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Xuan Mo returned home in a daze. Just as she sighed in relief over the fact that she needn’t eat upon seeing that everyone have had their meal, she saw her mother exiting the kitchen with a tray, speaking gently: “We saw you walking over from faraway, why didn’t you let us know before coming back so quickly, at least I could’ve gotten you some food.”

Xuan Mo looked at the two plates of piping hot food before her, she could still see the electron waves it was emitting; it seemed to have just came out of the microwave. Though the food was food, it contained quite some radiation.

She disliked food that came out from the microwave very much–it was almost akin to having the food having endured through blizzard strong enough to torment planets; it brimming with something that had her mental power feeling terribly ill at ease.

When she saw the warm, gentle smile on her mother’s tired face, she minced her lips and ate the food up.

“I heard from Chen Chen that you’re entering the student council? How did it go?” Her mother watched, smiling, as Xuan Mo slowly ate. Her daughter’s change has been increasingly large ever since she attended high school. As parents, she was naturally happy, and increasingly assured as well.

It was only then did she remember about the remaining students she’d abandoned back in the classroom. She patted herself; when she found some change in her pocket instead of her phone, she recalled that Lu Yu Chen took her bag for her.

She slowly ate her food, unspeaking. Her mother thought that the meeting didn’t turn out well, hence ceased her questions. After all, she knew that her daughter had always been a normal student from the middle echelon. No matter how large a change in her cannot alter that fact, or at least not to Xuan Mo’s mother, for she hadn’t heard of her daughter’s outstanding display during military training.

After returning to her room, Xuan Mo rummaged through her bag on her bed. As expected, her phone was still blinking inside her bag. After she checked, oh goodness, that’s sixty-seven miss calls from Yi Hai Lan.

She picked up the call. Z L T

“My lady gaga, you finally picked up! I’d have went to your house if you didn’t pick it up!” Despite Yi Hai Lan’s bellow, he sounded evidently relieved.

“…you’ve got the wrong number.” Xuan Mo replied on instinct.

“What in the world!? How is that possible!? You’re Xuan Mo right?!” Yi Hai Lan still sounded worked up.


“Then how could I have possibly called the wrong number!?”

“I’m not my lady gaga?”

“…pfft!” The sound of him vomiting blood incessantly from the other side of the call sounded.  Xuan Mo removed the phone from her ear and started going through her bag. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 21 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Mo Mo, you’re kidding me right?”

“What is it.” Xuan Mo knew that the thing they call internet required platform known a computer to access. According to her memories, the original owner of this body seemed to really want that item. However, the original owner wasn’t very clear with regards to its price, some memories told her it costed a few thousands, while others were several dozens of thousands; there were different sizes as well. Xuan Mo was at loss. Her guts told her she needed something that was more quickly able to receive information like a computer. However, if her family was unable to afford at the moment, didn’t that mean that she had to earn money herself to pay for it?

Money… how do you earn that?

Her memory archive as usual didn’t provide details on how such a procedure occurred. After all, which teenager that’s been fully provided for over the past decade plus years would pay attention to such details? All she knew what she could earn money if she worked, so what was work?

“Hello, hello!” Xuan Mo was stoning but Yi Hai Lan wasn’t. He shouted, “Mo Mo! What sandcastles are you building in the air again this time!”

What d’you mean again? The things she was contemplating over were very important matters okay, how was she building sandcastles in the air? Don’t bully her just cuz her language was poor! Xuan Mo was very discontented, and so, her tone was poor: “Not going.” Despite her own thoughts, she still knew what he was trying to get at.


“Boring.” What exactly was a dinner reception? She couldn’t help but recall the extremely simple mission that these Blue Planet beings have complicated.

“I heard that there were lots of celebrities that were going, were you interested in that Cheng Ming Xuan person? He’s going too!”

“Who’s Cheng Ming Xuan?” Xuan Mo replied on reflex, before frowning at the triggered memories. So the owner of this body didn’t only had her head full of Yi Hai Lan, but she’d also hidden a male figure known as Cheng Ming Xuan this Blue Planet being in a deep, deep corner of her head.

How terrible, why did this body have so many problems?!

“Exactly! Who is Cheng Ming Xuan!” Yi Hai Lan appearing evidently elated thought Xuan Mo was joking, and so, he scolded in glee, before he asked again after a while, “you’re really not going? Then… are you… gonna go watch the movie?”

“I’m busy.” Xuan Mo was impatient, “if you’re bored, there are lots of dates awaiting you to accept and attend; don’t bother me.”

“…” Yi Hai Lan was appalled, “you, how did you know there are lots of…”

There were always that few girls, and that few calls, and that few messages coming through to Yi Hai Lan during the weekend to do this or do that. Yi Hai Lan replied them on some occasions, and ignored them on other occasions. All these messages were communicated through his mobile phone, a device Xuan Mo found as public and obvious as a notice board. It was hard for someone with her abilities to not to know.

“I’m gonna go rest, bye.” Xuan Mo hung up, not wanting to speak any more.

It didn’t matter to her whether she appeared polite or not.

It didn’t matter to her how much Yi Hai Lan was puzzling over the fact that a girl had just hung up on him. Xuan Mo rummaged through a bag for a little bit more before setting it aside and walking over to knock on Lu Yu Chen’s door across her.

Lu Yu Chen donned in coral fleece pajamas paused when he saw Xuan Mo after opening the door: “You’re back? So late? What is it.” As he spoke, he let Xuan Mo in.

With her mental power, Xuan Mo was able to sweep through his room before even entering. Hence though she’d never being allowed in his bedroom as he’d previously been extremely against both Xuan Mo and her mother, Xuan Mo was able to enter without even a surprised turn of a head at the state of his room. And so, where one of them gave way to the other more prideful one, the two of them walked in terribly naturally, as though they’d never at all been at odds with each other before.

Lu Yu Chen wasn’t the more delicate and careful of people either, hence he didn’t pay much heed to such an anomalous behaviour of his own. He let Xuan Mo sit on his bed while he pulled over a chair to sit: “What’s up.”

“I need a computer.” Xuan Mo was frank.

Lu Yu Chen was shocked for a moment: “That’s fine, ask father then.”

“I can have one?” Xuan Mo was surprised. Z L T

“Hah, he’s been asking what you wanted for getting into First High, and he’d been saying that he’d get oh whatever you wanted, but you didn’t want anything in the end, knew you wouldn’t let such a chance slip. You want a computer huh? Let me see, we need to get you the more expensive(l and best of computers! And suck him dry of the money he’s hidden!” Lu Yu Chen was excited, as though the person he was planning to take advantage of was his own father but the enemy that’s murdered his father.

Even someone as dense as Xuan Mo found the situation a little off. She looked at Lu Yu Chen strangely: “The two of you are biologically related, right?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 21 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“This is about being related or not!” Lu Yu Chen turned in excitement and switched his computer on with a slap. Xuan Mo popped her head over, huh, so this guy already had a computer…

So large, yet fragile, inconvenient to bring around, even a brick’s better than that… forget it, she should cut the technology from such a primtive civilization some slack

Lu Yu Chen with his lackluster sight somehow inferred Xuan Mo’s disdainful gaze as one of jealousy. He patted his computer, saying: “You needn’t stare, this computer was indeed the best of the best, pity technology these days advanced way too fast, and before you even know it, this thing’s become an old grandfather. Don’t worry, your brother’s here, we’ll definitely get you one that’s been better than this!”

I want to implant a transreceiver for information feed, or connect it to the external port of the  universe-net… Xuan Mo thought to herself. Even if it was the most grandfather of modes, it was still… better than that.

“Check this out, what about this?!” Lu Yu Chen obviously was well read-up about this. After clicking into a website, he flipped through the multiple pages and already have many models picked out. Xuan Mo glanced at it; between the red-black cover of the computer, the blue screen glinted brightly. It seemed quite large, the list of specs beneath the setup seemed impressive as well. On top of that, there was a spacecraft symbol on the cover of the computer.

“Alien’s newest model! The weird scientist male lead from XXX show used this. This is probably the more unparalleled model that’s been out recently. What do you think, do you like it?”

“Yes.” Xuan Mo was honest. She knew it was fate once she heard the name of the computer. She suddenly felt… a strange sense of respect… “I’ll get this then.”

“Alright!” Lu Yu Chen picked up his computer, “come with, let’s extort from money from pops!”

His overflowing enthusiasm made it seemed as though he was the one purchasing the computer instead.

Xuan Mo followed after him. She flipped through the memories the original owner had of this brother and realised that the persona she’s seeing was completely different from what the original owner saw of him.

Unless Lu Yu Chen was also…

That’s not possible. If it was, then she’d be the first in line to throttle this embarrassment of a fellow alien.

Their father was in the study working. Usually, he’d be able to complete his work at his company. Even if he did bring any home, it would only require little of his time to complete them before he’d be zipping about all over the house, either working out, or watching television, or gaming, or scolding the heck out of Lu Yu Chen. However, he’d gotten busy recently. And especially busy these few weeks; Xuan Mo would see the lights in the study still on even deep into the night.

When their father saw the pair of them entering his study, his shocked expression was akin to one having witnessed peculiarities of the century: “The two of you, what’s wrong?” He knew the relationship between his son and daughter had been warming up recently, however to be able to see the elder brother bringing in his younger sister in… he rubbed his eyes, aye, he wasn’t dreaming! Exactly which of the two went bonkers?

Lu Yu Chen didn’t give two shits about how appalled his father was. He said: “Where’s the high school gift you promised you’d give Xuan Mo?”

It took his father a while before he recalled. At that, he smiled so beamingly his eyes squinted; he was extremely happy: “Yeah, what does Mo Mo want?”

Xuan Mo didn’t speak. Rather, she pointed at… the computer in Lu Yu Chen’s hands.

Lu Yu Chen opened his computer and brought up the site with the Alien computer, telling him the specs and dimensions: “I helped her pick it, Mo Mo said she wants this model! The elite one!”

His father didn’t receive any scare from the price by the side, rather he looked at the parameter in hesitation: “Why would you need such a high specs computer? High schoolers generally use the computer only to QQ and browse the web, don’t they?”

“Humph, don’t then.” Lu Yu Chen didn’t believe him.

His father ignored him, turning to Xuan Mo instead with a kind expression: “Mo Mo, you really like this model?”

“Yes.” Xuan Mo replied as though she was giving a command, “buy it.”

“Eh.” Lu Chen Yu’s father nodded his head. He copied the website link, pasted it in an email and sent it out. After which, he made a call out for the recipient to look out for the letter as well as its contents before hanging up. “It’ll probably reach in the next few days.”

After that, he glanced at Lu Yu Chen: “Don’t be afraid to let me know if you ever need anything.”

Xuan Mo hummed in reply. She hesitated, before suddenly muttering: “Thank you.” This seemed to be the method where beings of the Blue Planet gave their thanks.

Lu Yu Chen’s father became unhappy when he heard that however: “Mo Mo, I’m your father, you don’t need to be so polite, okay?”

Lu Yu Chen agreed: “Exactly, don’t be polite with him.”

Xuan Mo was on the verge of blacking out. What’s this, it’s wrong to be polite, but you probably couldn’t stand it if she wasn’t polite, it’s so hard to be a Blue Planet being! It’s even harder trying to pretend to be a Blue Planet being when you were an alien!

She replied in understanding, before she was pulled back into the room by Lu Yu Chen.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

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