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T/N: please note that Zhaung Yu and Zhuang Yi are two different people, it’s not a typo


The new computer didn’t arrived the next day, so she headed out without a word after lunch. She only managed to see the vehicle as described in her notification after walking all the way out of the neighbourhood. It was a minivan with an extremely large body, akin to how a recreational vehicle (RV) was shaped like in her memories.

Upon entering the RV, she was greeted with something similar to a makeup room—there were wardrobes on her right and directly across her. The dresser on the left was placed directly opposite the wardrobe on the right. The aisle of remnant space was hence extremely narrow.

The many wirings, the screen and various items Xuan Mo was unable to identify with her existing memories made the space within the van even smaller, yet within sat four people. Before Xuan Mo could examine this mobile makeup room, Brother Sen who had been waiting for her since long ago opened the wardrobe door; there was a cramped space within the wardrobe for changing.

Zhuang Yu, donned in a formal and alluring attire, was sitting by the door, frowning and muttering to herself as she read her document under the dim light. Luo Chou sitting all the way inside was familiarising his information with another male. There was another middle-aged female sitting by the side. When she saw Xuan Mo, her eyes lit up as she exclaimed: “Wu Qi?”


She stood and circled Xuan Mo, nodding: “Enh enh, thank goodness you’re in this mission.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 22 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo looked at Brother Sen expressionlessly. They would only be briefed on the actual mission upon reaching their destination. She didn’t understand why such a simple task became so complicated. When she recalled the advent of technology in Blue Planet however, she could only grit her teeth. Let’s just treat this as child’s play then…

Brother Sen waved his hand: “Sister Zhuang Yi, help do her makeup first, I’ll brief her on her mission later.”

“Make up?” It was a rare sight to see Xuan Mo phrasing her words as a question. She turned to look at the bottles of strange liquid on the makeup dresser outside, beginning to feel unsettled. Her shell was able to take physical damage, but… she wasn’t sure if it could take chemicals.

Zhuang Yi pushed her down on the chair with ease, took the bottles and tinkered with them as she said: “We doing Look A first?”

“Enh, A.” Brother Sen nodded. He took a stack of documents and closed the separating door, saying to Xuan Mo: “We Qi, your mission during our operation this time is a little more important. Not only will you need to protect, we also need you to provide logistical support.”

When the first layer of powder was brushed onto Xuan Mo’s face, she immediately coated her face with a layer of mental protection to prevent herself from experiencing the stickiness the coat of powder made her face feel. Zhuang Yi that was applying her makeup muttered: “Your skin’s too good, how do you take care of it… I can’t even see the pores…”

What’s the use of having so many pores on the skin, won’t it leak water… Xuan Mo thought to herself. It’s not like she could perspire or ventilate with pores.

Brother Sen didn’t concern himself with what they were talking about and continued introducing: “There are quite a few targets in this mission today, so we are a little lacking in manpower. Your actual targets are indicated in the document. After our arrangement, the main target you will be looking out for today is Cheng Ming Xuan.

As he spoke, he looked at Xuan Mo discreetly–she was expressionless. How strange, her documents mentioned that she was Cheng Ming Xuan’s fan. Her lack of fervent was bad.

“Wu Qi, you will need to appear twice. You will pretend to be Cheng Ming Xuan’s fan the first time you meet him. Borrow the time when you’re asking him for an autograph to stick this on him.” Brother Sen produced a box. The box was filled with transparent studs the size of a quarter of one’s thumb; the stud was coiled with a thin thread of metal.

He grabbed a dozen, placed them in a plastic bag and handed it to Xuan Mo.

They were very tiny bugs. This was already the best the Blue Planet civilisation could do… Xuan Mo took with with a disdainful expression.

“Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get it on him. Exit and report to us, then we will arrange for you to enter for the second time. This time, you will appear as a waitress. It’s fine even if someone recognised you, just tell them this is your part-time job, and you saw Cheng Ming Xuan before you changed for your part-time job.” Brother Sen told her, “after that, you need to watch his activity and bug him the moment you can. If the people he is conversing with are not specifically identified to have been bugged then try to bug them as well, understand?”

“…enh.” Xuan Mo replied, before asking. “Didn’t you say protect, who am I protecting?”

“You’re watching Cheng Ming Xuan, who else do you think you need to protect?”

“…bug and protect?” Why did this sounds so… low… Z L T

“And Zhaung Yu, you need to protect as well if you can find the chance to. She will dance with Cheng Ming Xuan. We want to make sure they are as safe as possible. That’s all the arrangement you guys need to know.”

If Xuan Mo’s hair wasn’t being pulled by Zhuang Yi, she’d really wanted to shake her head. She could monitor all activity with the enter hundred metre radius without even trying. If she were to focus a little more, even she wouldn’t know how far more she could monitor. Yet she had to squeeze her brain juice dry trying to bug a Blue Planet being for other Blue Planet beings to listen on him…

The detour was really blood-vomitting; even if this was playing house, it shouldn’t have been so complicated. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 22 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo felt that this job was basically self-torture.

“Alright! I’m done!” Zhaung Yi patted Xuan Mo’s shoulders as she beamed. She turned and took out a set of clothes from the wardrobe, “change into this and you’re ready to go!”

Xuan Mo didn’t have any form of beauty perception, so she could only silently take the clothes to change in the changing room before exiting the room to meet everyone’s gazes.

She stood silently while she was being surrounded.

Zhuang Yu dressed in an evening gown tilted her head at her as she looked at her, before suddenly saying: “Brother Sen, Wu Qi should come over to logs, she has too much potential!”

Brother Sen hugged his chest as he smiled at Zhuang Yi: “As expected, Sister Yi, you’re as amazing as ever!”

Zhaung Yi was very satisfied. She patted Xuan Mo: “Don’t stand so straight, be a little softer and look more like a girl.”

Girls have to be soft ? Were the ancestors of Blue Planet females sea cucumbers? Xuan Mo didn’t understand, neither did she listen and stand any “soft”er. All she did was stand unmoving, allowing the others to make remarks.

“Have more emotive expressionless, you’re a lively and sunny high school girl, out for a part-time job. You like following stars like handsome guys and is infatuated with Cheng Ming Xuan… you need appear more besotted later.” Zhuang Yu reminded.

Emotive expressions, lively and sunny, likes following stars, infatuated with a Blue Planet being… appear besotted.. Xuan Mo had never so strongly felt that everything that’s happened after waking up was a mistake!


She’d only been bored and didn’t want to get on with life blindly, and she’d only wanted to look for something familiar to get some exercise… but what in the world was this, she wanted to battle! Battle! Mental powers! Armour! Mecha! Spaceship! The sound of flesh tearing! And bone breaking!

“What’s with the increasingly savage expression on your face, Wu Qi, even though your outfit does seem a little against the norm, but this is how girls nowadays liked to dress in, and you look especially good in this, trust my aesthetics! You’ll be fine!” Zhuang Yu patted Xuan Mo’s shoulders, turning around to ask, “Brother Sen, Sister Yi, can we set off yet?”

Brother Sen frowned: “Wu Qi, can you do it? Even though you’ve never been through any real systematic training, but the majority of the people we choose are able to handle such an easy mission even without training, now you can’t choke up during the such an important time.”

What did choke up mean? Xuan Mo was confused, but she didn’t ask. All she did was shake her head, not speaking.

“You’re really not speaking!” Brother Sen was glum. He turned to head towards the vehicle by the road, “let’s go. I’ll send you over. Your mission begins once you alight the car. Remember, your name is Wu Qi.”

Zhuang Yu on the other hand boarded another luxurious car. After the few of them left the RV, the vehicle drove off.

Brother Sen handed Xuan Mo some things. Among which is an undetectable ear clasp communication device. Although the security specification to this dinner was strict, it wasn’t to the standard required when national leaders are present.

“Remember, disregard the process, the outcome is the important one!”

Xuan Mo couldn’t be bothered to listen on to Brother Sen’s nagging. She’ll take all this as a game then. Even if she didn’t manage to bug that person, she was capable enough to channel all that person’s communications into that RV secretly. So other than the fact that she needed to show some expressions, everything else was as important as passing-by clouds.

Brother Sen didn’t nag her anymore after she alighted. Xuan Mo stood at the entrance of the dinner to pause before walking towards the side door as per the instructions from her earpiece. Apparently her target would be secretly entering the dinner from the side door.

Before Xuan Mo reached the side door however, she wanted to faint. What in the world, you call this secretly entering? In what way was this crowded little square called entering secretly? Did Blue Planet beings not have anything called secret? Their mobile devices were public, radiowave were public, internet was public as well, now even their so-called secret was public too!

The entire stretch from the basement parking lot, to the little square, to the side door was filled with people. The pitiful bodyguards cordoned the area off with yellow tape, while the crowd of Blue Plant females standing behind the tape holding placards that wrote Cheng Ming Xuan et cetera and words of admiration screamed in excitement.

Xuan Mo didn’t even check the area out for long before she figured out what the situation was. Hence, she slowly neared the location, asking lowly: “Entering secretly?”

Brother Sen laughed dryly: “We intentionally leaked the news so your appearance won’t seem out of the place, but who knew…”

Who knew Blue Planet beings let it slipped so easily, after a few of them knew, all the other people who needed to know would also find out, and the place became as crowded as the airport apron when a national leader was alighting.

“Ming Xuan! Ming Xuan! Xuan Xuan!” Countless people howled, their screams reverberating. The door to the underground parking lot shone, before a crew of people escorted by bodyguards headed over quickly.

“Ahhhh!” Screams, screams… Xuan Mo felt like her ears were going deaf and on top of that, her senses were way sharper than that of Blue Planet being’s…

The Blue Planet females dashed forward as though they were crazed, but the bodyguards blocking the way were surprisingly fierce; they managed to completely block out the females on both sides. The crew of people quickly walked past. Xuan Mo saw the tall male walking second in line. From the various documents she’d read, he was undoubtedly Cheng Ming Xuan.

She sighed slightly, pinching the earpiece. She started forwarded, only to be greeted with a thick wave of smell. It smelt like the deep autumn of the south and remnants of summer–sweat and body odour from their squeezing and the glare of the sun.

“I’m not doing this!” Xuan Mo was resigned, and very glum. Z L T

“Wu Qi! This is an order!” It was also very crowded where Brother Sen was at. “Squeeze in your one o’clock direction, hurry! I’ll get them to open the way for you!”

Oh? Xuan Mo raised her head to look, and the tentacles to her mental power immediately located Brother Sen. Dressed as a bodyguard, he was currently struggling against the females. His location was a little off of one o’clock. Her mouth twitched. When she saw the crew of people heading over in the twelve o’clock direction, she quickly dashed toward where Brother Sen was, elbowing and and dodging her way through the location. In a blink of an eye, she had already squeezed herself through the bunch of females and appeared by Brother Sen’s side.

“This, this…” Xuan Mo’s arrival immediately relieved some of the pressure on Brother Sen. However, he couldn’t quite believe himself because just moments ago, he saw this fragile-looking girl hesitating outside the crowd of people. How did she suddenly appear right next to him the next moment, and resist the force of all the females pressing in behind her all on her own? As expected of a military-recommended person; she was abnormally strong.

“Take note, they’re coming.” Xuan Mo on the other hand wasn’t at all surprised. Though it was so cramped it was getting confusing and she really wanted to just blast all the creatures around her away with her mental powers, she focused on the so-called order and this so-called mission in an attempt to rein in that impulse.

“Enh. Remember, I’ll be letting go in a moment. You rush over… and be more passionate!” Brother Sen reprimanded lightly. “Are there even fans like you! Do you want to kill his entire family or something? Where’s your notebook, your pen, are you ready? If you’re ready… then…”

The crew of people passed by behind Brother Sen. Brother Sen released his grip for a slightest bit and Xuan Mo seized the opportunity to slip out.

When a person suddenly popped out of nowhere onto the narrow aisle, the person in the lead after a slight shock immediately stretched his hands out like hen, protecting the person behind him. Xuan Mo ignored him. Against the background of incessant screams, the bodyguard in the lead received a shoulder-throw before Xuan Mo stretched her hand holding her notebook and pen at the person behind the bodyguard, saying: “Autograph!”

Brother Sen suddenly felt like face-palming.

He was standing just beside them. Though the females beside him screamed their heads off, he was still able to head Xuan Mo’s voice. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 22 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Rather than asking for an autograph, she seemed to have said: “Signature*!”

* 画押 = a stylized signature or a mark used in east Asia in place of a true signature


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