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“And this has to be completed by a freshman who has yet to learn the technicals, like me?” Xuan Mo’s voice was mocking. 

“Of course it has to be you, we don’t need you to be involved in the research end of things, but I trust your passion and abilities.”


“I saw that you like playing StarCraft very much, on that note, you must be very fond of the galaxy and outer space, and you definitely must have your motivations since you majored in Aerospace Materials. Aren’t you curious what this research is about then?”

“Regardless of my interest in this major, or my personal motivations, I can tell you right now that the technology will not be able to advance to the point that humans can travel out of the milky way, not in the next hundred years at least. And since I don’t want to live for a hundred years, and am not interested in the things inside the milky way, why should I waste my time and energy on this?”

“Every great invention in the world were made possible by the fact that the inventors themselves were standing on the shoulders of giants themselves, even if you are not the person standing on the shoulder…”

“I don’t want humans to stand on my shoulders either.”

Zhao Jing Lei choked on his words yet once again for the umpteenth time, the way Xuan Mo was phrasing her words felt strange to him for some reason, but he couldn’t be bothered sidetrack to figure out what it was that was irking him.

“Fine, whatever you said then!”


“So you’re really not going to consider this?”

“Country Z is very large, there are so many other research centres, there is no reason why I would even get an opportunity like this, unless there’s something off about this entire mission, so I am very suspicious as to the nature of this so-called research.”

Zhao Jing Lei was silent for a while before he started slowly: “Xuan Mo, you understand what I’m referring to don’t you.”

“About what?”

“You have supernatural abilities.”


“We are not conducting any research on you, I archived your details and did not approve of the research request. I hope that you will use your abilities to help the people around you, and not against them, but just because you were not identified by anyone doesn’t mean that you should pretend you don’t have these powers, because — you do, you definitely have some sort of ability.”

“How in the world did you come to the conclusion that my ability can help your research?” Xuan Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as this extrapolation. Honestly if it weren’t for Zhao Jing Lei, she wouldn’t have recognised that her mental abilities were a supernatural existence, perhaps it was because she was gradually becoming more like a blue planet being herself the longer she stayed in this civilisation. Other than her mental abilities, she was exactly the same as any other blue planet being, just that she was most outstanding and then others at times. That’s why she felt that something was off the moment these two people started looking for her and asking her to join them.

“I’m guessing that your abilities might be some type of senses or the likes, for example previously, you could tell how many surveillance cameras there were along the way, and you’re always incredibly calm and collected, these might all be due to your powerful ability, which allows you to gain… foresight of sorts…. You are very observant and sensitive as a result, in fact, have a very different opinion when it comes to certain things… I’m correct aren’t I.”

“…” Xuan Mo took her phone away from her ear and looked up at the sky. Up ahead, Lu Yu Chen was calling for her. When he saw that she was still stoning, he ran back to pull her along into the restaurant.

This was a famous restaurant that sold roasted duck. Since they were early and came in before the peak hour, they managed to get a closed room to themselves. The bunch of youths sat down at the table and started ordering.

Zhao Jing Lei was still hello-ing away at the lack of reply, but he didn’t want to end the call. Xuan Mo on the other hand sat at the table and watched as the youths ordered away, somewhat dazed.

She’d always known that she was different, the people around her had also pointed it out before, but none of them had been as sharp as Zhao Jing Lei was. 

After living here for so long, she had also vaguely gotten it figured that just excelling in academics and being physically fit were sufficient for others to distinguish her from the rest. But now that there’s someone pointing out what exactly it was that was different about her, it suddenly felt as though she’s no longer one of the blue planet beings. No matter how large of a stone cave she’d been living in, she’d over time figured it out that blue planet beings don’t find it a pleasure when they realise there are people among them that are capable than themselves. 

While she’s never exactly hid her capabilities deliberately, she’d tried to maintain relatively low-key and off the radar. After all, those were her capabilities, why should she not use it? She was not going to make things difficult for herself. However, she’d come to the realisation that regardless of whether her abilities were made known, it would leave her in a difficult position. 

Her capabilities grant her convenience, but it appeared that there were others who wanted to take advantage of this convenience too.

Zhao Jing Lei was the first, but in the future, there will be a second, and a third…

Would rejecting them be able to keep them at bay? She was a blue planet being right now, and she will remain as a blue planet being for a long time to come. She had the rights and freedom that came with this identity, but to the others, she was also expected to exercise her duty as a fellow blue planet being. 

Even though she wasn’t interested, she still had to go to school and follow her mother’s wishes — it’s the same thing. She wasn’t sure if her body had reproductive functions and she could marry and have kids, but she herself was not in any way against this idea. Everything was new, and foreign; she had new duties, and a new direction to life. Here, she was not a soldier shouldering the safety of the galaxy, she was only a blue planet being mother’s daughter, but she was not your conventional blue planet being girl.

“Contribute to mankind!” Zhao Jing Lei had said. He took pride in doing so, and he was fervent in his journey as well. If it had been anyone else, they’d have dived headfirst into this opportunity.  

“Xuan Mo, Xuan Mo are you still there? At least make some noise so I know you’re still there.”

While she had never depended on blue planet being to successfully invent a spaceship that can bring her back, she still had a strand of hope, what if, just what if… this body only had a hundred years for her, but once its life ended and she returned to hibernation, it’d be another two hundred million years the next time she woke up, and she could afford to wait for the next two hundred millions years too. But actually, no, blue planet beings didn’t need so long, perhaps just two thousand years would be sufficient, anything would be possible two thousand years later!

So if she were to plant the seed and push them in this direction now, she would be able to reap the benefits in the future!

“Xuan Mo, Xuan Mo, so, are you with us or no?”

“When is it, I’ll take a look.”

“I’ll pick you up now!” Zhao Jing Lei’s reply was instantaneous. 

“Are you trynna get yourself free lunch coming at this timing? Shameless much?” This was what Lu Yu Chen had to comment about his friend. 

“…I’ll drop by later tonight then.”

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