, it was quiet all around, as though no one lived in this area.

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked out of her house. Dressed in black from head to toe, she slowly walked down the street, gingerly surveying the surroundings.

Each and every single of her actions were very careful, as though she was a mouse coming out of its hiding. In her opinion, this was a terrible timing to be out and about, but she had no choice. 

Dressed in her new clothes, she hopped on the train and went all the way from city west to the city east, and got off at a particularly desolate area. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s outing was a deliberate attempt to make a cameo. Ji Qiu updates were scheduled and relatively regular, there would be one update on Monday, one on Saturday, and extra chapters occassionally here and there. Saturday was just round the corner, so she decided that she should head out before the update to make it in time to appear in the manga.

The manga had already released 14 chapters, and she’d only appeared twice — once in her black windbreaker to kill the lizard demon, and another time to send off the white shirt female ghost. If she was aiming to become a popular character, this frequency was definitely not enough.

But in her opinion, Yuan Yuan Yuan did have an upper hand. After all, it’s known that the earlier a character makes an appearance, the more likely that this character would become a significant character in the story.

Enh… of course excluding characters that died too young a death very early on in the manga, and other miscellaneous characters that served as stepping stones for the MC. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan really had no idea how to increase her airtime. She felt as though she was a comical host in reality shows that was trying very hard to grab more attention, and hence ended up doing strange things.

She’d spent the entire night thinking about this, and in the end came to a simple conclusion and solution. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 23 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

…since her current character was a demon that favoured humans, she was gonna stick to it and really emphasis it well. After all, the audience of the manga was humans. Compared to a bloodthristy demon constantly engaged in headless battles, a demon that would extend his assistance to fellow human beings in need would definitely be more well-received.

Especially since Demons didn’t seem to play out like normal mangas — all the demons that had made an appearance were powerful and strong creatures that wanted nothing to do with humans, and even had a strained relationship with the latter. The “black shirt guy” hence stood on in this aspect, because he was the only demon that seemed to be more neutral towards humans… perhaps she would be able to ride on this trend, and she might end up with a pleasant surprise in the future.

The place that Yuan Yuan Yuan went to this time was a very far-flung area. This area was actually not within the control of her demon head, rather, it was under another demon head’s territory. She knew that her demon head and this demon head were enemies. Demons from different territories would have different scents, hence she rarely crossed into this area.

However, ever since she got locked out of her own house by the rune allocated to her, she discovered a very magical fact — every time she used glamour, she would completely change inside out, and she would hence become a completely different person. 

Fine, she wasn’t gonna be any bit more surprised, it’s Ji Qiu after all. 

Her own demon head was hunting her “black shirt guy” identity down, but you know there’s a saying that goes, your enemy’s enemy is your friend. Perhaps the demons here wouldn’t be as sensitive to her “black shirt guy” identity.

Yuan Yuan Yuan was here today because she wanted to search for a demon or two that was acting out of order. And if she were to descend from above while the demon was in the midst of his evil deed, and save the trapped human.

And if the human that she’d saved just so happened to be a girl, than this would be a knight-in-shining-armour scene; if the human she saved turned out to be a guy, then this scene would be… erm…

Yuan Yuan Yuan shook the strange term that had popped out in her head away, and walked down the street in search for the scent of a demon.

Over the years, Yuan Yuan Yuan had killed quite a number of demons herself. Though she was a self-proclaimed noob, a true blue noob would not have survived as long as she’d did. 

It’s mostly just that she wasn’t familiar with the common techniques that demons used. However, she did have quite sharp instincts when it came to physical combat.

Most of the demons don’t have the habit of nuturing their offsprings themselves. Many of the demon offsprings were left to their own devices after being born; whether they live or die was in their own hands. As a result, there were a lot of fundamental demon knowledge that demons were be born with to tide them through. 

It was the same phenomenon in the animal kingdom; many duiker would be able to walk minutes after their birth, humans on the other hand need to spend a very long time to learn this action. 

To a certain extent, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that demons and animals were indeed quite similar. Not to forget, quite a number of demons also had their own original animal forms.

Things like survival instincts, and the ability to differentiate each other based on scent and other abilities, these had really thrown Yuan Yuan Yuan off for quite a while. It was to the point that every time she watched any shows or bumped into lions peeing to mark their territory, or male dung beetles searching for female dung beetles with their scents, she would pause for a long while, unsure what to think about…

Cough cough.

Enough talk, let’s get on with the search. She only had the late afternoon to evening time search. She had to catch the last 9pm train back home and head to work. 

Demons and humans tread on a delicate and peculiar balance in the city. Before becoming a demon herself, it’d never occurred to Yuan Yuan Yuan that there were so many dangerous creatures hidden in the city she lived in.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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