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“Target locked, target locked…”

It was the stowaway-searching robot that had been hunting her down. #190919 looked at the robot in the eye and blinked.

At about a foot away, the robot’s arm popped open. Its cold, unfeeling gaze locked on her, a small anesthesia gun was raised from within its robotic arm.

“Target locked, preparing anesthesia…”

In the snap of a moment, she pressed the activation button to start up the personal terminal on her.  

The red warning alarm together with the blinking headshot turned into a safe, green light on the robot’s interface. The living being before it was pronounced to own a legal citizenship. At the change, the robot whirrled in sudden confusion.   

——Under the individual information interface, the first line indicated the owner’s name — 

Ai Bei. 


Interspersed between the intersecting sky bridges towered cold, mechanic skyscrapers. Blinking in red, the CCTVs installed under the bridges swept through their designated area of surveillance rapidly, readily capturing the information disseminated by the human acitivity beneath. 

Ai Bei left the area before the CCTV could lock and sweep her.

Her face pale and her lips dry, Ai Bei was in a more dreadful state than back in the underpass; the wound on her hand as a result of the earlier explosion was too slowly oozing blood. Despite so, Ai Bei remained oblivious to her situation, her grey eyes remained undisturbed and calm. She ran a hand through the knotted tails of her hair that was of a similar shade of grey to her eyes. 

While she seemed to be moving with a direction in mind, she was in fact wandering aimlessly.

Though Ol’Clark was a traitor, there was one thing he got right — #190919 was now Ai Bei, but making a living here on this planet was a challenging feat, perhaps almost an impossible one.

The personal terminal she got her hands on only included preliminary identity information. This was only sufficient for her to make it past basic search robots. She would need to undergo an in-depth check if she wanted to find a job to earn an income. She hadn’t completed proper education, she didn’t know anyone, she didn’t even have a place to stay — just these circumstances alone were abnormally suspicious for a resident living on a planet like this.  

And everything here was very different from how things were like back on Waste Planet. ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 02 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Abandoned by the Galaxy, Waste Planet had scarce resources, was technologically-backward, had a high crime rate and an acute case of pollution. The people that lived there were not registered in the government system. They had no names nor identities. Instead, a number code — a system borne out of management convenience — was granted to all the discarded in Waste Planet, and they as living beings were among the various other disposed objects coded by numbers. Galatic citizens had once termed the place as “Dust Planet”; those from there however preferred the name Waste Planet. 

Everday Planet on the other hand was technologically advanced; the government armed forces were also potent, and society was orderly and systemised — every aspect in Everday Planet was beyond Ai Bei’s imagination. 

This meant that none of the survival techniques and whatever else she picked up from Waste Planet would be applicable here. At the same time, she had to complete her identity information and blend into the crowd before the advanced search devices mobilised by the government located her. 

But how do you expect a ball of flame to conceal itself within the expense of an ocean? 

Beneath the shadows casted by the overarching bridge, Ai Bei glanced up to catch the information she’d missed. Imposing and chilly as though a giant, the skyscraper in the distant peeked half a body above the plain of tall buildings. The mammoth advertisement attached, particularly conspicuous as a result, drew the attention of all passers-by within its visible vicinity. 

“Welcome to the Live-Streaming Transmigration Competition.”

Akin to a stray cat, Ai Bei licked the wound on the back of her hand as she stared at the colourful words on the humongous screen. The neon words mirrored in her eyes seemed to give her gaze a novel spray of colour.  

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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