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“Accept the memory cache that I am sending you, then choose a body.” Xuan Mo sent over all the memory files that the original Xuan Mo had over to the little Elge red dot. As a result of her passive and active mental power searches all these while, her own memory cache had grown exponentially large, if she were to send it out, she might just implode their brain. For this Elge’s case, all he needed was basic communication knowledge. 

The red light gradually calmed down and received the memories sent over by Xuan Mo, his previous fear and anxiety fading slowly. He asked gingerly: “Why do I need to choose a body?”

“There are so many creatures on the blue planet, you better choose early what you want to materialise into and stick to that to save yourself the mental energy to change.”

“…you’ll help me?”

“Seeing how you can’t even hurt me even after whatever you did earlier, yes.”

“…I want to be a human!”

Xuan Mo didn’t even bother considering his request: “No, that’s too troublesome, you’ll be a dog!”

“I’m an Elge! We are the protectors of knowledge and civilisation, I will safeguard my dignity with my life. How can you let another stranded person like you turn into a dog!”

“What’s the difference?”

“There’s no difference to us, but if the ruler of this planet decides that there will be a difference then they will be different! Why should I choose a weaker identity?!”

Xuan Mo hated this about the Elge — they’re would spew vulgarities when they couldn’t win physically, when they lose verbally, they’d make a run for it, and when they ran off, a load of them would die along the way, while the rest that manage to run off would disappear into thin air. 

Xuan Mo frowned, the same amount of mental energy would be used to create a body, the amount of energy was irregardless of the size of the body. She rubbed her temples: “Up to you, you sort out your own issues after this, don’t come looking for me.”

“…even if I’m searching for the galaxy door?”

“That is if you do somehow manage to sacrifice that many blue planet beings to activate the door.” Xuan Mo retorted with a cold laugh. 

The red light submerged into silence for a while. After slowly consuming the memories that Xuan Mo had sent him, it awkwardly tried speaking in Chinese: “Cough cough.”

“Enough, now materialise the body, hurry up, I’m very busy.”

Xuan Mo removed the cage. The red light gradually grew in size, changing from a dark shade of red to a light red, before it took the form of a human. Before the human body was completed, a rough male voice spoke softly: “…can you…turn around.”

“What?” Xuan Mo was very annoyed. “Can you hurry up!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 157 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

“Males and females are different, do you not have any similar impressions in your memories, don’t tell me you don’t know that! Are you purposely ignoring me? Are you trying to take advantage of me?!”

“…” Xuan Mo squinted before exhaling lightly, “Elge, don’t challenge my patience and kindness, turning you back into your original form is easy as pie for me.”

As the head formed, the Elge gave a pouting expression as he continued his materialisation in glumness. Suddenly, he stretched his hand out, and out flew a set of white clothes from a closet beside them. He shrugged on the attire. 

Xuan Mo rolled her eyes, disdainful: “Troublesome much.”

The materialisation was very fast. The speed of the process was exactly what Lu Yu Chen had described previously. Before long, his four limbs and head appeared. After his body smoked for a moment, the alien had comfortably changed into a human form. 

Due to his nature, his hair had to be red. And so, his features followed the appearance of a westerner. He was tall but lanky, and evidently rather young, and youthful.

He stretched, before sighing: “I feel like I won’t be able to last like this for more than twelve hours.”

Xuan Mo spectated the variety of poses and expressions he tried before speaking: “Sort out whatever you want to do, I’ll recharge your mental energy once every twelve hours, make sure to absorb the sun naturally in the day.”

“I have decided! I want my name to be Xuan Ai!” He suddenly exclaimed in excitement, “or maybe Xuan Ai Er Ge… what do you think?”

Xuan Mo replied earnestly: “Blue Planet beings like to use idioms in as names, if you insist on the surname Xuan, I know there’s an idiom called Bai Ri Xuan Yin*, you wanna consider that?”

* Bai Ri Xuan Yin 白日宣淫 (idiom): to indulge in lascivious acts in broad daylight

“?” He carefully observed Xuan Mo’s expression before shaking his head, “my gut is telling me Scorpios are the type to help me come up with a nice name.” He looked around, “forget it, I’ll call myself Ai Er Ge (Elge).”

Xuan Mo opened the morgue door. Even though she knew there was no one around, she still couldn’t help but look to her left and right before walking out.

Nervous, Ai Er Ge followed tightly after Xuan Mo and carefully walked out. Xuan Mo decided to visit the ER, Ai Er Ge followed after her. The ER was on the first floor. The two of them slowly walked up the stairs. They could hear there was a care worker holding a mop that was walking towards them. In the dark night, the footsteps of the care worker was rather loud.

The two of them exchanged a glance; nothing was out of order. And so, Ai Er Ge took a deep breath and walked out first. Ai Er Ge met the care worker first. A clang sounded, and the care worker’s sharp shriek reverberated: “A walking dead* ahhhh!” After which, the care worker collapsed and blacked out.

* T/N: more accurately, 诈尸 (za shi) refers to someone who should be dead but is suddenly alive and walking 

Xuan Mo ran over to Ai Er Ge, she looked at the innocent Ai Er Ge and the fainted care worker, frowning: “What did you do!?”

Ai Er Ge felt wronged: “I didn’t hit her, I even smiled at her.”

Footsteps sounded. Her mental web told her that the nurse on duty was walking over due to the scream earlier. When she figured that the nurse was reaching soon, Xuan Mo gave Ai Er Ge a push from behind. Ai Er Ge stumbled a few steps forward and came face to face with the nurse. 

The nurse stared at Ai Er Ge with widened eyes, her gaze a mix of amazement and astonishment. When she looked down, she saw his brand new morgue attire, his shoeless feet, and the stench of formalin… her gaze changed. Immediately after, her eyes rolled back and she fainted instantly. 

Xuan Mo and Ai Er Ge exchange a look. Ai Er Ge touched his face: “Am I that scary?”

Xuan Mo had no idea either. She shrugged. She’d heard the care worker shouting walking dead earlier, but she didn’t know why the nurse fainted either; was the walking dead a very scary thing? Or did Ai Er Ge look like the scary walking dead?

After their two encounters, Ai Er Ge didn’t continue striding down the hallways. He hid himself along the way as they made their way to the ER. The green light at the ER was still on, and Lu Yu Chen was pushed out. 

Ai Er Ge was still in a bit of a situation, so Xuan Mo ended up using her mental powers to make him invisible. The doctor briefly spoke about Lu Yu Chen’s situation. He had no external injuries, only a slight concussion; he had no major injuries on his head either, perhaps he’d only hit his head really hard on something… essentially, Lu Yu Chen was still relatively alright, the spasm he’d experienced earlier as a result of the blow to his head while scary was not life-threatening.

Xuan Mo left it to the doctor to arrange a ward for Lu Yu Chen while glaring at the empty air beside her. Afterwhich, she left to pay the medical fees. Fortunately she had enough on her card, so it didn’t occur to her to notify Lu Yu Chen’s father.

After settling Lu Yu Chen, Xuan Mo had to return to school, she still had classes. She hand’t thought of taking leave for this. Ai Er Ge on the other hand was a bit of a prickly situation. She sent him to the hospital entrance and gave him a few hundred dollar notes as she spoke: “Know your place and don’t appear within my area for no reason. You can contact me mentally if the need arises… don’t try to pull another, be it the galaxy door or whatever else, I’ll be watching you, but don’t try to make things troublesome for me… that’s it you may get lost now.”

The intense pressure exuded by Xuan Mo was suffocating for Ai Er Ge. Ai Er Ge immediately ran off happily after the former finished.

The entire of the Great Coalition had seen and acknowledged the strong adaptability of the Scorpio people, no matter how terrible the living conditions may be. On the other hand, the Elge were acknowledged to be the most adept in surviving in places where there already was an existing civilisation, simply because they were the protector of the knowledge, the “wise”… though the Elge could be to a certain extent quite evil. 

He didn’t believe that he’d end up in a worse situation than a violent Scorpio!

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This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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