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The lot of them were rather conspicuous when they entered the antique market. Walking around chattering and touching the things being sold, the bunch of them were curious about everything. Though they weren’t too sure about what they’re seeing, most of them believed otherwise and felt that they had sufficient knowledge. 

Lu Yi Chen paid particular attention to the small jade pendants. Though he had no idea how to choose or buy, he wanted to get a jade green one for Xuan Mo, it’d suit her fair complexion very well. Honestly even he himself wasn’t too sure why he was so adamant on getting her a jade pendant, in fact, he’s never paid attention to things like these in the past. 

Perhaps it’s just because he wanted to give her something. 

And so, he’d pick up a jade pendant or two along the way and hold close to her neck. In the beginning, he asked her for opinions. When he realised she had no opinions, he turned to the rest for suggestions. However, none of the youths present knew how to look at jade, much less buy it. Lu Yu Chen knew that asking the sellers won’t help much either. And so, he relied on the various random and possibly incorrect inputs here and there from his friends around him. Despite having toured most of the market, he still had not found a piece that all of them could come to a common consensus to.

Xuan Mo remained as collected as ever as she followed after them, as though all this had nothing to do with her. As they walked, Lu Yu Chen’s annoyance and frustration built up. Just as he was about to suggest that they head back, Xuan Mo received a call from Tang Jun: “Xuan Mo? Are you in school right now?”


“Uhh, is it possible to come back now?” 

“What is it.” 

Lu Yu Chen heard her call and turned to look at her. 

“I was just updated that your Aerospace Materials major just received a classified and high-clearance mission. Your prof wants to select two students to participate in the research as well, emphasis will also be placed on the selected students for future development as well. The senior student has been selected, we’re still missing a junior student, are you interested?” 

“The choice of participants to a classified and high-clearance mission isn’t within the academy’s jurisdiction, much less yours, why are you asking me if I’m interested? And if I’m interested, I can participate?” Xuan Mo walked a few steps away as she spoke in low volumes. “Tang Jun, I can report you for leaking state secrets just with this call. If this has anything to do with anything beyond our shores, you might even be pinned with the crime of treason. What are your intentions.”

“…” Tang Jun was silent for a long moment. After a sigh, he continued: “Xuan Mo, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, not many will come across something like this, in fact, there are many people out there wishing they had an opportunity like this. Your reaction’s completely different. At least pretend to be excited c’mon.” 


“Hold up hold up hold up, fine I’ll tell you, I’ll say — you’re already inside the list when the mission was assigned. Honestly, none of us could figure out why. I mean, you haven’t even taken the introductory classes to the specialised subjects yet, how is it that you’re in the list. And it’s pretty much impossible to get yourself into the list though connections given the nature of the mission, because you won’t become famous nor will you gain financially. Even the other senior student and myself are only additional add-ons, we’re involved in external responsibilities and in charge of looking after you…” 

“What mission is it.”

“Eh, it’s a research on some sort of materials, I’m assisting the head of computing, as for you…” 

“What will I be doing?” 

“You’re the second secretary to the prof, your position is very deeply involved in the mission.” 

“I have the right to reject right.” 

“…wait wait wait wait , are you for real! Xuan Mo! Mo Mo, Mo Mo! This, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity?! You, you’re just gonna, are you kidding me!”

Xuan Mo ended the call with a click and met Lu Yu Chen’s concerned gaze. “Mo Mo, you have something urgent on?” 

“No, it was a scam call.” Her phone rang again but Xuan Mo hung up immediately. A moment later, she received a text instead. 

“Xuan Mo, I’ve finally come to understand how obstinate you can be, but we can’t be stubborn when it comes to things like these. You are incredibly incredibly lucky to land yourself with such an opportunity in your first year. Don’t let your stubbornness ruin the opportunities presented to you ok?” 

After Xuan Mo walked for a while, she replied his text: “Do you think there’s such a thing as a free lunch?” 

“Mo Mo, what do you think about this one?” Lu Yu Chen picked up another pendant. 

Xuan Mo glanced over, touched it and shook her head: “Bad.” 

“Oh.” Finally a definite answer. While it wasn’t a very ideal reply, it was still an improvement from her earlier silence. 

After walking around for a while more without finding a pendant to buy, the lot of them started discussing where to go for lunch. Just as Xuan Mo said she was alright with whatever the rest wanted, she received another call. It was from Zhao Jing Lei this time. She lingered behind, answering as she slowly tailed after the group at the end. 

“Xuan Mo, we need to talk.” 

“You guys are very annoying.” 

“I did up the namelist. No matter what concerns you may have, I need you in this mission, really.” 

“You want me to believe that a freshman who hasn’t started even the introductory courses can attend such a mission? I really don’t understand you guys. What do you want to do exactly?”

“Before you agree, I can’t share anything about the mission.” 

“Then I’m hanging up.” 

“Do you want to travel in outer space?”

“Yes.” Xuan Mo replied without hesitation. 

Zhao Jing Lei paused. He’d said that because he wanted to stir some emotions in her. Honestly, he was expecting Xuan Mo to ask what he was trying to do as she’d done previously. Hence when she replied him otherwise instead, and instantly at that, he immediately became excited, and a little uncertain at the same time.  

“Someone said that this research will be able to advance our outer space industry by leaps and bounds.”

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lol guys so im minoring in Chinese translations in school and during class today my prof talked about WXW ahaha, always felt that reality was a different realm, kinda cool how academics can intersect with the online TL community 

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