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There were three to four bodies, and a few lights — the morgue looked particularly peaceful.

Xuan Mo surveyed the room briefly before she strided in promptly, made a right turn, walked past the two beds and stood in front of a few cupboards. 

The eerie lights spilled in from outside, making the white sheets atop the bodies to be particularly pale. Xuan Mo looked around and slowly moved between the beds before she suddenly slammed her palm down at the waist area of one of the bodies. 

The white sheet immediately collapsed, and a red light emitted from beneath the sheet. Before it could escape, it was trapped within the space enclosed by a blue cage. Xuan Mo held her hand out as she controlled the cage that she had materialised with her mental energy, and stared at the struggling red light within. 

Both of their planets practised the arts of mental energy; Elge’s mental energy was more violent in comparison to theirs; Xuan Mo really disliked how the little ball of red was slamming around left right centre, and so she slowly tightened the cage. 

The red light would wail in pain every time it touched the cage, and so, it could only shrink itself continuously. In the end, the red light was only the size of a small ball. When it could no longer shrink, it cried in pain as it spun quickly. 

“It’s been so many years, what happened to the rules of the Great Coalition?” Xuan Mo spoke in Chinese, “or has Elges degenerated into such a dreadful state?”

Xuan Mo shook the cage. The ball of red light shrieked, but didn’t dare attack. Evidently, the cage was able to reflect the damage it would take. 

“You don’t understand what I’m saying?” Xuan Mo expanded and exerted her mental pressure to communicate her intention. She’d drawn on the ground the other time because she had no idea which kind of power this guy wielded. After being attacked, she figured that this guy was a mental energy user as well, hence she slammed him shut with her mental energy this time! 

There were a million and one ways to torture someone using mental energy. Hailing from a military background, Xuan Mo was very familiar with the ins and outs. The thin strands of silver blue blades that shot out from the cage and stabbed into the red light were only the most basic of them all. She preferred sorting these guys from both inside and outside, simple and straight to the point, just the way she liked it. This guy should be honoured, she rarely had to personally make a move. 

Before long, the red light started groaning, and begged for her to stop as it tried to use mental fluctuations to gain her pity, even though it later realised how useless an attempt this all was. Because when it realised who she saw, it realised that the person before it was its enemy, and her last name was Abu…

There were many things that would fall from their glory after prospering, but among the countless clans in the Great Coalition, the Abu clan was the only one that remained strong and influential even after so many centuries. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 156 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

The Abu clan was perhaps too simple — they were always the soul of the military, the strongest frontier of the army, and that was all. They did not dabble in any other aspects of the Great Coalition, their influence was limited to only the military; neither did they acquire any other forms of income, their main stream of welfare came only from the military. If any of their clan members did not enlist in the military, they would not be granted the Abu surname.

In the long and winding history, the Abu clan had been through ups and downs; there were many instances where they had faded out of the limelight, to the point that their names no longer rang much of a bell. But every once in a while, after a long period of time after a particular war most of the time, there would always be one or a few talented individuals from the Abu clan appearing out of nowhere; they would once again bring glory to their family name, and draw the Great Coalition’s attention back to their clan, leaving in their wake legacies after legacies. 

Though the Abu clan had once again lapsed into hibernation, there was none that dared to forget their existence. There had been countless martial gods in the past, yet all of them held people from the Abu clan as their spiritual pathfinder. The Abu clan produced the most Majors, the Abu clan was also the clan that sacrificed the most for the Scorpio Planet. The entire Abu clan and the entire lives of the Abu people stood for the military; they took pride in battle, they were born fighters. Even if the individual was only a low-rank soldier, as long as that person was of the surname Abu, he or she was respected by others.

Not only was the person before it an Abu, but it was from Elge Civilisation — the planet that had been consistently and successfully quashed by Scorpio for the past several million centuries. 

Even though it had no idea why such a desolate planet that none of the civilisations had bothered to take note of had a stranded Abu member. Nevertheless, the person before it, she was someone it definitely cannot provoke! It had already exhausted all its courage trying to escape earlier. The Abu clan was famous throughout the Great Coalition, and they were a frightening existence, it was scared to its bones just by the aura she was giving off!

“I don’t want to die! I only want to live! I’m hungry! I can’t absorb…” The red light yowled in Elgeian. 

“Then find your food! It’s not like you eat humans, why did you attack them?” Her mental energy layered on. 

“He’d seen me before! You know the Great Coalition rules!” The red light paused, “I didn’t intend to attack him, I just wanted to erase his memory.”

Xuan Mo had yet to see Lu Yu Chen, so she had no idea what state he was in, but what this little guy was saying made sense. She was silent for a moment before she tightened the cage: “What are you here for.”

“I lost contact with my people, and I’ve been travelling around on my own. I felt the frequency so I came over.”

“Where is the Coalition border now.”

“…I don’t know, our people have not neared the Great Coalition outposts for several thousand years.”

“…how tragic.”

“…we don’t need your pity!”

Xuan Mo’s ultra-sensitive nose could no longer handle the smell of formalin. She went silent for a moment; even though there were enemies in the Great Coalition, similar to a human and cockroach being thrown into Mars — they were after all from the same planet, there was no need to finish this guy off immediately: “I’ll sort you out outside.”

“No! You damned Scorpion! Damn you Abu!” 

“You wanna die?”

“No! I’m hungry!”

“Then what do you want to do, what can you even eat?!”

“…only solar energy, but I’ve been absorbing it for the entire day, I’m still starving.”

Xuan Mo could feel exactly what it was going through right now; she’d been spending her mental energy very thriftily. The solar energy here on the Blue Planet was nowhere near sufficient to satiate her. At the rate things were going, she might just wilt very soon. 

Her sleeping pod was in City H. Even if it was here, she was short on materials to create a body for it. If it were to attempt to materialise a body for itself, it would run out of energy too soon. 

Xuan Mo carefully calculated her mental energy. If this guy were to create a body itself, she might possibly be able to recharge for herself, and that might last quite a while even.

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