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Chinese New Year eve was a joyous occasion for Mashan village. In fact, almost everyone was out and about celebrating. Though some of them were financially well off enough to afford apartments, they still held old traditions close to their hearts as they went around toasting their neighbours and giving out red packets. Nowadays, even people living in villages were well-to-do; they would bring along with them a huge stack of notes and a stash of brand new red packets, ready to distribute them to every child they see along the way. While they did so, they didn’t forget to stuff them a handful of auspicious candy as well. And so, children running around holding red packets and candy was a common sight in the village.

Everyone thought that the Xuan family only had two kids. And so, after knocking at their courtyard gate and opening the door to three kids had many of them pausing in surprise. After which, they would whip around and stuff a brand new red packet at lightning speed before handing a total of three red packets over. While Xuan Mo was expressionless, her exquisite appearance and demeanour made her look young. Not only so, her mother also had much fun stuffing her into a very dollish, traditional and furry outfit. Her lean figure and the auspicious outfit she had on made her out to appear incredibly likeable.

Xuan Mo didn’t put much thought into the things that she wore. Also because her mother owned a clothing brand so she couldn’t possibly allow her daughter to walk around dressed poorly. Despite so, when Xuan Mo went out wearing what her mother made her wear, something felt incredibly off. Firstly, she didn’t see anyone else dressed as brightly and redly as she did. Not only so, she found that she became the centre of attraction – everyone she walked past would turn to look at her, even the bunch of chickens that she’d passed would turn and glance at her more frequently than usual… this made the incredibly mental-energy-sensitive Marshall Xuan particularly unrestful and but she couldn’t quite seem to place her finger on what was off exactly.

It was indeed quite a scene to see a young girl dressed up as adorably joyously as Xuan Mo did as she followed behind her older cousins as they visited their neighbours. What’s even better was that whenever she was around, brother Bang and his raucous company of friends would be nowhere to be seen. Seeing how her existence made life so much easier, everyone welcomed her even more.

Ma Yue brought his little sister around doing visits as per instructed. During which, he gave the rice wine that their grandfather had made himself popular among the people in the village. His grandfather was good with his hands, so making cuisines like these were right up his alley. Be it rice wine or preserved duck, he’d always be able to make it taste better than others.

The adults on the other hand were socialising with each others’ relatives and friends, and so, the younger ones became the ideal candidates to send gifts such as cured duck and rice wine out. Not only so, the few dozens of families located in the village had been living together for the longest time and were well-acquainted with each other, and so, not a single one of them must be left out. While a single cured duck wasn’t much, then ducks weighed quite a fair bit. On top of that, they needed to lug the jars of rice wine. Usually these tiring errands were always quite a trouble for the two younger ones.

This year however, they had no issue transporting these gifts.

Dumbfounded, Ma Yue watched as Xuan Mo held a chain of twenty ducks on one hand and grabbed six jars of rice wine on the other hand while she followed after them, not appearing at all exhausted. Dressed in bright red with a cheongsam-styled skirt and black underpants topped off with a red embroidered satin cap and fur-lined satin boots, Xuan Mo the centre of attention as she walked. What was even more surprising than her attire was the things she had in her hands. Everything she’s holding probably weighed even more than her entire being.

“Xuan Mo… you, you good with all that?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 119 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo continued walking, not at all affected. She raised her chin: “This family next?”

“Enh enh.”

“Knock the door.”

Ma Yue nodded his head numbly. When he walked over to the door, he inhaled deeply and howled: “Happy Chinese New Year! The God of Wealth is here! Quickly open your door and receive the new year’s blessings!”

The door was immediately opened. A smiling middle-aged woman stuffed them some snacks: “Aye isn’t it Xuan family’s little ones, come in come in, come have a drink.”

“It’s okay aunt, we’re here to send you our rice wine and cured duck.” As Ma Yue spoke, he took a set of cured duck and a jar of rice wine from Xuan Mo. The ones that him and Ma Ting Ting had been holding were the first to be given out. And that was all because Xuan Mo told them they seemed to have a difficult time holding, and that they should give out the ones they were holding first, and that she was fine…

While the middle-aged woman received the cured duck and rice wine happily, her eyes were on Xuan Mo. At that, she exclaimed in shock: “Aye, Ma Yue, is this your little sister?”


“This… this strength… aye, what a pretty girl…” The middle-aged aunt couldn’t bear to praise what great strength this little girl had, and so she could only settle on flattering her appearance. After she did, she realised that this little girl indeed was quite pretty. And so, she couldn’t help herself anymore, “aye, you really do look like your little aunt (referring to Xuan Mo’s mother), how pretty! Very pretty!”

Xuan Mo didn’t give any shy smile… she probably would have hoped that she would be praised for her strength instead…

Ma Yue and Ma Ting Ting had gotten accustomed to hearing this after all this while. They quickly bid their farewell and brought Xuan Mo off to the next house.

After running around for the better half of the night, the Spring Festival Gala program playing on the TV was already halfway through by the time they returned. There were quite a number of aunts and uncles from the neighbourhood in their house chatting as they ate. Ma Yue and Ma Ting Ting were dying from their sore arms backs and cramping less, and so they immediately dashed for the food to replenish the lost energy. Xuan Mo on the other hand grabbed a chair and sat herself down in front of the TV before watching the program earnestly.

The number of people that would actually watch the Spring Festival Gala seriously was decreasing. After all, the quality of the program had been dropping as the years went by; it was really unbearable to watch it these days…

If the personnels in charge of the program were to know that they have such a serious and earnest member of the audience, they’d probably be so excited they might just faint from joy.


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