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“Oh right! How do you keep your skin so good? You didn’t tan at all, in fact your skin’s becoming even better than before!” Qi Shan leant forward to examine her face, “and I’ve never seen you use any skincare products before, I’m so envious!”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

That was the product of an intelligent pseudo body combining with mental power.

“Aye, never mind, my parents are picking me up too, I’ll going first!” After which, she skipped off.

Li Fang was the only other person left; she was still tidying her things. After a while, she carried her big bag, bid Xuan Mo goodbye softly before leaving as well.

Xuan Mo didnt quite remember how she was supposed to go home, was she could walk while she triggered her memories. And so, she carried her bag and slowly walked out.

She exited the school entrance, turned right and headed to the road, and then, and then… wait there?

A red sedan honked multiple times from the stream of car passing by. The car window rolled down and a lady stuck her head out. She took off her sunglasses, revealing an elegant and youthful looking face. She shouted at Xuan Mo: “Darling! What are you stoning for!?”

Darling… Xuan Mo shuddered, but recalled that the lady was her mother so she walked over. Memories about the environment at home was elicited along with the memory of her mother.

Her family was the union of two single-parent families.

Her biological father passed away in a car accident when Xuan Mo was in primary three and left all of his wealth he’d made while he’d been alive to his wife. The two of them lived comfortably for four years. When Xuan Mo was in her first year in high school, her mother married her father, a young entrepreneur bereft of his spouse. He had a son studying in the high school next to Xuan Mo’s, his son was two years Xuan Mo’s senior; his wife had passed away due to difficulty in labour.

The better high schools usually wouldn’t be built next to each other. So the school that was First High’s senior was a mediocre high school.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Was military training tiring? I was worried about your health and that you wouldn’t be able to take it. Goodness gracious, what were you thinking when you insisted on going for military training even though you’re terribly sick…” Xuan Mo’s mother heart ached for her daughter and asked about her well-being as she observed her through the rear view mirror. “Aye, you didn’t tan but you did lose weight!”

How could she not lose weight at the rate she was dieting at? Xuan Mo had finally managed to successfully merge her mental power with this altered body over the few days of military training and finally settled into a form she was satisfied with. She’d never thought that Tian Jin Jin would call her hot, but her mother still seemed unsatisfied. So exactly what should she do?

What Xuan Mo didn’t know was that as long as their children came back from a period of time away from home, they’d appear as though they’d lost weight in every parents’ eyes.

“Eat more and rest well when we’re back. Your brother’s being difficult with your father again. The two of them are still not meeting eye to eye even after so many years. Even if I had three heads and six arms, I’d be unable to do anything about that, so you don’t involve yourself, you hear me?”

“Enh.” Z L T

The route home was scenic. The more she saw, she more memories she triggered. As Xuan Mo listened to her mother nag on, she tidied the countless memories that popped up in her head.

This was indeed a world that knew how to enjoy.

However, with desire came darkness.

That was how they, extraterrestrial beings, calculated a civilisation’s progress. In that sense, this Blue Planet must be, then, a planet shrouded heavily in darkness.


Xuan Mo’s house was situated in the bungalow district in the suburbs. Her family was well-to-do,  or perhaps high-class. Both her parents were wealthy, so bread and butter wasn’t an issue. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

The atmosphere in the house was poor. Xuan Mo didn’t have any idea of what a family was, she only know how to see things from in way which benefitted her race as children were nurtured collectively after they gain consciousness.

Of course, that was definitely something incomprehensible to the people on the Blue Planet. The main channel of communication on Scorpio Galaxy was via mental transmission, not the teachings by one’s parents. The elder in charge of this duty would stand on a podium, surrounded by children who were about the same age. There would be no sound not movement. Only after the waves of the mental transmission sourcing from the elder would all the children gain impressions of their race, their glory, their planet, their galaxy, numbers and… war.

This ability to completely transmit all the necessary knowledge to the new members of the society was unique to Scorpio Galaxy’s culture; it was their advantage. The children could collate the millions of years worth of knowledge of their ancestors without needing to go through the miscellaneous learning nor memorisation. Following which, they select the field they are interested to before heading to the specialised educational institutions accordingly to further their research and understanding. Their way of learning and transmitting knowledge was the reason the development pace of civilisation of Scorpio Galaxy picking up speed.

This also resulted in parents completely letting go of their children’s education; their behavioural habits only required them to undergo mental transmission once, so teaching by precept and example was unneeded.

Therefore, Xuan Mo did not understand why there was a need for this father and son pair to rage on. Xuan Mo did not understand why there was something tugging at her memories that she couldn’t voice aloud either.

He was handsome.

That was the first adjective related to her older, non-biological brother that surface when she search for memory of him. Following that was the fact that he was violent, irascible and rebellious.

She looked at the youth in the living room looking over when the door opened, and the cold smile that hinted of mocking. Xuan Mo blinked in confusion. When she saw her mother, she slanted her head, before heading over to the kitchen like her memories told her to to wash her hand, before sitting down before the dining table. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

From her memories, she discovered that the reason she wasn’t very close with her non-biological father seemed to be because of this youth. In this civilisation whether parents preferred their biological offsprings, her non-biological father was already very nice to this daughter. This was also why Xuan Mo’s mother married him then so assuredly. Xuan Mo’s mother had taken Xuan Mo’s feelings into account when she married Lu Jian Hua. This father however, evidently failed to consider his own son’s feelings regarding the matter.

Her father was Lu Jian Hua; his son was Lu Yu Chen.

“Chen Chen’s already seated today, that’s very good, you must be hungry.” Xuan Mo’s mother did not seem to be affected by the poor atmosphere at all. She washed her hands, sat down beside her husband, smiling when she saw the entire table laid with food, “aye, Aunt Tian, looka at this, you must’ve spent a long time preparing your best dishes today.”

The housekeeper Aunt Tian walked out, smiling as she rolled her sleeve up: “Of course, Mo Mo must be exhausted after all these days, there’s definitely a need to for some supplement.”

The cold youth didn’t speak. When the food was served, he picked up his chopsticks without a words and started taking the food. Lu Jian Hua slapped his chopsticks away: “Where are your manners, everyone hasn’t started eating yet!”

Xuan Mo’s mother immediately urged: “It’s fine, he’s still young!”

“How’s he young? Mo Mo’s young too, but I don’t see her misbehaving?!”

Xuan Mo paused in speechlessness. It was because of the things he said on top of their awkward relationship that divided them, and their relationship degenerating into one of immense hate. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

As expected, the youth’s turned his gaze over as he slammed his chopsticks down: “Fine! Then let the person with her mother eat first, this one without a father I’ll eat the leftovers.”

“You!” Lu Jian Hua was furious. He slammed the table, “where are your manners!? So you’re in the right for getting into a fight on the first day of school and me as a parent had to be invited down to school to pick you up!?”

“What, am I supposed to let things be if they are provoking me?!” Z L T

“You’re only in the third year of senior high and you’ve already learnt how to wave your fist over a woman, is that something to be proud of?!”

“That’s none of my business!”

“If you didn’t provoke them, would they come at you?!” Lu Jian Hua bellowed, “that shrivelled bean sprout’s not even half as pretty as your younger sister, how’d you even like her?!”

Hello, the topic seems to be heading in the wrong direction… Xuan Mo who’d finally managed to pick up a shrivelled piece of bean sprout with her chopsticks was feeling very complicated. She’s starting to understand more of what the people around her were saying, and at a faster rate too, so as their argument progressed, she was rendered even more speechless.

Even Xuan Mo’s mother could no longer stand it. She patted Lu Jian Hua’s shoulders, “aye Jian Hua, what are you talking about.”

Knowing his outburst went too far, Lu Jian Hua hurrumped and glared at his son. After the loud grumble originating from his son’s stomach, he regained his calm: “Eat first. Come to my study after this.”

“Not going. I have homework.” Lu Yu Chen ate his food. Z L T

“What homework?! School just started! You think your father’s never attend senior high? Come to my study, else I’ll punish you here!”

His words were quite effective. Anyone with a brain would know that the one thing this youth couldn’t stand was being punished before his step mother and sister. And so, he ate silently. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Their house had three storeys and a little garden. There was even a indoor pool on the first floor. Xuan Mo recalled that she’d stayed in such an affluent environment since young. Though she found the indoor pool a little too much when she first saw it, she quickly regained her calm. Her house back in her time was large enough to take up an entire small planet, so she didn’t quite understand how wealthy her current family actually was; the fact that the houses around here looked the same seemed to further undermine that fact.

Xuan Mo’s room was the innermost one on the second story, opposite to Lu Yu Chen’s, because there was a large french window by the corner in that innermost room. The window faced the little garden and the mountain in the distance so the scenery was pretty decent.

After bathing, she sat down in the girlish room and quietly flipped through the diary she’d just found.

If memories were data, then a diary would be the manual of emotions. Though she didn’t understand why Xuan Mo’s diary was filled with someone else’s name, she still understood the importance of this name in Xuan Mo’s heart no matter how insensitive she was.

Yi Hai Lan.

Who’s that.

A human probably.


She couldn’t understand despite looking at it for very long, so she closed her diary. She searched around with the memories she had and discovered an intricate box under her bed. She opened it and found a large stack of money, lots of change and a few cards.

Though she had yet to completely understand how the currency on the Blue Planet worked, whatever memories she had triggered and the weight of the thick stack in her hand told her the money she was hoarding was a sizeable amount.

After recalling the pin number to the card, Xuan Mo smiled slightly. She took a few of the pink notes, slotted it in her wallet before climbing onto her bed and switched off the lights, beginning a new round of cultivation.

With her reflex to expansion and probing of her mental power, she registered the sound originating from a room further down.

That was Lu Jian Hua’s voice.

“Who was the one that said he’ll do fine after entering senior high? Don’t think I don’t know you’re screwing up your exams on purpose. You sulk but you cannot take your own future as a game of cards! You’re already in your third year of senior high, you cannot treat your future as a joke, do you hear me?”


“I’ve let you be in the past. I didn’t force anything onto you–that’s because I trust you. But I can’t now. Yu Chen, I’ve realised that you’re becoming more stubborn and immature, exactly what are you trying to achieve? Did your mother neglect you? Did your younger sister torture you? From what I see, it’s you torturing them instead of the other way round!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢


“You’re being rebellious since you enter first year, getting into fights and gangs almost every other day. I’m not a pastor, even if you don’t take over my business, I won’t allow you to get involved in the dealings of the underworld, to smoke and drink because of those dubious girls… Yu Chen, you’re a grown up now, can you grow some sense?”


“The transfer procedure isn’t completed yet. You go back to school and settle all your whatever relationships. After one month, you’re going to First High!”

“…what!?” Lu Yu Chen finally reacted, “you transferred me without telling me?!”

“You can hate me and be angry at me, but you cannot not go! That’s that!”

“I’m not going!”

“Then don’t come back! Roam outside on your own!” Lu Jian Hua said. As though his anger wasn’t completely vented, he added: “I don’t have a son like you!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 09 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The unsteadiness of the mental fluctuation she sensed from Lu Yu Chen had even herself opening her eyes on reflex. Her lips lifted in a slight smile, was this the prelude to a lovely soap opera that was going to unfold?

The sounding of door closing sounded. Lu Yu Chen stood in the study for a while before leaving. Tightly following was the slamming of the door before the house delved into silence.


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