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“I can’t do it.”

I backed away from the edge, bumping into Jesse. His warm breath caressed my neck as he leaned in and brushed a curl off my face. “You said it ‘wasn’t a biggie’.”

I inhaled sharply.

“What happened to that?” His smothering voice sent my pulse scrambling. I blinked at his words, trying to shake off his persuasion.

“That was before!” I protested weakly, trying to sway myself more than him.

“Too much of a scaredy-cat after all?” I could almost hear the grin in his tone.

I stiffened.


I glanced back in time to catch another dark grin; this one seemed to dare me to do it.

“Last chance, Rae.” He whispered into my ear, sending shudders rippling through my body.

There was a count of silence; I could almost hear my blood roaring in my ears.

“I’m scared.” I admitted pathetically, clinging on to his shirt behind.

“I’ll catch you, I promise,” he murmured into my hair. “Don’t you trust me?”

“I do,” I swallowed. “It’s me I don’t trust.”

“We’re not even that high up, Rae.”

I shook my head stubbornly; I was not taking another step forward.

“Fine.” He let go of a sigh. “You like amusement parks?”

“I—what?” I blinked at the sudden change of subject.

“Roller coasters?”

“I… guess so?”

“Well then,” he grinned, “enjoy the ride.” With that, he shoved me off the edge.

A scream tore its way out of my throat as my foot slipped off the roof.

I plummeted down the hundred feet drop; air whistled past my ear, my stomach clenched in fright. Tears blurred the background into a mess of grey, a stark contrast against the seemingly illuminated dawn backdrop as I plunged downwards.

I really don’t want to die young.

A swish of air swept past me. Jesse dived after me, his regal wings unfurling in a majestic gleam of white. With a single swoop, he caught me by the elbow and swept me into his arms, his wings stretching out in an arc.

Breathless, I clung on to his shirt again, only tighter this time, my breath hitching as tears threatened to spill out.

“I got you.” His charcoal eyes sparkled mischievously. “It wasn’t that bad, was it?”

“I almost died of a heart attack!” I cried, still trying to get through the shock of being pushed off a building. “I’m never trying that again!” My voice wobbled as I tried to blink my tears away.

“Don’t cry, Rae. Shit I’m sorry.” He pressed his lips against my cheek, kissing the tear away.

“I’m not crying.” I sniffed as he quirked an eyebrow. “I’m not!” I buried my in the crook of his neck, praying fervently he didn’t notice the blush creeping up my neck. I pressed myself closer to him, suddenly appreciating the warmth emitted from his heavenly glow.

“Okay,” he grinned down at me playfully. “But it wasn’t that bad, was it?”



A/N: one of my fav <3

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