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Amidst gasps of surprise, Xuan Mo’s instructions continued: “Link me up with the self-defense system, C13, allow me access to control your exterior attack system from far. F9, start setting out for expedition, set off in your eleven-thirty direction and stop after one minute twenty-four seconds. During which continue setting up your troops in the base. T7 patrol the surrounding after sending out your scouts. Confirm the last enemy’s location.”

Ah La Lei was T7. After his scouts had made a few rounds, he said: “The enemy is T1, I was discovered.”

“Enh, then B12 don’t need to be sacrificed, T7 you prepare to do it instead.”

The two teams had already made their first encounter in the game. Xuan Mo’s arranged things such that they would be able to attack the identified enemies from afar. The enemies were losing in the battles that had broken out. Xuan Mo’s team on the other hand saw their points rising gradually. The audience once again saw a scene they were familiar with, this was something they saw often in their recorded gameplay. Thunder team always fought with an incomplete setup; some bases had no infantry troops, other bases were filled with only that, some bases were armed to the teeth with aircraft cannons but had zero fortresses, other bases would be circled tightly with only fortresses and without a single long-range weapon in their base.

They were very unlike other teams where every base was complete with all sorts of equipment and had everything they needed…

Despite so, it was still Thunder team that struck down like lightning, swift and shocking, as they clinched victory every time.

This was also why there were people who’d travel across the country just to watch them live at the Workers Cultural Palace, and why the number of people spectating this game was increasing steadily.

People tended to skip the preparation and only joined to watch when they figured the actual battle was going to begin. However, this phenomenon doesn’t occur when Thunder team was the one playing.

By now, the battle had already begun; Thunder team was the one that started it off with a blast from a long-range cannon. Within fifteen minutes, their points had shot up and quickly exceeded the points their opponents had collated from their battle preparation.

The BZ however weren’t an easy bunch. The advantage of setting up your own base meant that each base had a strong foundation, and so, the few cannons that shot their way barely affected them. After settling on who’s attacking who, Xuan Mo gave out the instructions calmly to continue the attack.

“F9, remain behind and set up a man-made base, three fleets, and send them in your nine, seven and twelve o’clock direction to block the enemy. C13, continue the long-range attack. T7, keep transporting aircrafts to F9’s space base. B12, start the electronic interference and spread out, keep a low profile and make sure your defense system is up. Release the e-bomb, remotely control the explosion.”

They were stretched thin with only one fleet on each side. Very quickly, they weren’t able to handle the enemies’ attacks. Just as the audience thought that their defenses were about to collapse, the four additional fleets descended where aid was needed. Very quickly, they destroyed the enemy’s aircrafts.

It was Xuan Mo’s fleet. She had been busy building her base while dishing out instructions. Her base had always been the most well-prepared out of everyone in her team and had everything that she needed… well it can’t be helped given her incredible speed after all.

“F9 fleet, destroy the opponent’s F1 and T1 base with me. B12, prepare your e-bomb to explode in one minute’s time. T7 end your transport, prepare to shoot scattered aircraft cannons, wait for my instructions. “

Push two opponent bases, was it really that easy… the screen tracked the two players and followed as they chased down the opponent’s main troops and finished them off. They seemed to have endless cards up their sleeves. Not only so, self-explosions sounded endlessly as well, destroying the enemies instantly. In the end, they really managed to clear the two bases within five minutes.

The audience at the Palace had been riled up since long ago. But given Xuan Mo’s earlier command, none of them dared to make noise; reining their excitement in was really making them want to explode. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 118 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xuan Mo’s tone on the other hand remained the same throughout: “Other than F9, all the remaining troops follow me, kill upon sight, don’t worry about exhausting your resources, we’ll only bump into some of their scattered troops. T7, you should be bumping into C3’s main troops. You won’t be able to defeat them, so just hold out for one minute, we’re arriving behind you. If you can’t last for that long, regardless of whether we are in sight, self-explode. B12, begin shooting scattered aircraft cannons, change the bomb setting to self-explode.”

Suddenly, there were some people among the audience that realised something: “Something’s wrong, Abu’s only been working on a total of four bases including herself, where’s the last one? Let me see… it’s A7 planet… my god…”

The audience had completely overlooked planet A7. Tan Lu En was the one in charge of the planet, and had been enthusiastically setting up with only occasional instructions from Xuan Mo. The other four players on the other hand had been running all over slaughtering the enemy, shielding his existence very well. By now, he’d amassed a terrifying amount of troops. After all, he’d spent much more time building his base compared to everyone else.

While the four bases were able to cover for each other with their impeccable teamwork, their teams had less arms than the opponent after all. The opponent had three fully-equipped bases left, so they had some difficulty holding out. Xuan Mo wasn’t worried though; she brought her teammates as they charged, using guerrilla warfare. After a few minutes, the four of them cooperated and though one of their own bases almost self-exploded, they finally managed to outlast one of the opponent bases.

“T7 return and repair. The remaining two follow me, F9 is preparing to self-explode. When their damage intake is above seventy-five percent, self-explode after counting down from ten.”

Self-explode… someone in the audience exclaimed. Didn’t they still have A7 up their sleeves? Can’t they just send all the troops from A7? Why were they self-exploding, that would only deduct their points!

Unlike the audience, none of the players in the Thunder team had any objections and they carried out the instructions firmly.

Very quickly, two players went up against the enemy. One of them self-exploded, and they managed to push one enemy base. The enemy had one last base left; they’d also lost a member.

Though the outcome was set as stone, the last enemy base after all had a lot more time to build their base. Not only so, because of the attack, they had also installed emergency infrastructures so they were much more prepared than the rest. Hence before A7 arrived, even with Xuan Mo and B12 working together, they only managed to shave off a little bit of health after a long time.

“A7, your turn now.” Xuan Mo said plainly. She released her mouse, “just attack however you like, if you want you can also take the time to do some practice.”

And so, the remaining players on the Thunder team went all out with the tactics and whatever they had on their hand, they fought the opponent one after another to tire him out, then went around with guerilla warfare… the last enemy base self-exploded in the end.

Thunder team clinched victory with excellent combat-readiness, losing only one base.

When the battle ended, Xuan Mo stopped speaking. She closed the game off swiftly and stood, turning to leave.

The hall was quiet for a moment before everyone started applauding. Cheers erupted as well, with some from the audience exclaiming what an exciting and satisfying battle that had been.

A lot people in the audience actually only came down to watch because of the enthic conflict with the opponent team, and just wanted to see the BZ getting trashed. The moment the game began however, and when abu’s clear and cold voice sounded, all these conflicts and whatnot instantly dissolved. The only thing’s left was her voice reverberating in the hall. Though they weren’t able to figure out what she had been plotting with her setup nor could they catch up to how fast her mind processed the battle, they submerged themselves in this surreal feeling and her incredible strength – it’d felt as though this was a war that happened in those sci-fi movies.

This kind of mindblowing shock was something you won’t be able to feel if you were in the game; only a spectator could experience this.

“Worthy of the commander from hell indeed.” Someone mumbled into the mic, speaking aloud the same thought that reverberated in everyone’s hearts.


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