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“Alright, now we’ll talk about the training arrangement. The military training will be fifteen days. Wake up at six in the morning and gather downstairs by six ten. One kilometre of zipper, with intensity increasing by day, breakfast a eleven, then training, lunch, an hour break after that, more training. Dinner’s at five, then an hour’s break after that, followed by night training. Return to your dorms by nine thirty, and lights out at ten. Any questions?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“…instructor.” A female student asked timidly.


“Is, is there any sacrifice compensation?”

“…we do, you don’t.” The instructor said before he turned. A short while after, he turned back and said gruffly: “Get to know each other. If there are no questions, sit here.”

Everyone looked at each other, before turning to look at the new platoon leader, Xuan Mo. Xuan Mo met everyone’s gazes for a moment before turning to look at Tian Jin Jin in confusion. She had no information on how to be a platoon leader in her head, so she had no idea what she had to do. She knew that the leader was in charge of everyone’s safety in battles, but did the same thing apply for this as well?

Tian Jin Jin rolled her eyes, whispering: “You need to introduce yourself first, then have everyone introduce themselves.”

Xuan Mo nodded her head, saying loudly: “My name is Xuan Mo, female, fifteen years old, boarding in Pine Garden Dorms 302. Introduce yourselves, starting from you.”

It wasn’t a common sight to see such a formulated introduction. The girl Xuan Mo gestured to begin first paused for a moment before introducing: “My name is Xu Jing, I, I stay at 301.”

“I’m XXX, staying at 301…” Z L T

A rigid platoon leader naturally wouldn’t be able to bring out the spontaneity of a platoon. Their senior high entrance examination results determined where they stayed; the results of the entire truck of girls were only average, a little lower than that even, aka the “forsaken race”, hence the low-key existence.  ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The military base was indeed far. They were already out of the suburban vicinity; they could see the mountains in the distance ahead. Everyone soon felt the discomfort, of which they displayed, of sitting on the truck for long amounts of time.

Instructor Zhou had been covertly observing the newly elected platoon leader. Xuan Mo classmate was sitting with her back pin-straight. Though she didn’t know how the military posture the soldiers of the Blue Planet adopted, sitting straight was instinctive to her, so she did it out of reflex. So she sat, appearing more of a soldier than actual soldiers.

Instructor Zhou upon seeing that too sat straight unknowing, not allowing himself to slack even a single bit.

The mountains ahead finally dipped into a cove, revealing a military base within. The two soldiers on sentry duty opened the door, allowing the trucks into the base. Along the way, they passed by a large drill ground. There were lots of soldiers without duty training at the grounds, their ardent howls earth-shatteringly loud.

What primitive training methods these were… so primitive Xuan Mo couldn’t even recall which museum she’d saw them at before…

“We’re almost reaching! Everyone get read!” The instructor yelled. The girls, too exhausted to even complain, picked up their bags. Once the vehicle stopped, they jumped down the truck one by one. Following that, those who needed to puke went aside to puke, some of them went to squat while other complained.

Xuan Mo continued standing straight.

“Mo Mo, you don’t need to be so stiff, the training hasn’t even started.” Tian Jin Jin walked over with an arm propping at her waist. When she finally couldn’t stand her any longer, she asked: “Aren’t you tired?”

Xuan Mo looked at her in earnest: “Shouldn’t this be how you stand in the military base?”

“Training hasn’t even started! You don’t need to be like this!”

Xuan Mo continued standing straight. As long as she was residing in such a place, she’d tense up; she didn’t know how to relax.

“Aye relax a little! The instructor’s definitely going to use you as a benchmark later, that’ll definitely pull you quite some hate!” Tian Jin Jin finally remarked frankly, “relax a little.”

Though she didn’t understand what Tian Jin Jin was getting at, Xuan Mo wasn’t an obstinate person. She loosened up the slightest bit, slanting herself straightly against the truck instead of standing upright straightly.

“Take your bags and catch up! Head back to the dorms and gather here once you’re done making your bed!” And so, the lot of students were sent to the dorms.

Xuan Mo, like the rest of the freshies, trained obediently, following how the rest did it. As the exercises were simple, there were lots of people who were pretty serious about it, so that didn’t make her stand out.

The only peculiar part about her was that she was one of the few who could keep up with the students that were gifted in sports seeing how the zipper exercise has increased to two kilometres. Not only was that so, she appeared completely unruffled—neither panting nor flushing from the exercise—while being able to continue without stopping.

The military training for students in First High had always been harder than that of the other schools’. The first five days were just normal military training for the freshies. The next ten days however were some pretty hardcore training—metal nettings climbing, obstacle course, shooting and armed forces boxing—which had them complaining. Not only so, there was going to be an overall Competitive Martial Showcase in the end involving these training segments. The platoon of the victorious participant could get additional points, and that was something extremely important for students on scholarship evaluation. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

And so, Xuan Mo did as the others done and strove at trying not to stand out at all. The impression everyone had of her was only that she was hardworking; none of them knew how strong she actually was. When the day for the Showcase registration dawned, everyone was distressed.

“Platoon three has two students in the gifted sports programme who pretty much swept up all the segments. What are we gonna do?!” After Xuan Mo announced the topic of discussion, she sat down and listened as the girls discussed.

“Tian Jin Jin, I remember you run fast, why don’t you go for the obstacle course!” A girl stood, saying.

“Why me? Aren’t you pretty good too!” Tian Jin Jin retorted back strongly.

Xuan Mo did not understand this strange dispute between the two girls, but she knew that Tian Jin Jin was a friend and there was no reason to bully her. So she stood: “I’ll go for the obstacle course.”

“Aye, but you’re already doing the five kilometre zipper! How can that do!” The girl expressed her false shock.

Qi Shan couldn’t stand her any longer. She stood up: “Can you get any faker!?

“Qi Shan you nutjob! What did I even do to you?!”

“You’re the nutjob, your entire family are nutjobs! What did Xuan Mo even do to you? Why’re you targeting her all the time!”

“How am I targeting her?! Did I? Who saw it!” Z L T

A girl beside Xu Qing tugged at her, saying softly: “Ah Jing, just leave it, don’t make a commotion over this.”

“Humph!” Xu Jing glowered at the girl before running off.

Instructor Zhou glared, bellowing: “Oi! The meeting hasn’t ended! You are not allowed to leave!”

Xu Jing had long ran off.

Instructor Zhou was helpless with regards to the mini disputes that brewed between girls over such trivial matters. The more he looked at the calm, settled Xuan Mo, the more he found her to his liking. This lass obeyed orders, did everything needed of her, and did them well.

The moment Xu Jing ran off, everyone quietened down for a moment before the bustle erupted once again, more fervent than before.

Xuan Mo frowned. She turned to ask the instructor: “Will they overlap?”

The instructor didn’t get why she’d ask that. He recalled for a moment before replying: “They don’t overlap. Each section will happen one by one on the first day. The last segment, five kilometre loaded run is followed by the passing out parade in the evening.”

Xuan Mo rubbed her forehead. The noisy environment was interfering with her cultivation of her mental power. She said: “I’ll participate in everything then.”


After tidying up the registration form in her hands, she handed them to the instructor: “Please help me fill my name in, I’m participating in all the segments.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Her voice wasn’t very loud, but her statement was enough to quiet everyone down. Xuan Mo turned to the group of shocked females, saying: “Stop the ruckus and go to bed.”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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