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When Lu Yu Chen and Xuan Mo were collecting their tickets, Ai Er Ge rushed over. Topping Lu Yu Chen’s darkening gaze, Ai Er Ge handed his identification card to Xuan Mo as he grinned: “My name is Ai Er Ge.”

The IC he’d passed Xuan Mo was real. Ai Er Ge’s boss, evidently very well-connected and resourceful, managed to get him an IC, and in exchange, Ai Er Ge had to work his ass off at his boss’ place. 

She had no idea where and how he managed to get it done, but at least he was finally considered a legitimate Blue Planet being now, apparently he was even on the citizen records handled by the police. 

Lu Yu Chen collected his tickets in a glumness. Xuan Mo turned to look before she smiled: “Didn’t you say the seats were fixed.”

Lu Yu Chen mumbled: “Guess I was scammed…” As he spoke, he glanced at the three empty side-by-side seats on the screen with a poor expression. When Xuan Mo slanted him a glance, Lu Yu Chen had no other option but to select the three adjacent seats.

And so, the three of them ended up sitting in a row next to each other.

“Why didn’t you tell me your friend was him?” Lu Yu Chen only took down Xuan Mo and Ai Er Ge’s IC number when he was ordering the tickets earlier, so he had no idea who Xuan Mo’s friend was going to be.

“Why do I have to tell you?”

Lu Yu Chen remained dispirited. He only spoke after a while: “You’re really dating him?”

“…” Xuan Mo didn’t deny it, neither did she verify it.

Lu Yu Chen looked as though he was about to roar in anger.

The two-hour long flight was literally a roller coaster ride to Ai Er Ge. The moment the plane took off, Ai Er Ge was beside himself trying to adjust his weight and energy, so that he would be in a suitable condition to adapt to the speed of the plane. When he had trouble catching up to the changing conditions, he had to depend on Xuan Mo’s almighty mental powers as a shield to forcefully maintain himself in his human form. Hence, not long into the flight, he was already pale from exhaustion. 

In all honesty, he really needn’t be so anxious, it probably wouldn’t be too scary if his head were to appear a little slanted, or if his stomach was a little puffed. But the problem was Lu Yu Chen, seated on Xuan Mo’s other side, and his bitter, had his vengeful gaze trained on Xuan Mo and Ai Er Ge throughout the entire flight. 

The moment they got off the flight, Xuan Mo was squished into a taxi by Lu Yu Chen and they drove off; she didn’t even get a chance to speak to Ai Er Ge before she was forced to leave him in their dust. 

“Aye…” Ai Er Ge sighed. He hailed a taxi and tailed their ride. He figured he should stay somewhere near them, and probably find a job nearby too. 

No matter the environment he was in, Lu Yu Chen could always manage to find himself a huge gaggle of friends. And so the moment he returned and dropped off his luggage, he was off attending all sorts of gatherings with them. He was so busy he could barely catch a breath. Also now that they’re in university, as young adults, they have much more freedom as compared to before, and so, their mentality as well as the material aspects of their outings have greatly levelled up. Not only so, the bunch of them were decently well off, so the types of gatherings day after day were presented in great variety. 

Meanwhile, Xuan Mo had skipped grades in school, so the handful of friends that she knew were still studying their asses off in their second year in high school, and hence they were really too busy to think of her. Xuan Mo herself too had no intentions of meeting up with them. And so, after returning, Xuan Mo became particularly free. 

It was only half a month later did Lu Yu Chen come to a devastating realisation that he had accidentally delivered his little sister on a silver platter to a certain someone he’d previously been glaring at!

Xuan Mo was not a lazy person, it’s just that she had no idea what to do when she was on her own. She wasn’t like the other girls who would read novels, daydream or stone at the air, she wasn’t the kind to go out to shop and watch a movie with other people either… These were too boring and meaningless for her. And so, when she was alone, the most interesting thing she found herself doing was to cultivate. 

But now that Ai Er Ge’s around, she had more things to do. Or at least when she was with him, she was in a much more relaxed state than she would be with any other Blue Planet being. Even though they were technically enemies, the both of them were clear that in the entire Blue Planet, the person with the closest mindset they had was each other… even if they were two hundred million years apart. 

Ai Er Ge was not a flamboyant person. Since he’d decided to retain his human form, he would engage in all the normal forms of blue planet being activities, such as eating, staying at a fixed location, sleeping, enjoying entertainment, and working.

Of course, he had no intentions to become a “host” again, but he had no academic qualifications he could prove. Not only so, if he had to exert any additional strength, it would eat into his mental energy reserve. In other words, he probably wouldn’t be able to last a full day, it was very likely that he would need Xuan Mo to come save him. 

Xuan Mo had lived here for close to a year, so at the very least she was familiar with what was around. Soon, Ai Er Ge’s job-hunting mission became her only reason to leave the house. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 166 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

They applied for many job applications as a restaurant service crew, but the moment the managers saw Ai Er Ge, they shook their heads. Each of them had their own reason, in fact, some of them explained that he was too good-looking, so they were unable to take him in. 

There were a few bars that were rather satisfied with Ai Er Ge, but his previous job had left him with a PTSD for all dimly-lit establishments as such, so they skipped these places altogether. 

Tightly after, they visited cake shops, retail stores… the recruitments were either already over, or the shops were only recruiting female employees. Some of the shops had also said that Ai Er Ge looked too princely to be a hardworking and earnest employee…

Ai Er Ge had embarked on his job-hunting journey with the purest of intentions and most genuine of attitudes; he had no impressions of the societal impressions of different types of jobs. The civilisation he came from had no such thing as academic qualifications, hence to him, all careers were equal, the only difference was the capabilities and experience of the individuals themselves.

One evening, Ai Er Ge plonked himself down at one of the curbs in town and hugged his head as he signed. Xuan Mo on the other hand stood by him and looked around. 

“Aye! I’m so annoyed, why do none of them want me!” Ai Er Ge wanted to howl, “do I really look that unreliable?!”

Xuan Mo surveyed the surroundings. Chinese New Year was not yet round the corner, yet a number of malls had already begun their battle to draw in the crowd. The town centre was teeming with people, and bustling with noise; for some reason, Xuan Mo found this area very familiar. 

“I think you should get some clothes first.” Xuan Mo pointed at his leather jacket and jeans, “a lot of employers were alright with your appearance, but they seemed rather disturbed when they noticed your attire. I think whatever you have on may be misleading.”

“How’s that possible? This was what my boss bought when we were out procuring clothes, it’s not like we went somewhere sus…” As he spoke, Ai Er Ge realised Xuan Mo made sense. And so, he stood and dusted his top, “you decide then, where do we get some new clothes.”

When it came to buying clothes for guys, the first thing that came to Xuan Mo’s mind was to look for Lu Yu Chen. But he seemed pretty busy lately, and this place seemed to be… “Follow me.”

She brought Ai Er Ge into a large mall, went up to the fourth floor selling premium male clothing, made a turn and walked into a huge counter. Xuan Mo’s mother just so happened to be there.

Xuan Mo was not one to be interested in her line of work, and so when Xuan Mo’s mother suddenly saw her daughter appearing in her shop one day, bringing with her a foreigner guy along, she paused for a long moment before she came to. Xuan Mo’s mother smiled and hugged Xuan Mo before turning to look at Ai Er He: “Mo Mo, what brought you here, this is…”

“Hello Aunt Xuan! My name is Ai Er Ge.” Ai Er Ge recalled the information from the memory archives Xuan Mo had sent him previously as he spoke to her mother in a warm tone. “I’m Xuan Mo’s friend.”

“Ohhh!” Though she was no longer young, Xuan Mo’s mother was still a little stunned by Ai Er Ge’s strong presence, and his dashing appearance. And this for some reason led to her pleasant impression of him. And so, she winked at her daughter knowingly: “Ahh a friend…”

“Enh, friend.” Xuan Mo continued expressionlessly. She tugged at Ai Er Ge, “he’s looking for a job, and he probably needs to change his outfit.”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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