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Zhuo Xiao Xuan looked at him blandly. He quickly added another sentence lowly: “I rejected her! Really!”

By then, Liu Ting had already walked over to where they were. Blinking her glassy, big eyes, she stared at Zhuo Xiao Xuan in curiosity, smiling sweetly. “Hello, I’m Liu Ting, Xu Dong’s classmate.”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s eyes squinted. “Yin Xu Dong, what’s your major?”

“…Clinical Medicine. Uh, Liu Ting, we’re schoolmates at max, not classmates.” Yin Xu Dong spoke forcibly out of righteousness to Liu Ting. ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 58 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Liu Ting stamped her foot, displeased: “You’re so bad, how can you say that, we’re still considered classmates even if we are in the same class aren’t we?”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan suddenly felt a tinge of chill seeping into her body even in the slight stifle of the warm October. Yin Xu Dong froze at her words, his lips twitching. “If there’s nothing else, we’re going first.” He really didn’t have much to say to this delicate girl.

“Hold on!” Liu Ting started at Yin Xu Dong who was going to tug at Zhuo Xiao Xuan to leave together.

Standing by, Zhuo Xiao Xuan crossed her arms, looked at the pink-faced, misty-eyed Liu Ting, then looked at Yin Xu Dong who was wearing a helpless expression, before settling on being an onlooker and spectating how Yin Xu Dong was going to settle this.

Yin Xu Dong asked impatiently: “What is it, hurry speak.”

At hearing the tone in which Yin Xu Dong spoke in, Liu Ting eyes immediately reddened. She sobbed: “I like you. Even if she’s your girlfriend, I don’t care, I still like you! I won’t give up! I’m prettier than her, richer than her, my dad’s the chief of X Military Hospital, and didn’t you obviously like me too? Can you break up with her? I’ll be really really good to you!” When her friend beside her saw her breaking down, she immediately went up to comfort her. As she did so, she slanted a few glares at the innocent Zhuo Xiao Xuan. Pity Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s gaze wasn’t that of innocence, rather, it glinted with a little murderous aura. The girl upon seeing that immediately retracted her gaze and instead comforted Liu Ting softly.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan frowned. What’s this girl trying to do? Pester and harass Yin Xu Dong into date her? She squinted her eyes. Should she find somewhere to finish off this woman? She could guarantee that even if Conan came, he won’t be able to figure out that the killer was her.

“Are you that bored? Like whoever you want, it’s none of my business!” This was the first time Yin Xu Dong felt that being stubbornly liked by someone was such a headache-inducing problem. “Xuan Xuan, let’s go, just ignore her.”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan after being pulled a few steps by Yin Xu Dong, she stopped and turned back to look at the Liu Ting who was gazing at them, teary-eyed. Revealing her pearly whites, Zhuo Xiao Xuan dragged a slow finger across her neck. Only when Liu Ting and her friend shiver in fright did she continue leaving with Yin Xu Dong, satisfied.

“She said, you obviously liked her?”

“Cough cough! Nothing, nothing of that sort!” Yin Xu Dong choked on his saliva.


“All I did was to help her pick up her cap. I swear, I didn’t mean anything else! If I knew she’d be like this, I’d have just thrown her cap into the bin!”

“Enh, don’t randomly pick up other people’s things next time.”

“…got it.”

After bringing Zhuo Xiao Xuan around campus, they stopped by the side of a lake. The trees grown on the side of the grassy ground was so densely lush it could obstruct one’s view of the scenery beneath the trees if they stood just a little further away.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan pointed out: “We’ve already passed by here.”

Yin Xu Dong brought the bag of snacks they bought from the small supermarket in their school and sat on the grass. “Let’s sit for a bit, there’s isn’t a lot of people around. You hungry? Come eat something.” ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 58 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

After filling their stomachs, they lied on the grass to rest. Yin Xu Dong lied beside Zhuo Xiao Xuan, a hand playing with her hand he was holding. “Xuan Xuan?”


“Is this considered a date?” Yin Xu Dong secretly peeked at Zhuo Xiao Xuan who had her eyes closed leisurely.

“What do you think?” Z L T

“Oh, I think it is!” Yin Xu Dong replied earnestly, flipping around to lie on his stomach beside her as he rested his chin on his palms.

“If you think it is, then it is.”

Having long prepared himself to be rejected by her, he’d never thought that things would turn out opposite from his imagination. Hence, Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s reply was so surprising Yin Xu Dong was stunned frozen.

When Zhuo Xiao Xuan waited for a long while but failed to hear a reply, she was greeted by a dumbfounded Yin Xu Dong when her eyes flickered open. Was her answer very incorrect? She coughed lightly to awaken the paralysed Yin Xu Dong.

Yin Xu Dong suddenly lunged over to hug her, rubbing his face against hers. “Awesome! Awesome! I…”

“There! The two students there! Why are the two of you doing?!” A voice suddenly sounded; it was the patrolling teacher who had passed by the lake. What nerve the guy had to press a girl under him in the broad daylight, just how completely did the disregard the school rules?! The students would become even more brazen and recalcitrant if he doesn’t give them a good punishment this time!

“Shit! Xuan Xuan, hurry run!” Yin Xu Dong quickly got up, pulled Xuan Xuan with him and started running. Military schools strictly prohibited their students from dating. They had to be secretive if they wanted to date, they’d be severely punished and be reprimanded in front of the entire school if caught otherwise.

When they chatted with their seniors about dating and the likes, the seniors’ replies to their confusion about not seeing couples appearing by the very date-appropriate lakeside was: are you stupid! If you guys know that the little grove there’s the best place to date, you think the teachers won’t know? The teachers have especially planted themselves there to engage in the great and praiseworthy act of breaking up their dates! And so with the passage of time, nobody goes there to date anymore, only the rookie freshies would plop over there to cosplay mandarin ducks*.

* 鸳鸯 = yuan yang; mandarin ducks, also a symbol of couple/lovers

Some were dissatisfied and muttered: look at the number of victimised juniors cuz y’all seniors didn’t teach us any of the tricks up your sleeves.

The senior laughed out loud: now that’s something you got wrong there, can’t you see how boring military school is? There’s barely any means of entertainments for us. It’ll be a lot of fun we’ll be losing out on if we were to tell you all that.

The juniors were terribly dissatisfied and cursed at their seniors for being such jerks. However, it wasn’t as though they could exact revenge over something like that and so, they directed and vented the grudge they harboured at their juniors the following year… and so, the vicious cycle continued, and there would always be a freshies that were caught, reprimanded, and had to go the school’s so re-education.

Yin Xu Dong tugged Zhuo Xiao Xuan along as he zipped off. Behind them, the teacher chased persistently while shouting: “Stop! I’ve memorised your faces! Running is useless!” ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 58 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Who’s he scaring? Zhuo Xiao Xuan wasn’t from their school so she naturally wasn’t afraid; Yin Xu Dong too was no good student either, so how was it possible that he’d stand still obediently and willing get caught after being howled at?

The two of them dashed forward and rounded a corner. When a three-metre-tall wall appeared before them, Yin Xu Dong picked up his speed and ran over first. Lowering himself into a half-squat, he crossed his fingers and placed it on his knee. When Zhuo Xiao Xuan ran over and landed on his hand, he gave her a boost up and she borrowed the force to leap onto the wall. Yin Xu Dong then jumped up and gripped the top of the wall, scaling it speedily after getting a hand from Zhuo Xiao Xuan. After which, the two of them jumped down to the other side of the wall, disappearing just like that in front of the teacher.

The teachers in Military Meds College wasn’t as strong and agile as normal soldiers, hence he could only stare at the wall sighing. The two kids sure were nimble, and that incredibly smooth co-op… The teacher could only sigh before leaving.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan upon hearing the teacher’s footsteps dimming said to the anxious Yin Xu Dong who’s got his ears pressed against the wall to hear the teacher’s movements: “That person left.”

Yin Xu Dong sighed, before bending over in laughter. What an exciting escape that was just now!

Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s eyes too tilted into a rare cure. This was the first time she’d done something like that, and feel anxious and her heartbeat quickening a little even though she knew she was capable of outrunning her pursuer; such a novel feeling had her laughing out slightly along with Yin Xu Dong.

The sharp contrast of the lightly smiling Zhuo Xiao Xuan, whose expression had always been a cold one, made her appear all the more arresting. Tempted, Yin Xu Dong couldn’t help but lower his head and peck on Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s lips. His forehead against hers, he leaned forward again for another peck, and another on top of another; his tongue had even went to lick her lips once.

Yin Xu Dong still wanted to steal some more pecks but he was pushed away by Zhuo Xiao Xuan. “I’m going back.” After which, she zipped off in the direction of the school gates, her speed so fast Yin Xu Dong was only able to see the dust in her wake. He shouted a few times, but she was gone. Was this… her exploding from… embarrassment?

When Zhuo Xiao Xuan returned to the dorm, everyone who saw her got a shock. Zhuo Xiao Xuan, the Zhuo Xiao Xuan who greeted the world with her expressionless, poker-face, was actually flushing scarlet and panting. When they recalled the fact that she couldn’t be found the entire day even though she didn’t manage to get the approval to go out, hah, this gurl’s definitely out doing something naughty! No one voiced what they knew though, save for the meaning glances and smiles they sent Zhuo Xiao Xuan.

Xiao Cheng lied on the bed, preparing for tomorrow’s lessons. In the end though, she didn’t manage to hold it in and asked: “Xiao Xuan, you sure are fast! So you like that guy? Why, we didn’t see you making any moves before this.”

Once one of them started the topic, the rest of the girls too joined the chatter, thoroughly and completely dissecting that guy’s identity. Unfortunately, they hadn’t seen Zhuo Xiao Xuan getting close with any guys in the past month of their training. After not managing to name the guy despite throwing in all the guys’ names from their school, they threw the ball back to Zhuo Xiao Xuan.

“Xiao Xuan, just say, who is it? We’re all so curious! If you’re not going to spill, then I’ll be up the entire night thinking about it. And then I definitely won’t be able to get up in time for tomorrow’s training, and then I’ll definitely be punished, and everyone will be punished because of that, and then…”

“You guys don’t need to guess anymore, he’s not from our school.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan glanced at her, saying blandly.

“Not from our school?!” Z L T

“You didn’t get the approval to go out but you…ah! You, you…” Xiao Rou gasped after finding out the hole in the logic.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan had purposefully spilled it. She’d be able to get them to help her muddle the possible sudden checks in the future if she took good advantage of them knowing about it, and so, she nodded her head, admitting it. “Enh.”

“Gurl, you got some guts right there! Don’t you know that if you get caught sneaking out, you’ll be dealt with terribly severely?” Xiao Rou tutted, sighing.

“Oh yeah, and how did you evade the cameras on the surrounding walls? You didn’t get caught on tape did you? Did you? The tutors are gonna come bring you to do quite some talking.” Xiao Yang said lowly.

Xiao Ya sitting on the top bunk blinked her shiny eyes. “I’m more curious about how you got out even though you weren’t allowed onto the school bus out without the approval.” ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 58 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Zhuo Xiao Xuan definitely wasn’t going to tell them she used qinggong to sneak out, so she told them she’d ran out on a road after getting past the walls. Following that, the girls were shocked by her magnificent feat; such a skinny and delicate-looking Zhuo Xiao Xuan was willing to run ten kilometres just to meet her lover. This was a literal depiction of The Fifty Kilometre Romance Run. At that, they were so touched by her that they shed buckets of tears, before patting their beyond flat chest, swearing that they will definitely help her keep her secret of sneaking out. On top of that, as long as she told them that she was sneaking out, they’ll help cover her and definitely won’t let her get caught by the teachers on patrol.



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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN

T/N: FINALLY hhahaha. Also, when Yin Xu Dong asked “Is this considered a date?”, the raws actually meant it as “Does this count as we are dating?” but I altered it a little because it sounds strange.

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