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Translator’s Note:

Hi friends, Chart Topper Queen (CTQ) will be the upcoming CN translation project after My Classmate is Two Hundred Million Years Old (THMYO) ends!

I’ve probably read over hundreds of transmigration novels, and I can vouch that this is one of the most exciting and creative live-streaming transmigration novels I’ve ever read!! Not one of, but the MOST!! I’ve never been a huge fan of mystery but damn the way things are framed here are so interesting and fresh, and half the time I didn’t even realise there was a mystery that needs to be solved (TwT). This author is also the one that wrote《每个世界苏一遍》or “Show Off Once in Every World”  (written in 2016-2018) before this novel.

Also I absolutely love love LOVE all the foreshadowing, the symbols and wordplays; really the DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. The female lead too has her own exciting backstory to be revealed as we progress into the story. 

If you’re a fan of fresh angles, new perspectives, harmless-looking-but-lethal-in-reality female leads, and like to be mindblown by the plot, you’ll love this one I promise XD

As THMYO is still the current main project, CTQ releases will be fortnightly on Mondays, 11pm (GMT+8); CTQ will be updated weekly starting March 2022 😀 Advance chapters are available on Ko-Fi Shop if you wish to read ahead~

“Target locked, target locked. #190919.” A mechanical voice sounded on Everday Planet. 

At the same time, several dozens of kilometres away, a small figure suddenly disappeared from the crowd of people.

This is a galatic era into the future after the world witnessed a population explosion. Despite the advent of magnetic levitation car and related vehicles, as well as the discovery of space channels, on-ground development has still prevailed. Akin to a legion of coiled dragons, the invisible roads pave out in intersecting complexity, with some rising up, suspended in the air and others diving into the water, submerged.

In contrast to the vigour splendour in the limelight was the hidden and dirty shrouded in darkness. 

Beneath the “dragon”’s path, was a collective of fetid underpass — disguising within which an eerie, winding river — as though a venoumous snake.

“The lastest batch of ‘lambs’ has arrived.”

An old man in tattered rags walked in faltering steps over to lean against the rusting staircase. He took a few chugs of beer before he continued slurring drunkenly into the phone, “this ain’t the first deal, when has Ol’Clark ever slipped up, time to talk about a raise ain’t it…”

“The people from there — they don’t trust others, hehe, if I weren’t from there, I won’t dare touch this. The people from there, they’re either dead, or those that make it out — they’re monsters, terrifying ones, Ol’Clark sure didn’t have it easy.”

“Don’t worry, they ain’t gonna get anywhere without their IDs.”

He mumbled to himself in search for a lighter for his cigarette. Just as the last word escaped his mouth, his muscles slack as a result of his old age tightened all of a sudden.

In the dim passageway, the glow from a small flame produced by a lighter lit up his neck area. In the firelight, a fine thread of silver that was but a hair’s breathe away from his throat glinted.

“Lamb?” A faint, innocent female voice sounded in the dark. “I get why you tried so hard to smuggle us into this planet from there now — human-trafficking.”

Ol’Clark swallowed, his throat rolling. ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 01 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

He’d already figured out who she was from her voice, #190919. Out of the entire batch of them, she was the most alert; she was also his ace — just her alone would fetch an exorbitant price. If it weren’t for the extreme radiation and pollution back there, and the fact that she needed medical attention, he wouldn’t have been able to trick her out.

“So you have IDs on your hand, that’s a lie too?”

“Of course not, Ol’Clark swear on my credit that I definitely have IDs on my hand.” He gave a toadying smile, though it was a rigid one, for he didn’t dare to make any large, sudden movements. “But I only have IDs, I don’t have the complete papers, it’ll be easy to see through it. I need to look after you guys too, if the government latches on to it, the consequences will be even more severe than smuggling; and even if you do have an ID you won’t be able to find jobs, you can’t earn any money. If you sell, no if you work for my head, as long as you perform well, even your medical fees can be…”

In other words, they would have no IDs; no one would notice even if they were discarded of due to poor performance.

Regardless of whether Ol’Clark was working for dignitaries or those in the underworld, they would ultimately end up as a pawn in the shadows. This was even worse than the conditions back there. Though they were treated as products with a code number, at least they still had their freedom.

#190919 said: “ID.”

Even though he didn’t sense any movements from her, blood oozed out from the sliced wound on Ol’Clark’s neck. Trembling, he didn’t dare make any further moves. 

He had no idea which direction her voice was coming from. Shaking, Ol’Clark produced the personal terminal that stored the ID information, and gingerly held it upwards. Afterwhich, a slight breeze flitted past his palm.

Eye gleaming in menace, Ol’Clark activated all the energy he had in his body, pouncing over to grab her outstretched hand all of a sudden!

The cold, hard surface that came into contact with his hand was different from what he had imagined.

A spine-chilling frost ran down his back. As though a spider, eight thin legs sprouted from the metal material, piercing itself into his palm.



No option to surrender, the primitive bomb was as though an instrument seeking compensation, one that fragmented the traitor, shattering him into pieces. 

His body crashed to the ground. Eyes widened, a horrifying gurgle escaped his throat before he kicked the bucket.

Even at death, his mouth was hooked in a strange angle. 

She had every means to finish him off quietly. Her final choice however was motivated by their fear — what the people from there hated the most was to die silently in some random corner. They’d never truly existed to begin with, if their death was inaudible, who would have known they’d once even existed.

“So you didn’t forget.” #190919’s soft voice sounded in the dead silence, “but traitors will not be spared.”  

Survival of the fittest meant they could kill each other to live, but once they leave, they were forbidden from betraying each other, or allying with the intial perpetrators that had abandoned them there in the first place.

A small screen lit up between the rusty staircase, revealing her grey hair and grey eyes a shade of darkened clouds. Despite the stench of blood and the splatters of red on her, the gorgeous girl was calm, and oblivious to her state; her attention was instead drawn to the new toy attached to her wrist. It was the personal terminal that she had gotten her hands on earlier when Ol’Clark produced it. 

The next moment however, a strong beam of light appeared in the dark all of a sudden, splashing itself on her face. As the glare of light diminished, and the silhouette of a search robot revealed itself. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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