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Xuan Mo leisurely walked over to the entrance, reaching at exactly five o’clock sharp without even a single second past the hour.

A black sedan with a car plate number ending with 234 slowly turned in. It didn’t stop even when passing the entrance. Instead, it drove towards the other end at the stipulated 30km/h speed for minor roads like the road outside school.

Xuan Mo followed the car calmly. The car continued at its speed even as it turned the corner. Just as Xuan Mo reached the bend, the black sedan suddenly zipped out, breezing barely a hair’s breath past Xuan Mo.

She opened the door, slid in, and closed it. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 20 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The opening and closing of the car door was completely buried under the bustle along the mouth of the alley. Similarly, no one would be able to notice a person who suddenly disappeared as well.

Everyone in the car looked at the girl who seemed to have appeared from thin air. The driver glanced at the rearview mirror, a little in disbelief that another person popped up in his car. The young male sitting in the shotgun however turned, smiling after a moment of pause: “Not bad, how very action movie-esque.”

Xuan Mo nodded at him politely before turning to look at the pair of male and female that were staring at her. Though they were older than Xuan Mo’s original age, they seemed to be from the same section as her–reserve troops.

“There’s no need for introductions, I’ll brief more about the case when we reach… and, you.” He pointed at the only male sitting at the backseat. “Didn’t you ask who was responsible for defence? She’s here.”

After saying that, he tilted his chin at Xuan Mo.

Before the the two could react, the person sitting at the shotgun seat turned back with a laugh.

None of them spoke along the journey.

The car was fast. After several turns, it entered the district of villas located in the city and pulled into the garage of one of the villa. The few of them entered the living room one after another. The large, empty living room was mutely furnished; there was no one present, but the several cups of piping hot tea on the coffee table that had yet to be removed was telling of the recent leave made by a large group of people.

The driver left after alighting. The male previously seated in the shotgun seat in the car got everyone seated on the sofa, speaking as he produced and distributed a stack of information: “We don’t have much time, so I’ll cut short the long story. You can call me Brother Sen. I will be your point of contact and superior for a relatively long time to come. As you guys are Reserve Personals, I will not be treating you subordinates. However, I hope the lot of you will be able to quickly enter into your best condition and strictly comply with orders from superiors and necessary rules, and not forget your manners.”

The three of them looked at Brother Sen, neither speaking, nor looking through the information.

“Normally, you would not get the chance to meet each other before officially signing on. However, as the case this time and your missions are a little special, you will be meeting beforehand.”

After which, he pointed at the only male among the three: “You, Luo Chou.”

The male paused before reacting. He straightened and acknowledge: “Yes!”

Brother Sen pointed at another girl: “Zhuang Yu.”

The female upon understanding replied in acknowledgement.

He continued on, pointing at Xuan Mo: “Wu Qi.”

Xuan Mo: “…”

“What’s wrong?”

“What is Wu Qi?”


Brother Sen, Luo Chou and Zhuang Yu looked at her in shock.

Brother Sen asked Luo Chou, stuttering in disbelief: “What do you think it means?”

Luo Chou was confident: “Our codenames for the mission.”

Zhuang Yu nodded in agreement.

“No, these are the codenames you will continue using in the future. Luo (罗) refers to intelligence collection (搜罗信息), meaning you will be amassing information. The word Chou (仇) has the word jiu inside (九: nine), meaning you are number nine in information collection. As for Zhaung Yu (庄玉: zhuang yu), the code refers to disguise (伪装: wei zhuang)and concealment. The word Yu (玉) has shi er (十二: twelve), and one dot, meaning thirteen; you are number thirteen in logistics support team, as for you…” He turned to Xuan Mo with a meaningful look on his face.

Xuan Mo could not at all comprehend what he was expecting her to say, and so, she looked at him expressionly.

“Wu Qi (武绮) means wu li (武力: force/power), damage and defence. Qí (绮) can also qī (七: seven), meaning you’re number seven.” Luo Chou couldn’t take it anymore and said.

“Oh.” Xuan Mo finally understood, before asking: “Why do we need codenames?”

Everyone once again delved into silence. Z L T

Brother Sen slapped his own face suddenly, before he started flipping through the documents, muttering: “I didn’t pick up the wrong person did I, why is it that she’s like this…”

Xuan Mo looked at him quietly. Only after a long while did she speak: “If you’re talking about the person on page thirteen of the document, then yes the person is me.”

Brother Sen quickly flipped over to the page and immediately looked back up at Xuan Mo, confirming after a moment of contemplation: “It’s you alright, but why is it that you’re like this?”


“So not in the know about such shallow knowledge…”

Xuan Mo had not managed to trigger any memory archive with the word codename. In the previous Xuan Mo’s memories, as well as a large majority of other people’s memories, codenames were probably something along the lines of nine-zero nine-zero I am salted fish, or being told that XXX was your codename. She’d never heard of people coming straight up to your face to call you by your codename XXX.

Though the other two reserve personals managed to comprehend, Xuan Mo was still puzzled.

At least she’d never considered codenames before during her time when she experienced similar circumstances.

Scorpio Galaxy was too strong; it was impossible for their mental signal to their communication to be compromised, hence there was no need to hide their identity, nor worry about leaking one’s identity. For as long as they were unwilling to, their foes would not be able to learn a single piece of information from them at all.


That was merely a fragile piece of turtle shell. Beings of the Scorpio Planet didn’t and needn’t wear it.

Their so-called espionage mission was completely plundered by bold diplomacy and violence. Any form of conspiracy was as good as passing-by clouds in the face of a powerful party. So… codename, uhm what’s that?

While our student Xan Mo donned an expression of awe-inspiring righteousness, Brother Sen wanted to send a slap across her face. He didn’t understand where the military found such a hothead from. Even if she didn’t watch television shows, she ought to at least have some common sense in such areas. And what’s with the disdainful look on her face, she was seriously, seriously despicably annoying.

“Regardless of whether you understand, you are Wu Qi from now on during work, understand?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 20 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo paused for a moment. She hadn’t even gotten accustomed to Xuan Mo’s identity yet, and now, she suddenly had another Wu Qi coming her way. If that’s the case, then exactly when would her life be considered work, and who was Xuan Mo, who was Wu Qi… aye, how troublesome. She minced her lips, asking: “Is this an order?”

Brother Sen halted before standing and speaking gravely: “This is an order.” Z L T

Xuan Mo lowered her head: “Then I shall comply.” Wu Qi it was then. She would still be herself regardless of her name.

No wonder the military took such fancy to her. Brother Sen was finally less tilted. After all, so long as she obeyed orders, as she had done so very alike to that of a proper soldier, it’s fine if she was a little dumb.

He coughed, indicating that the introduction to their mission has officially began.

“These are some of the big shots in the city that are in the news recently. The western development zone has just opened their first round of public tenders. The winning bidder will definitely be taking the flagship in the property industry for the next decade to come, so this tender’s grabbed the attention of almost all the powerful local, and even overseas enterprises. Though we are able to limit the intervention of overseas companies, we are unable to refrain them from using local enterprises as proxies to purchase land. If the latter were to be the case, the western side of the city will probably became an entirely new concession; this issue involves sovereign rights, so we are not going to let it happen.”

“That’s right. Seeing how we are facing such an issue, you may ask why not supersede the formalities and directly exercise the power we are able to since we are under the government. I shall only explain this once—the nature of our country decides the nature of our work. Only when we are able to keep things completely under our control will we be able to ensure the stability of our government body. You’re learnt of macro control before right—enough with that confused expression Wu Qi we get it you haven’t learnt about it yet—so if we take Zone Seven and the respective related departments as the country’s invisible hands, then we are the hand’s fingers.” Brother Sen made a clawing gesture. “We will not grab everything in one go. Rather, given that the time is right and we are well-informed of the situation at present, we will step in to make minute adjustments to necessary procedures, as well as rid the situation of unnecessary evil so as to achieve the best possible outcome. Understand?”

Xuan Mo once again was the only one who didn’t nod her head. Though she understood what he meant at large, the extensive use of metaphors had Brother Sen beating around the bush a lot… she needed to digest his words.

“Very well.” Brother Sen treated Xuan Mo as having understood his words, and continued his introduction. “The tender will open next week. There will be movements behind the scenes in the city these few days; the most evident ones will be the various sorts of business reception dinners. According to the data we have collected, there are only three enterprises that are capable enough to take the entire piece of the pie, however they may not be willing to empty their pockets for the land in the western side of the city. In such cases, they will definitely seek alliance. The ones that are even more eager in seeking cooperation, or even just investing in the land to get a piece of the cake, are the corporations that are unable to accommodate such a huge purchase on their own. We have sieved out the some of the enterprises that are highly likely and powerful enough to do so for monitoring. Due to the many alliances happening recently, there will be some companies that will become close with one partner today and another partner the next day, therefore the situation will be very confusing, which is very much to our disadvantage.”

As though having guessed something, Luo Chou and Zhuang Yu’s expressions changed into one of gravity mixed with a tinge of excitement.

Brother Sen cut off their zest with his next sentence though: “Don’t think we’ll be sending you into some company as undercover to steal sensitive, commercial information. You guys are only in the reserve troops, don’t even think of trying to take over the pros’ jobs. If it weren’t for the lack of manpower, your probationary period before actually being posted to the job would have been much longer. Listen up, your mission is simple— you will be monitoring by listening in on the conversations of some of the important figures throughout the business dinner happening next Monday, are we clear?”

“How will we be listening in?” Though eavesdropping wasn’t difficult, it would be hard to keep it up throughout. Not only so, since they were important figures to begin with, eavesdropping would definitely not be something simple.

“This is indeed challenging. We have bugged them since long ago, but they are very alert, and their bodyguards are well-trained, so they’ve seen through our surveillance. Our sources have also noted that there are certain company directors that have met up with some foreign consortium, and are in tight relationships with them. We do not mind them loaning money from companies from abroad, however should these foreign powers take the opportunity to encroach on our national territory, we are forced to make a move. Let me emphasise once again, the nature of our department makes it such that some of the methods we use cannot be brought to light. We are burdened with the responsibility of darkness. If your conscience finds this unacceptable, you may make your leave.”

Brother Sen’s repetition and highlight once again was perhaps due to his notice of Luo Chou’s discomfort.

Following that, he especially placed his attention on Xuan Mo. She was still expressionless. Seemed like this girl wasn’t someone who blindly followed justice—she’s worth nurturing.

Honestly, Xuan Mo found it very, very tiring to listen on… so all she could do was to force herself to memorise everything and look into it afterwards. So her the fact that she was expressionless could be attributed her unarrived reaction to the information.

Corporation, consortium, national and foreign, what were all these terms, goodness…


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