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The three days of holiday passed very quickly. Tian Jin Jin must have been pretty tired too seeing how she didn’t contact her anymore after that. Lu Chen Yu on the other hand was heading out every day. Xuan Mo’s mother and Lu father would usually both be involved in their business, so they passed their holidays sleeping in. Once holidays were over, they went straight back to work. Xuan Mo spent her holiday adjusting to her mental power and body. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Beings from the Scorpio Galaxy appeared very similar to spirits on the Blue Planet. Both of which have skin on the surface, it’s just that its tenacity and transparency made it seem as though it didn’t exist, whereas these beings in fact encompass a large amount of strength.

The mission Xuan Mo had taken on was special, and no matter how strong the skin of a body was, it cannot withstand the countless years of wait. Hence she discarded it and evolved her Marshal-leveled mental power into her body. There were very little people even in the entire Scorpio Galaxy that was strong enough to do as one wished without the protection of their husk. Evidently, Xuan Mo was one of them.

However, there had not been anyone who was strong enough to attempt to stuff their own mental power into a vessel after abandoning their husk; she was unprecedented in such a venture.

Hence, she didn’t know the peculiar alteration abilitiesa glowing halo her body seemed to emit, a creamy, comfortable sense of touch, and highly refined strengthher mental power granted her husk.

When she exited her room the day before she returned to school, everyone in the house was shocked when they saw her.

“Mo Mo, what have you been doing in your room the past few days? Pampering yourself?” Xuan Mo’s mother asked carefully. To her, Xuan Mo’s obsession with looking pretty had reached an unhealthy levelshe was diagnosed with anorexia from dieting. Though she didn’t speak much, she would always be tinged with a little dahs of envy when she met people prettier than her. But now, Xuan Mo’s beautifying methods seemed to have been relatively successful. She’s become very, very pretty. Though her features didn’t change, she’d become attractive, and lethally so.

“Sleep.” She really did sleep. Xuan Mo sat down, picked up her chopsticks to get a piece of meat before looking up, “Lu Yu Chen, you have rice on your mouth.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Cough!” Lu Yu Chen snapped back to reality. Shooting her a glare, he quickly clipped his food with his chopsticks as though he’s being chased.

“I’ve always knew our Mo Mo’s a little beauty, hehe. Now there’s no need to diet anymore is there, there’s no one prettier than you!” Father Lu praised as he smiled. This step-daughter had always been obedient. Though what happened over the holidays had him somewhat upset, he knew that girls like to be pretty. Now that’s she back to being healthy, his disapproval too dissipated with the wind.

She returned to school the next day.

Xuan Mo’s mother sent her to school. When Xuan Mo alighted, her mother held her hand when they entered the school. Today was the day examination results were revealed. Parents, too taken with their children’s possible results and the class they entered, too crowd around the screen at the academic building with their children

Other than the top thirty and the last thirty who would be streamed into the first and thirteenth class respectively, the remaining students were streamed according to their average results.

Xuan Mo’s mother brought her squeezing through the crowd. However, she didn’t see Xuan Mo’s results even after squinting for the longest of time. The large screen displayed everyone’s results and ranking. It wasn’t very convenient as the display would change hence there was another board by the side with every class’s names.

After looking through all the classes, Xuan Mo’s name still wasn’t found.

“Is something wrong?” Xuan Mo’s mother was very puzzled. She pulled Xuan Mo over to the teacher stationed at the consultation desk. “Teacher, is there a reason why our Xuan Mo’s name isn’t on the list?”

“Xuan Mo?” The middle-aged female teacher paused for a moment. She looked down at her list before realising: “Oh! This is the case, Xuan Mo’s results are slightly special. The dean’s office specially requested that she make her way to the office when she’s here.”

“Special? What’s special?”

“I’m not very clear what that is either, but you can ask Dean Yang in the office later.”

Xuan Mo’s mother was a little anxious. She thanked the teacher and the two of them squeezed their way to the office. There were already quite a few parents there waiting. The two of them waited at the entrance. When Dean Yang finally managed to send off some of the big shots, he turned to them. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Upon knowing that the two are Xuan Mo and her mother, Dean Yang immediately reacted: “Student Xuan Mo, aye, not bad not bad.”

“We didn’t manage to see Xuan Mo’s results nor did we see the class she was assigned to. Dean Yang, is something wrong?” Xuan Mo’s mother was very worried. Xuan Mo’s results had been average since junior high. After which though, she miraculously got into First High. Were her results for this examination bad?

“There’s no need to worry. Student Xuan Mo’s results are not bad, above average. Out of three hundred and sixty plus students, she’s ranked at the hundred twentieth position.”


“The thing is, after the examination at the beginning of the term, we will analyse the student’s results to sort them into their respective classes. Xuan Mo’s been assigned to Class Seven initially, however upon the analysis of the form teacher from seventh class, she should be sent to the first class.”


As Dean Yang spoke, he turned to take out a stack of scripts and pulled one out for Xuan Mo’s mother. “This is Xuan Mo’s script.”

“We selected materials from various syllabus and the hardest of the past year questions for the Mathematics examination this time. We thought that even students with very strong foundations will only manage to get fifty to sixty marks after a holiday’s break. However, Xuan Mo scored full marks for both Mathematic papers.” Dean Yang couldn’t help but exclaim, “and it’s impossible to cheat during this examinations. Even the teachers are unable to score as well in one shot. It’s also not possible for our questions to get leaked, so it definitely must be due to Xuan Mo’s solid foundations.”

Xuan Mo’s mother only understood the two bright red 100 on the papers before looking at her calm daughter in suspicion. Wasn’t her daughter’s strongest subject humanities, how did she become so good at scientific subjects all of a sudden?

“However, when we reviewed Xuan Mo’s Language and English papers, her marks are rather poor.” Dean Yang took out her papers, “she didn’t do the essay at all. Only some of the multiple choice questions are completed, she didn’t even bother hazarding guesses. Her English’s slightly better, thirty-three marks. Her Language’s only twelve marks, this, this, this… our Language and English papers are usually only a little harder than normal. Students who managed to get into First High would usually be able to secure a seventy and above safely.”

At the Dean’s words, Xuan Mo’s mother could only resort to glaring at her daughter as though she’d seen a ghost: “Dean Yang, our Xuan Mo, English and Language are supposed to be her strong suit.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Enh, that was the case when we reviewed her results in junior high. It’s evident Xuan Mo’s worked hard during the holidays, but your English and Language have dropped even though your Math improved, do make sure not to fall behind on your English and Language.”

Xuan Mo’s mother was rendered speechless. Exactly what did her darling daughter do over the holidays?

“Her Math results managed to pull up the score that her English and Language dragged down. On top of that, she did relatively well for her Science as well.” Dean Yang paused, “but I do find that strange since Science includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography. Usually, students do well in Biology and Geography that are heavy on memorisation; Xuan Mo did do the Physics and Chemistry paper relatively well, she almost got everything correct, very impressive.”

In the end, he concluded sincerely: “First High values students who do well in certain subjects very much, especially students like her who do exceptionally well in the subjects they excel in. Though her average did not reach the requirements to enter the first class, Xuan Mo student has proven herself to be an eccentric talent. After much discussion with the teachers, we decided to seek your own opinion on this. If you are willing, you may enter first class. However, you will need to consider the fact that you are doing selectively well. Even if you don’t listen in Math lessons and focus entirely on English and Language, it’ll be very tiring for you.”

This was probably the reason why the Dean was looking for them. They would give her a chance to enter first class, but if she were to regret her choice, don’t point fingers.

Xuan Mo’s mother looked at Xuan Mo, holding her hand: “Mo Mo, you make your choice. I don’t wish for you to tire yourself out too much.”

Since she was already here, she’s going to be the best! “I’ll go to first class.” Xuan Mo didn’t hesitate, “I’ll be fine for English and Language.” She didn’t even bother with memorisation. If they did see her memorising, her abilities would probably shock the Blue Planet people’s pants off.

Xuan Mo’s confirmation had Dean Yang and her mother very happy. Dean Yang patted Xuan Mo’s shoulders: “Haha! That’s good. I’ll settle the rest then, Xuan Mo’s mother, you can rest assured.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Then thank you, Dean Yang.” Xuan Mo’s mother was very thankful. First class in First High wasn’t a class you could enter even if you tried to pay your way in. First High took in negotiated students and selection fees, but they definitely won’t send students with poor grades into the first classthat was First High’s signature.


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: the title “偏科帝” is “subject-bias king” directly translated, which means this particular person is very very good at one course and very poor in the other course, where course refers to humanities and science subjects, hence the chapter title “queen of science”.


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