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On the floor, Brother Bang’s head was bleeding from slamming against the wall, yet strangely, he was still conscious and was moaning in the corner. However with Xuan Mo standing there blocking the way, no one dared to approach him, and that included her not-very-reliable cousins as well.

“…you still beat ‘em up didn’t you, is the guy still alive?” Lu Yu Chen sounded exasperated.

“Due to your reminder, he’s still alive.” Xuan Mo was calm. She’d protected the important parts in Brother Bang’s head so even if he looked as though he’d been pointed and shot at by an AK47, the most damage he’d get out of this was a mild concussion. But he’d probably need to shave off all his hair to attend to the wounds.

“…alright then.” Lu Yu Chen knew that Xuan Mo was very honest. At that, he immediately puffed up, “ahaha, it’s still worth it to listen to what I say no, ahahaha.”

“After all, he’s a blue planet being.” Xuan Mo’s reply was loaded.

Within the same day, Xuan Mo participated in two battles that had her shooting to fame: firstly, as the dark horse commander who brought an unknown team and conquered even the seed teams, planting their team firmly at fourth place on the leaderboards, shocking the entire nation, and secondly, in real life, as a violent, cold and sexy girl K.O.-ing the gangster head Brother Bang in a minute, with a strategy so complicated that she had all the youths in Mashan town intimidated…

And so, under the strange yet flattering looks from she was receiving from both her elder cousins for the past three days, the huge crowd outside when she stayed would always disperse itself the moment she walked out the door.

This town was so tiny you’d bump into someone just by taking a stroll outside. The girl was way too young, and it’d seem too cowardly for him to dye his hair back just because he felt intimidated. And so, the Caleians continued with his domineering ways, just that the moment a certain Scorpion being appeared, he’s nowhere to be seen.

Sometimes, Xuan Mo wondered if this means that she had indirectly won against the Caleian civilisation?

As expected, this was probably how the real Caleians would react if they were to engage in battle with the Scorpions — run at first sight. As a pest of an existence, they would be equipped with natural instincts of pests in order to survive.

The only change was Brother Bang. The boy had a huge gash on his head, and had to shave off all his hair to get it sewn back up.

He looked like a lightbulb, standing in front of Xuan Mo with his head all bandaged up and a fake smile: “Good for you, you did well. Just wait, you’re dead meat sooner or later.”

Ma Yue sighed internally behind. He lived here in Mashan town. Though he had retained in school before, his family was strict and his grandparents paid a lot of attention to their education, so he was pretty afraid of Brother Bang. If he bumped into him, he’d definitely flatter him and puff him up even if he’d never found him worth his time and looked down on him. But now, he’s even more disdainful of him. How tactless could he get really. How old was Xuan Mo? And yet she was able to grip him up and slam him against the wall, who did he think he was? If they were to clash, he’d be the one on the floor… and he still had the guts to run over here to threaten her. He must be real tired of living.

Without his intensely coloured hair, Xuan Mo wasn’t cold nor rude to Brother Bang. She granted him a disdainful smile instead: “You want me to wait? Why should I?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 96 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

After which, she pulled her luggage and boarded the car. It was the fourth day of the lunar new year, and Xuan Mo’s mother was heading back to visit her friends.

Unbeknownst to her, in northern China, a bunch of people were worrying their asses off because of her.

Country Z National Defence University, outside a small classroom at the information tech faculty, a few people muttered: “Boss, are they still watching the clip?”

“Enh, they’ve already seen it multiple times, they must be sick of it no matter how exciting it is.”

“That’s why you’re not the boss, haha!”

“Psh… you can’t handle it either…”

“Say, Warlord Zhong said to investigate this abu person, is he trying to…”

“That’s… definitely for sure! Isn’t that brat from military faculty super smart, Warlord Zhong loved him, and he got everything he wanted, be it clothes or food, even when he was in the hospital he sent him a helper to look after him, yet in the end, the guy still ran off to side with the US.”

“‘Nuff! If Warlord Zhong hears this, you’re dead meat!”

“I’m just saying… aye, they finally came out!”

The classroom door opened and out walked two middle-aged people and three students; all of them had grave expressions as they discussed.

“The sacrifice abu made in the last battle was all planned. His location allowed him to come up with such a strategy, and he’d began setting up the battlefield since the very beginning; everything, from the start to the end, was within his plan, even if something went off, he could still continue on with the strategy. His military prowess is terrifying, and may have long exceeded…” One of the middle-aged person didn’t continue, and instead turned to glance gingerly at the other person.

“It’s fine. He’s definitely exceeded him.” The other middle-aged person had a poor expression but agreed with the person that spoke before.

“Are we going to make a request to recruit the person?”

“We ought to try. Who knows how many others have noticed this person.”

“Then, Tang Jun…”

The youth who was called nodded: “Enh, I will give it my best. We have already done preliminary investigations, but the location seems to be an internet cafe, so we didn’t continue.”

“Continue, do it well. We don’t lack anything but talents!”




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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

A/N: I think, it’s very possible that Xuan Mo skips high school all together…
T/N: that’s the author’s note on top ^




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