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‘Set me on fire.’

She shivers, not from his breathy whispers caressing her ears, but from the subzero glaze of his icy words through her wounds.

They sting, worse than nettles.

‘And let’s burn together,’ he pauses, ‘in hell.’

‘No.’ She inches back, shrinking further in as he steps forward to match her pace. ‘That’s not a place for you.’ She mumbles, softly as though reminding herself rather than him.

He hears her. ‘Yes.’ He insists, and leans in, knowing full well how hard her heart is beating, because his, too, is thrumming away, a little too vivaciously to be healthy.

‘It is.’ He repeats. Eating up the space between them, he is close enough to see the ginger red dusting her pale cheeks in the darkness of the night.

‘You… Don’t, Rye.’ Her butterfly lashes trembles, as though fragile enough to evaporate with a touch—his touch.

She knows he’s tempting her, playing with her feelings. And she trying to hold her gaze down, because one glance into his eyes and she knows she’ll all but drown in that mesmerising swirl.

‘Minh, what are you waiting for?’ He breathes into her ear.

His eyes glitters in mirth as she flinches at their newly refreshed proximity. He is almost flat against her save for the tantalisingly thin column of space buffering his touch from her.

Brows pulls together, her eyes dart desperately past him, searching for a way out of his lock.

‘Where are you looking?’ Cool fingers grips her chin, and he tips her face up, silently marvelling at the smooth feeling of her burning skin.

Heartbeat spiking, she squeezes her eyes shut, not daring to open them in fear she sinks into his luring temptation.

She does not dare delve into the thoughts of bringing him along with her. Because, she knows she wants that too much.

Too, too much.

But Hell, isn’t a very friendly place to visit. Especially for humans. She will not risk him, or so she is led to believe.

Chilly fingers tracing her lips jerks her from her thoughts, and she pulls away from his grasp. He acknowledges her futile attempt, lips titling into a grin verging on wolfish.

‘Almost.’ He muses, staring at her crystal earrings dangling from her earlobe. Whenever the black crystallite dyes red, she loses control. And that is exactly what he wants.

‘Rye, stop it.’ Her burning fingers reaches up to grip his hands holding her chin, and he shivers from her touch.

Her eyes glassy from tears misting her lids, she stares at his chest. ‘Rye. Don’t do this, please don’t—’

His lips drown her words.

Her dangling crystal bleeds a bloody red, and a sizzling dark flame engulfs them.




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