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As though expected, the sales person immediately placed the jacket into the bag as well.

Xuan Mo only then realised that the price of the two suit jackets she’d casually agreed to buy was not any less expensive than the leather jacket from previously. But she’d already grown numb to Lu Yu Chen’s joyful spending spree. After Lu Yu Chen swiped his card and keyed his pin, Tan Lu En took the shopping bags over.

With that, the three of them left the store. Though it was only the first store they entered in the entire shopping mall, the didn’t stay very long in fear of annoying Xuan Mo.

The entire mall was packed with people. Xuan Mo sat herself down on a lounge by lift and looked up at them innocently.

She really felt that what these two guys needed was to be freed from her shackles and burden.

Lu Yu Chen and Tan Lu En having felt her evident shift in attitude smiled bitterly. It is perhaps only when they’re out with Xuan Mo will their gender roles switch.

Lu Yu Chen stomped forward and pulled her up: “Get up!”

Xuan Mo raised a brow in disdain: “For what?”

“We’re getting clothes!”

Xuan Mo swept a look at the countless bags they had in their hands, looking down even more: “Your hands are already full. You’re still shopping?”

“Get up! We’re pumping young adults no! Finding strength to hold shopping bags is not an issue!” Lu Yu Chen howled in vigorous youth.

Behind him, Tan Lu En revealed a pure smile.

The streams of information were large when there were many people around, so Xuan Mo kept her mental net small unless otherwise necessary. And so, she placed the target of her attention on the two guys crazed from shopping and a radius of five metres around her. She was already experienced, getting dragged around like a puppet, that is, to satisfy these two mad guys’ desire to dress up.

Though Xuan Mo grew in height, she still had an appearance of a lolita. Tan Lu En was close to Lu Yu Chen so he was pretty chill about slinging an arm around him, but that wasn’t the case with Xuan Mo. Having gone through all this while though, he found himself gradually learning more about her character, and hence discarded his ill at ease as he started joking with them.

When Lu Yu Chen once again handed Xuan Mo a hooded scarf that came with a mask, and things like a fluffy hat topped off with two long rabbit ears, Tan En Lu remarked: “Ah Chen, you tryna raise a lolita?”

Lu Yu Chen, not giving a damn about Tan Lu En, continued appreciating the view. Ever since the time when Xuan Mo saved him, and became extremely badass and cool, he wondered if his little sister was now all fiery and longer bully-able. Who would have known that she’d be so cool-headed as though completely opinionless about it, and would obediently wear the clothes he picked out for her as long as they weren’t too much.

Xuan Mo on the other hand however was only accommodating him as changing clothes at such a high frequency was rather novel. Of course it’ll be a different story after the novelty wears off.

Lu Yu Chen had gotten Xuan Mo changed from head to toe, turning her into a lolita doll. Beneath the high-waisted lake blue woollen coat was a black leggings delineated with rose patterns. She had a thick pair of honey snow uggs on, and the hooded scarf with rabbit ears…

“I never knew my lil sis can be this adorable!” Lu Yu Chen howled at the sky. Xuan Mo only had three types of gazes — a cold and bland gaze, a cold and unfeeling gaze… And an innocent gaze…

With her current daze clouding her eyes was mistaken as innocence, her cuteness was enough slay a wave of people.

Even the self-proclaimed to be experienced and knowledgeable Lu Tan En’s eyes glinted. He hooked Lu Yu Chen’s shoulders: “Ah Chen, you cover me when we’re out of school, but in school, I’ll cover your sis, haha!”

Lu Yu Che chuckled sinisterly. He wasn’t sure how capable Tan Lu En was, but he knew that he definitely would not be stronger than Xuan Mo. This cynical and arrogant guy, he should really dig him a hole for him to get a taste of what tripping and falling feels like!

After they turned past a female shop was a shop that sold hiking equipment. Seeing how it was what guys liked the most, Xuan Mo sat down by one side while the two of them rushed up.

Xuan Mo quickly learnt that the best use of her time was stoning and cultivating, or tidying the information she’s receiving from the environment. The human traffic within the mall was extremely large, so the information volume naturally would be incredible. She desperately struggled to grab and absorb information that might prove to be useful for her while trying her best to prevent her brain exploding from the rapid stream of information.

The two guys fell into the grasps and temptation of the salesperson and male apparels. Figuring that they’d be taking a while, Xuan Mo lowered her head and closed her eyes, swinging her legs once in a while.

A few moments later, she opened her eyes and looked at the entrance. A tall man with shades on in the middle of winter walked in. The clothes he had on, in Lu Yu Chen’s words, was luxurious, but low-key. Following tighty after him was a girl chirping away, dragging her high voice in a coyish manner occasionally.

That was acting spoilt* wasn’t it… At that, Xuan Mo’s body fizzed with electricity.

* 撒娇 = sa jiao; to act in a coyish manner to garner favour; the phrase “acting spoilt” doesn’t quite cut it but it’s the closest equivalent

“Brother Xuan! Take a look won’t you… that dress really looks amazing.”

“It’s ugly Ling Ling, really ugly. Trust my tastes, okay?” His voice was warm very his firm tone left no room for objection.

And so, the girl called Ling Ling stopped talking. The two of them headed further into the store.

Though the heater inside the store was switched on, sitting for long periods of time did not promote blood circulation, so you’d would be cold again. A kind salesperson came over and handed her a cup of hot water, saying: “You should warm your hands, your two brothers look like they’ll be taking a while. They seem to be preparing for a trip abroad.”

Lu Yu Chen did bring up about travelling overseas during winter break to play. As for the exact location however… she couldn’t remember. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 41 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo nodded her head and took the cup of water. She only suddenly remembered after the sales person had turned and left, and said lowly: “Thanks.”

The salesperson didn’t catch her thanks. At that, Xuan Mo minced her lips… it finally occurred to her to be polite, but the person on the receiving end didn’t even acknowledge her…

A familiar person suddenly entered the sphere her mental net covered. The person surveyed the surroundings, hesitated for a moment before striding in determination towards her.

Ah Gui rubbed his eyes and looked at the transformed Xuan Mo for a long time before he confirmed that he didn’t get the wrong person. He was very puzzled and at loss though. He’d been very happy to see Xuan Mo in the beginning as he’d finally found someone to carry out the mission, but when he saw her dressed like an innocent lolita, he suddenly felt extremely uncertain about this… why did it feel like he was exploiting her for child labour… and the person was a lolita at that…

However he had no time to consider so much. He walked over and patted Xuan Mo: “Hey! Whatchu doing?”

Xuan Mo didn’t raise her head, appearing not a single bit shocked. She pointed inside the shop: “Brother, and his friend.”

“Oh, how much time do you have? Are you free now?”

Xuan Mo glanced at him.

“Aye forget it, we really need you now.”

“For what.”

“Listen to what they’re saying…”

Eavesdropping again?! Don’t they have any other jobs? For example knocking someone out or something or that sort.

Xuan Mo sat in silent objection.

“Eh, consider this an early start for your mission.” Ah Gui bent down to whisper by her ear. “That girl is the youngest daughter from a Japanese zaibatsu*, well not that you are familiar with what a zaibatsu is, anyway, she’s not particularly talented in anything but she’s one of the ten representatives from Akino Satoshi. And she hit up Cheng Ming Xuan the moment she’s here. Cheng Ming Xuan’s family business has overseas connections, and a large part of it is in Japan… do you get me?”

* 财团 = zaibatsu = Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan

Xuan Mo shook her head firmly: “How boring, aren’t you tired?”

Ah Gui sighed: “Of course I’m tired, but I’m getting paid, so a mission’s a mission… I tailed them too tightly just now. Their bodyguards seemed to have gotten a little suspicious of me so it’s inconvenient for me to follow them in. Bugging them and all that is impossible too… are you getting my drift?”

Xuan Mo raised her gaze: “I’m carrying out the mission, but what about my right to freedom? You guys ate it?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 41 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Ah Gui swallowed his anger silently: “We remember, of course we remember, and you’re getting interest on top of that, alright! Will that do!”

Xuan Mo slowly stood, patted the back of her coat and slowly entered. She didn’t need to have to move closer to listen in on what they’re saying, but with Ah Gui watching her from where he was, he might accuse her of making things up if she didn’t move.

She neared the two of them. Cheng Ming Xuan, a rich second gen and a celeb, was currently looking through the tennis rackets in attention, while Ling Ling allegedly having a “suspicious motive” pouted by the side as she texted away.

What’s there to eavesdrop on when the two of them weren’t even speaking?

Xuan Mo suddenly had the impulse to prank Ah Gui, for example asking him if he wanted to know what Ling Ling was texting about. He’d definitely be shocked if he heard that.

Ling Ling dropped a few coy acts occasionally, and wanted to go over to the female boutiques to check them out. Sometimes, Cheng Ming Xuan’s reply was hold on, other times, he’d tell her to go on her own. Ling Ling didn’t want to go on her own, so she could only follow him around.

Xuan Mo squatted by their side, staring earnestly at the tennis rackets on the lowest rack of the shelf. She examined the racket, looking from its exterior material all the way to the interior filling, analysed the ratio of gas within, then scrutinised its molecule, then particle, then quark, before Cheng Ming Xuan’s voice sounded:

“Have we met before?”


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: y’all remember Cheng Ming Xuan from Chapter 22 (Signature)? XD Also, the direct translation of the last sentence is “Little girl, have I seen you somewhere before?”, but I took out the little girl cuz the English meaning in this context is a little off and it sounds much creepier in Eng lol.

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