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The indignant Ye Zhen Zhen, the head among the gaggle of girls whom Lu Yu Chen had just unforgivably slandered, immediately rebutted: “Transmigration means that you travel into the ancient times, impress everyone with your modern knowledge and flirt with the beautiful looking guys! And the emperor!”

“…” Xuan Mo tried to put herself in the shoes of these blue planet beings and thought in their perspective, before she shook her head, “you find that fun?”

“Yeah! It’s exciting and fun to have things your way!” Thinking that Xuan Mo had no idea what kind of experience it would be, Ye Zhen Zhen asked: “Xuan Mo, if you were to transmigrate, how many years in the past would you go?”

Xuan Mo replied without hesitating: “Two hundred million years into the past.”


“That’s right, two hundred million years into the past.” Xuan Mo appeared especially yearning, “how great would that be.” 

“Two hundred million years ago… were there even humans?”

“No, only dinosaurs.”

“…” Ye Zhen Zhen started, but suddenly realised she was rather speechless at her answer. Her feeling right now was equivalent to getting all excited after reading a transmigration novel, and proceeding to discuss with her grandpa about transmigration immediately after. As an old school person, her grandpa, same as her, wanted to return to the Qing dynasty too, but as to what he would do after that… he wanted to save the various national treasures and documents that were lost over time due to a variety of reasons… this was in a way along the same vein as Xuan Mo wanting to transmigrate into the past to learn about dinosaurs.

Ye Zhen Zhen was very befuddled and very speechless…

“Then, is there anything else you’d want to do…” Another girl beside them asked dryly in hopes of receiving a more interesting answer. “Anything else that is… more interesting.” 

Xuan Mo thought for a moment before she smiled, it was a beautiful smile: “I’d want to transmigrate into the future, into a time when intergalactic civilizations come into existence.”

“…intergalatic civilisations? What’s that?” The first thing that came into their minds were cultivators transcending the mortal realm. 

“Idiot, that means when humans can travel the galaxy.” One of the guys replied glumly.

“Oh.” The girls weren’t particularly interested in this topic… why, because there weren’t a lot of novels about aliens being handsome guys, because there were no references authors could draw from. “Why?”

“Because you can travel to other planets.” Xuan Mo’s eyes were shining. 

The girls shook their heads silently. What a strange girl, her brain works different, so were the things she said. 

Ah Kah asked Lu Yu Chen: “I heard your sis is studying aerospace materials?”


“No wonder, your sis is literally the definition of applying what you learn! Even her dream is related to her major!”

None of them expected their tour at the Imperial Palace to end up becoming a mass braincannon session. Xuan Mo after realising that she didn’t have a lot of common topics with them ended up going off on her own. As she walked, she reached out to slowly trace the ancient walls and the various halls in the palace. 

They all said that the strong impression of history would envelop you when you entered the Imperial Palace, and that it was majestically magnificent, yet depressing and heavy at the same time. 

Xuan Mo thought that she’d feel the same thing as another other person would. After touching the plain-looking wall for a while though, she suddenly felt a tug of attraction. The feeling that seeped through her palms was very faint, as though the attractive force between two magnets, yet imposing and pressuring at the same time. 

She sighed softly and took two steps to her side. She looked at the wall, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. 

She surveyed the surroundings and took two more steps, reaching out to touch the door of the hall. 

The feeling was there again, but thicker and more obvious this time; the attractive force was stronger too, as though desperately wanting to pull her towards it. 

The reined intensity was the power of history. Scorpio had her fair share of ups and downs in the past. Having served a long time in the high position she was in, only some of the items contained within high pressure cabinets in the Coaliton Museum could exert such a pressure on Xuan Mo. 

Such a force exuded only from items that had been through a lot, and withstood a very long passage of time, as though a wise elderly armed with the vicissitudes of life, or a battle-hardened general with least hundreds of wars under his or her belt. This was a stressful force, and one that would draw you closer. 

Xuan Mo sighed, suddenly realising that this place wasn’t as boring as she’d originally thought it was. Although she wasn’t interested in lil four or lil eight, and wasn’t drawn by the blood boiling historical happenings, this discovery was something she found interesting and to her liking. It was as though she finally found a rival that could match up to her ability, or a wise and erudite elderly. In fact, to a certain extent, she found the faint pressure very welcoming, and as a result a little less lonely after coming to realise its existence. 

“Mo Mo! What are you doing?” Lu Yu Chen found her and walked over from the other side. When he saw her touching the wall while stoning, he walked over to touch the door too. “What did the door do to you? Still not done feeling it up?”

Xuan Mo dropped her hands: “What is it?”

“We’re heading off soon, we can take a look at the antique market before eating… the whole lot of them are waiting for me to treat them… sorry about all the extra people today, did it bother you?”


“…” Lu Yu Chen touched his nose. 

“Let’s go.” Xuan Mo walked out first. 

Outside, the bunch of them had already gathered. In fact, some of them were already complaining to Lu Yu Chen: “Brother Yu, why antique market, let’s go sing instead! Only old people shop at the antique market… you might even get scammed there.”

“You guys can follow it you want, I’m bringing Xuan Mo over anyway.” Lu Yu Chen was not convinced. 

“Hohhh, why there…” Some of them starting hooting and laughing at his persistence. 

The lot of them walked, dispersed, each at their own speed. Lu Yu Chen brought Xuan Mo along with him, leading the way. He was silent for a while before asking: “Mo Mo, do you have any accessory that you like in particular?”


“Enh, like necklaces or whatever.”


“…let’s take a look later then, I heard the jade pendants they sell there are pretty helpful and do actually bless the person wearing it, much better than the kind that’s sold in shops, the ones in shops are all dead jade, useless.”

“Do you think I need one?”

“I don’t think you need one.” Lu Yu Chen said earnestly, “my lil sis is the prettiest, you don’t need to wear anything else!” 

“Enh, so.”

“But we shouldn’t be too plain either, how can my sis not wear any accessory!”


“And a little rigid.”


“Or perhaps I should say, you should smile more… do you remember the picture I showed you last time? You look really pretty when you smile.”


“…you want to hit me don’t you.”

Xuan Mo turned to look at him expressionlessly: “No.”

“You’re always expressionless when you lie.”

“Lu Yu Chen, what did you eat at the police academy? What guts you have now.”

“Hehe…” Lu Yu Chen scratched his head before he suddenly pointed ahead, “we’re here!” 

“Enh.” Xuan Mo looked at the inconspicuous street before she turned to ask Lu Yu Chen, “do you have combat class?”

Lu Yu Chen paused before a shiver slithered down his spine: “Eh, we haven’t started, we’re still learning theory.”

Xuan Mo smiled, her expression sincere as she walked ahead: “You’re too free, I’ll give you some combat lessons.”

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Translator’s Note:

also, it’s my birthday today hehe >W<

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