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No matter how beside themselves with worry some people were trying to recruit this person, Xuan Mo’s second semester officially began, and as usual, the start of the evil was flagged off by the start of examinations.

After English paper was the wicked Math. After an hour after receiving the paper, Fang Zhi (their Math teacher) called her out to talk.

“You’re probably done with your paper right, I have something to discuss with you.”


“You know there’s course streaming in high school year two right?”

“…” No, Xuan Mo hadn’t heard anything about that. She had no impression of this course streaming in her memory garage, oh but there was something about determining if you’re doing the science stream of the humanities stream.

“You probably will choose science right.” Fang Zhi asked in confidence. He even had to hold his tongue from blurting the second part of the sentence — your language marks were dreadful…

Xuan Mo wasn’t one to confirm something she still wasn’t sure about, so she kept her silence.

Fang Zhi saw it as a silent confirmation instead. As such, he immediately continued: “I received a notice two days ago that National Defence University was recruiting female students. Same requirements as males, you need to be a science student, pass the national check and fitness test and have a recommendation letter from the school.

He really wanted to see some reaction from Xuan Mo so he paused. Unfortunately, nothing showed on her face.

“These types of opportunities are usually what our students get. With your grades, as long as you pull up your English marks, I really don’t see an issue with you getting a guaranteed slot from the universities. Of course, you can also also apply for universities abroad with affiliated high schools through our school. Or if you want to try something unconventional, and join the National Defence University, you don’t need to worry about getting recommendation letters. Based on your performance last year during military training, you seem pretty fit too, and you’re not myopic…”

“So I can apply immediately after I register for Science stream?”

“Eh, of course you’ll need a high school graduation cert to apply.”

“That’s two years later, what are you trying to get across telling me now?”

“…” Fang Zhi clenched his teeth, asking, “I just wanted to ask you, do you wish to go?”

“What does that have anything to do with you?”

Her words almost had Fang Zhi choking to death. He really wanted to howl at her with a black face; who the hell did she think she was! Exactly what kind of creature was this!

Though the person in front of her seemed very calm, her mental powers were telling her his blood was pulsing through his entire body, and the gush of blood flow towards his head was increasing his heartbeat, and that it was very possible that the person in front of her may just very well faint.

But she didn’t get it, how could this not puzzle her?

She did understand that this was Fang Zhi reminding her to seize the opportunity in front of her and work towards a goal…

But she was very confused; her head was in a mess. She’d always worked hard on her own, cultivated on her own, but suddenly one day, she was called out for a chat and was told by someone to update him on what plans she had in mind, that she was suitable to be a soldier but she could take things into her own hands and decide for herself, and that he would prepare everything necessary for her to go down her desired route… make your choice, youth!

She had space to grow freely and could proceed as she wished; no one who gave her a goal, nor was there any who told her to grasp which opportunities. She wasn’t one to stop in her tracks just because she didn’t have a so-called goal in mind; in Scorpio, everyone had one goal, and that was honour.

Now though, Fang Zhi’s words thoroughly puzzled her. What exactly did he want her to do saying all these? Seize the opportunity to go to Nat Def Uni? Choose to accept the guaranteed placement? And then?

The blue planet was indeed small, but it’s pretty large for a normal human being. Out of the entire universe, was this perhaps the only future a high-schooler would be considering?

The chat ended in unhappiness.

After the two-day examinations ended, lessons started. Xuan Mo had long forgotten Fang Zhi’s words, but didn’t expect news to spread so easily.

“I heard Xuan Mo’s family is rich…”

“You can tell just by looking at her, she’s wearing branded items from head to toe, and that laptop, my bro said it was thirty grand…”

“Say, is her family…”

“Who knows, she’s rich and does well in school, she’s defo gonna be a high-flyer in the future. Pity my family isn’t rich and don’t have status…” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 97 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Have you not seen how proud she is, so what if she does well in school, the teachers don’t like her. Fang Zhi’s probably the only one that treats her as though she’s his own daughter. And just look at the delinquent friends she hangs with. I heard she’s completely addicted to some online game with the who from class thirteen!”

“Save it, her background is strong enough as it is, you think she can’t pull strings if she needs you, just get over it, calm bro, stay calm.”

“Urgh, how annoying!”

Xuan Mo had already developed immunity to the gossip around her. Despite so, she still found it difficult to understand, especially the unfinished sentence, what was it that they were trying to get across? What did connections mean? And what did it have anything to do with Fang Zhi? She’s pretty such she didn’t do anything for him…”

What’s all this, really!

Usually, hot topics would float for four to five days before it would die down. It’s already been a month and the first round of monthly tests were starting, yet the topic not only did not die down, but raged on more ferociously than ever, and it seemed to be increasing in intensity even. Not only so, with the strange provocations from a few girls and their boiling animosity towards her, even strangers or students Xuan Mo had never interacted much with would look at her in an unfriendly manner.

Two days before the monthly test, Tuesday afternoon, when students were returning to their classrooms after lunch to revise, Tang Jing Ze came looking for Xuan Mo. When Xuan Mo walked out to meet him, it created a whole new wave of commotion.

Many of the girls turned to look at Yi Hai Lan before delving back into their hushed chatters.

Yi Hai Lan’s expression didn’t change. He continued working on his questions. No matter who it was, no one would be able to handle such a situation for an entire semester — after all, it had been a one-sided thing and the other party had been rejected before. Honestly, he didn’t know how he felt towards Xuan Mo. He didn’t like how she was like in the past. The Xuan Mo now wasn’t exactly the type he’d go for either, but they were childhood friends after all, and he knew that she used to have a crush on him for many years and later had even confessed, so he’d always thought that she was his girl for some reason. The situation had him more confused than ever too so he tried his best and didn’t plan to take the outcome as seriously. Now that he saw Xuan Mo walking out to meet Tang Jing Ze, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed.

Tang Jing Ze and Xuan Mo were only acquaintances, but for some reason, he felt that Xuan Mo was a person that was very easy to interact with, so things felt natural: “Xuan Mo, are you using your com tonight?”


“Y’now, exams are round the corner, we can’t leave the campus without special permission, but I want to watch a match… an e-sport competition.”



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