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In the dark room, a low groan suddenly sounded.

Yuan Yuan Yuan sat up from her bed; her entire forehead was beaded with sweat. She looked out the window, it was still dark outside.

It’s this dream again. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan grabbed her clock at her bedside and checked the time, it was three thirty in the morning.

Enough time to sleep for a while more.

Yuan Yuan Yuan got up, went to the toilet, grabbed herself a cup of water, downed half of it before lying back on her bed.

…after lying down for ten minutes, her eyes flew open again, and she switched on the little yellow lamp by her bed.

She couldn’t fall asleep. 

She rubbed her head, got up from the bed, walked to the living room and switched on the lights.

She’d had this dream countless times. When she first became a half-demon, she dreamt of this almost every day. She honestly wasn’t sure what exactly was in the dream; all she knew was that there was a person, and that person would repeat the same thing over and over again.

It was a female voice, a little raspy, but it was a very lovely voice, that kept appearing in her dreams.

But she just couldn’t remember who exactly was the person from her dreams.

In fact, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t even know how she became a half-demon. She just kind of became like this a few years ago.

…and after that, was escaping, running away; she was on the run, and it was endless.

Yuan Yuan Yuan sat on her bed and stoned for a long while. Suddenly, she caught a whiff of a strange smell. She looked up and out the window. The curtains were tightly drawn; she couldn’t see anything outside.  

 But there was a strange scent wafting in, continuously and endlessly. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan got up, slowly inched over, parted her curtains very slightly and peered out. A thick, dense cloud has loomed above in the sky, crowding out even the moonlight. 

There was no one on the street. The only flickering source of light was the street lamps in the cloudy night. Yet even those suddenly blinked and died out, as though its electricity had been suddenly cut. The street sunk into complete darkness. 

Besides Yuan Yuan Yuan, there was no one else that was peering around checking this strange situation out. It was as though the surrounding residential buildings were under a soul-stealing spell, they’ve lost all their spark and vibrancy, and was now but a silent shell. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked up at the clouds above. Even the air nearby seemed to have dropped a few degrees in temperature. She almost lost control of her own demon aura — her red branches had almost sneaked out. 

It was a Hyakki Yagyou, a night parade of a hundred demons. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan has never once participated in such activities. Despite so, she noticed the countless bulbs of lights that lit up all around, before they lifted off towards the sky, and joined the massive cloud suspended high above. 

Some of these lights flew from the residential buildings around, some flew from dark alleyways. As the cloud moved forward, the dots of light expanded in density and scale, before it enveloped there entire night sky, as though a blanket of stars dotting the night. 

It was only then did Yuan Yuan Yuan realise the sheer number of demons that was in the same city she was in. 

After watching the scene unfold before her, she silently closed her curtains again, and produced another roll of blanket from her cupboard. 

As the cloud grew larger, the temperature around the area decreased. 

The demons night parade was an activity that had been passed down since the ancient times. Despite so, the sheer scale of the parade remained impressive and majestic. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan laid herself back on her bed and closed her eyes. In half an hour, she was well asleep. 

This time, she didn’t dream of anything strange. Despite so, it wasn’t a peaceful sleep. 

…because there seemed to be something around her that seemed to be constantly interrupting or disturbing her. 


The next day, Yuan Yuan Yuan pulled open the curtains she’d kept drawn all night. Like every other day, passers-by strolled by beneath on the pavement; nothing was amiss. 

The curtains now tied up, the warm sunlight spilled in. She stood before the window, her hands on her hips as she basked in the sun. 

The sunlight was very comfortable and relaxing indeed; it’d never failed to improve her day. 

She stretched, headed off to wash up before tapping her phone open. 

After clearing through her notifications, she checked DreaManga app. She pulled it down to refresh and scrolled through the latest updates. 

What surprised her was the amount of comments in the Demons manga about the new black shirt character. 

”Who’s that black shirt guy? He looks kinda handsome.”

“Oh la la this pair of phoenix-shaped eyes has stolen my heart; I feel like this gonna be a very cool and badass character, perhaps he‘s a very important supporting character.”

“That’s for sure, Ji Qiu drew him so nicely… this artist ain’t one to draw a canon fodder so handsomely, don’t worry”. 

”Hmmm a demon that helps humans… enh, after following this manga for a month, the plot seems pretty realistic and logical so far, somehow I just feel like this guy’s gonna die a very tragic death…”

“Oi, the comment above, can you not… we finally have such a good-looking character, don’t curse him!”

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the “die a very tragic death” and sank into silence for a moment. 

After which, she returned to bed, drew her curtains, silently hugged her blanket and went back to sleep. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

T/N: this is a novel that you need to re-read, cuz all of a sudden, some things will kinda click XD!? i watched AOT with my friends recently, all of them finished all the seasons and they started from the top with me, and one of my friends was like omg literally the things the characters are saying in the first few episodes… so much foreshadowing!!?? — kinda the same thing here XD

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