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When Xuan Mo heard the first person getting up in the morning, she immediately opened her eyes. She checked the time; it was five thirty.

So this was when the people around here woke up. Upon triggering the previous owner’s memories however, she realised that Xuan Mo would only wake up only at six thirty instead.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

She glanced to her side; it was Li Fang who was carefully getting up. She climbed down her bunk, sat down in front of her textbook and started flipping.

Xuan Mo looked at the other two people. When she saw that the rest were still sound asleep, she decided to follow the masses and closed her eyes once again.

The only sound that remained in the room was the soft flipping of pages.

When it was six twenty, an alarm sounded. Tian Jin Jin mumbled, switched the alarm off, turned to her side and continued sleeping.

She decided it wasn’t unnatural for her to wake up now since the alarm seemed to be a morning call of sorts. Xuan Mo got off the bed lightly, nodded at Li Fang who’d looked over at her, and entered the toilet. After brushing her false teeth made of space steel in a daze, she wiped her face.

She walked out and stoned for a moment before another round of loud alarm sounded — that sound seemed to echo throughout the entire school. She looked at the time; it’s six thirty. So the school had a school-wide wake-up call going on.

Tian Jin Jin mumbled as she rubbed her eyes while getting off of the bed. When she saw the spirited Xuan Mo, her eyes widened: “Woah! You’re actually up?!”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢


“Didn’t sleep well?”

She continued herself without bothering to wait for a reply from Xuan Mo: “Me too. I’m not used to this bed.”

As she spoke, Li Fang stood and entered the toilet. When Tian Jin Jin caught sight of the opened books on her desk, she exclaimed: “Ah! Li Fang! You woke up so early to study?! Hardworking much!”

Though her words were of admiration, the tone she adopted was strange. Li Fang upon hearing that hummed in reply before going to the toilet with her head lowered.

A shout suddenly sounded from the other side of the room. Topping a chicken nest of a bed hair, Qi Shan got up, extremely triggered: “I don’t wanna get up ahhhh!”

Her passionate roar was met with silence from the rest of them…

The four of them left together. Out of the group, Tian Jin Jin was the one with the most topics to chat about, and so she chirped on continuously. Xuan Mo, despite finding her friend’s chatters quite brainless and annoying, listened to her rattling on. At least that could somehow increase her knowledge on certain things.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Qi Shan on the other hand appeared extremely impatient. Though she would join in and babble on incessantly when Tian Jin Jin was on a common topic, she would pronounce her disdain when the conversation topic bordered on something she didn’t get: “So, what about it…” or “what’s so great about that, boring.”

Li Fang maintained her silence throughout.

School had just started and the students hadn’t been streamed into their classes yet. The streaming only occurred after the examinations in the beginning of the term, so students were allowed to select a classroom out of the ones listed down to wait for the examinations to start. Before long, it was time to enter the examination hall.

Xuan Mo stared at the English paper for a moment before she filled in a few of the questions that managed to trigger some of her memories. Following that, she completed the questions that were able to be found in the passage before placing her pen down, spacing out.

There were lots of questions; everyone was working hard at their paper.

The atmosphere was gloomy after the exam was over; seemed like the difficulty of the English test was absurdly hard as well. Xuan Mo was unfeeling towards this fact, but the other three girls had long collapsed from the trauma. Qi Shan and Tian Jin Jin were still holding on — they had high self-consolation abilities — but Li Fang seemed as though she was almost going to cry. Her expression was dark, and the clouds of gloom surrounding her were thick enough to almost create a force field, an uncomfortable force field, of its own.

“C’mon Li Fang, it’s hard for everyone else as well, don’t worry about it!” Tian Jin Jin comforted her.

“Exactly! I didn’t even manage to do much questions, what new west and old concepts, nonsense!” Qi Shan said.

Only Xu Mo hadn’t pronounced her reaction to the exam, so the two looked at her.

Xuan Mo’s lips tugged. She said before she turned to leave: “I pretty much left it blank.”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Her earnest expression made it seem as though she’d meant it.

Though none of them believed her, it improved Li Fang’s expression.

They ate their lunch absently; before long, the Science examination began.

Xuan Mo had prepared beforehand so after she translated the questions into her mother tongue with ease, they were simpler than one plus one. At that, she quickly blazed through the paper, writing down only the answers because… she didn’t know how to do the intermediate steps. She couldn’t possibly submit the workings in her mother tongue could she? She only had to trigger her memories for the following fill-in-the-blanks questions regarding simple biology and geography knowledge before penning down the answers. Once completed, she placed her pen down.

Then she submitted the paper. Z L T

With that, the sudden examinations on the four subjects came to an end.

The difficulty of the examinations at the beginning of the term had evidently increased. After Tian Jin Jin called a person whom she said was a senior, she returned with an expression close to crying, announcing that even the seniors admitted that the examination questions this time were hard.

Since the examination was over, that no longer mattered, because the tragic military training was going to start.

Though she’d never seem the green military uniform of the people on the Blue Planet, Xuan Mo knew it’d look very professional. After she collected her uniform, she wore it immediately in excitement. She stood before the mirror. The sense of aimlessness enshrouding her since she got here dissipated completely. She straightened her back and inhaled, feeling refreshed; it was as though she could feel the army from the past billowing at her with a wind. The large fatigues covered her curves, but it was unable to conceal her straightened back and pin-straight figure.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“You are a natural soldier.” Xuan Mo said to herself, as though she could once again hear the words the General said proudly to his soldiers, “you are my best soldiers! It is written in your manben* that she is a natural soldier!”

* 曼本 = man ben; there is no English equivalent so I’ll be using  pinyin

Manben was equivalent to the Earth’s genes.

Xuan Mo laid on her bed directly after donning her fatigues as she listened to Tian Jin Jin and Qi Shan below her bunk complaining about how large, ugly and thick it was…

She was still in disbelief; to be a soldier was the most revered occupation back in her home-planet. If one possessed the holy mark characteristic of a soldier, then even an interning military officer would receive esteemed respect. If there had existed system of hierarchy back in her home-planet, then being a soldier was equivalent to being at the top of the pyramid. Even politicians, alliance presidents and the likes had to seek their favour.

It was impossible to label people in this society, so military uniform was the mark of a soldier instead. How could it be possible that there would be people who found such an emblem to their dislike?

Xuan Mo shook her head, thinking about the training tomorrow. In preparation for that, she began cultivating.

Early in the morning the next day, when dawn had just broken, the dorms of the freshmen was reverberating with the sound of whistle.

Students donned in their fatigues rushed out in a daze. Following that, they were ordered by the soldiers downstairs to ready their half-month’s worth of items and gather downstairs in fifteen minutes.

Upon realising that their military training was going to be held at an army camp, the students immediately moaned and groaned in complaint. Under the imposing gazes of the soldiers however, they daren’t make that much noise and instead dashed back upstairs to get their things.

“I need to get my lil’ breads*, my period’s probably coming soon, how troublesome!” Some of the girls complained as they produced the largest bag they owned and started stuffing things in.

* 小面包 = lil’ breads; referring to pads

Xuan Mo who was accustomed to having a logistics team taking care of everything for her was oblivious to the fact that she had to pack. The moment she looked at the pile of peculiar items in her closet, she was rendered speechless. She honestly didn’t know what to bring; she was going on a military training, so it’s best to pack light — let’s not bring anything then.

But it doesn’t seem very normal for her to report with empty hands. She contemplated for a moment before taking a school bag and placed a few books in.

“Mo Mo! Are you done?” Tian Jin Jin popped over. When she saw Xuan Mo’s empty bag, she howled: “Ah! Why aren’t you bringing anything?! Toothpaste toothbrush towel wet tissue oil-absorbing sheet mist and sunscreen, where’s your sunscreen! How are you so unfeeling towards all these matters! Hold on!”

After which she snatched Xuan Mo’s bag from her and started digging for things in her closet as she rattled on: “This, this, and this… and this… aye why do you have books in your bag!? Military training’s going to be tiring enough you won’t have time to study!”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

When Li Fang heard that, she silently slotted two books into her bag as well.

After finally producing packed-to-the-brim bags, the girls went downstairs as they chatted. Some of them even had earpieces in.

After they went down, they saw the name list to the classes at the door. Female students in nearby dorms were all placed into the same class, forming the fourth platoon in the seventh company.

“Company Seven Platoon Four, get on this truck! Hurry up!” A young military officer yelled beside the military truck as he lugged the girls roughly onto the wagon of the military truck, “get on yourselves! You will need to hop on this on your own next time!”

In the trucks next to them, students, regardless of genders, started climbing onto the overly-high truck in unsightly manners. When the instructors by the side couldn’t stand it anymore, he grabbed them by the waist and propped them over, very unsatisfied with their performance.

Xuan Mo definitely did not like being pushed onto the truck like that. The next one up was her. When the instructor saw the thin, delicate-looking girl, he stretched out his hand instinctively to help throw her in once again like how he’d done so for the other students.

However, Xuan Mo gave a little sprint, leapt off and gently landed on the truck. Turning back to give the instructor a slight smile after landing perfectly on the truck, she headed in steadily before finding herself an empty seat to sit.

She handled the 1.3m height with such ease.

The instructor looked at Xuan Mo and smiled, before setting his expression to howl at the next person.

“Mo Mo, you’re so amazing! When did you train your high-jumping?!” Tian Jin Jin asked, her eyes glittering as she sat, adjusting around to place down her backpack.

She shrugged: “You’ve just never seen me doing it.”

When everyone was on board, the instructor seated on the outermost seat pulled up the back plate, did a headcount before yelling: “Move off!”

The truck started. THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLANN 

“Hello everyone. My surname is Zhou, you can call me Instructor or Instructor Zhou. We are going to Knives Battalion’s base for the military training this time. Our Knives Battalion was established during the warring period during the resistance against the Japanese; we have attained countless achievements. We later participated in the War of Liberation and the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the Sino-Vietnamese War and many other major and minor battles. We have even faced the removal of our military designation when our battalion came close to being annihilated; we are the heroes of the country! Military training will be hard. You can complain about us, but we shall not condone your dissatisfaction towards our batallion, our leaders and your military, are we clear?!”

“Yes.” Scattered replies sounded. Z L T

“Are we clear!” He raised his voice.

“Yes!” The high-pitched replies of the female students sounded.

“Enh very good. As the journey will be long, we shall take the time to settle some things. First of all is the selection of a platoon leader. Anyone who wants to take up the job can raise your hand.”

He was met with silence veiled with implicit eagerness characteristic of youths their age.

“I’ll assign then. You, what’s your name?”

Xuan Mo was selected. As the female students looked at her, Xuan Mo said: “Xuan Mo.”

“Very well. Xuan Mo classmate, in consideration of your performance when boarding the truck, I elect you as the platoon leader. Does anyone have any objections?”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 03 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Of course no one had any objections. Even if they did, they wouldn’t voice it out.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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  1. LOL she doesn’t even know about common sense and is already made a (albeit temporary) platoon leader… I weep (not) for her subordinates

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  2. I can understand her planet system somehow, when you are advanced enough , you only need a small and elite unit of soldiers instead of millions like in the Earth. If you have a soldier with the worth of millions other you are well placed on top of power pyramid just as she said


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