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A military college was different from a normal college; their training was not the simple synchronised marching, running and turning in all directions, and their training intensity too was more than just a few times higher. After an entire day of training, everyone was dead beat. Some of the girls who started to regret coming to a military school even started secretly tearing.

Someone in dorm 312 cried. Everyone surrounded Xiao Li’s bed comforting her. The more they comforted her though, the harder she cried, so everyone was a little at loss with what to do. Xiao Dong tugged the Zhuo Xiao Xuan seated on her own bed reading a book, saying softly: “Help us comfort her too. There’s still training tomorrow, how is she going to hold up in this state?”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan placed the book in her hand down, stood and walked over to the bunk encircle by the other girls. “You should’ve known it would be this tiring coming to a military school. Since it was your choice, don’t complain about it! You have two choices now: one, pack up immediately and leave.” At hearing her words, Xiao Chen secretly tugged her sleeve, but Zhuo Xiao Xuan brushed it off, continuing, “two, shut up, off the lights, sleep, and continue the training tomorrow.”

After Zhuo Xiao Xuan finished, she returned to her bed to continue reading her book, mindless of their reaction. The female MC in the book tried every possible means to transmigrate into the ancient times. When she finally realised her dream and transmigrated into the ancient times, she then started racking her brains trying to figure out how to return to the modern world. A contemporary phrase to describe her would be seeking unnecessary trouble! If it weren’t for the fact that she wanted to draw from the female MC’s lessons learnt from all her transmigrating methods, Zhuo Xiao Xuan’d have long burnt this book! She’d never seen such a senseless female before!

Though Zhuo Xiao Xuan was a little sharp with her words, they, in the end, were still effective. Xiao Li stopped crying afterwards, and everyone dispersed, going about bathing or tidying their things.

Xiao Ya on the bunk above Zhuo Xiao Xuan after returning from her bath saw Zhuo Xiao Xuan with her forehead scrunched up, reading the book extremely conscientiously. And so, she plopped down beside her. “Gurl! Aren’t you too working too hard! Why are you still studying after such tiring training! What book are you reading…” When she saw the title of the book though, she was struck extremely speechless. A Hundred Thousand Transmigrations: I Love Ikemen*… can you not read such a book with such diligence? (A/N: Should the book title mirrors another work, it is purely my fault…) ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 57 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

* 美男子 = mei nan zi; beautiful/good-looking guys, i.e. ikemen (jap)

“Xiao Xuan, you like reading… transmigration novels as well?”

“Enh, it’s not too bad.” But why was it that the female MC in this transmigration novel always ended up hooking up with the Emperor or the Prince though? Were Emperors and Princes so easily found? And why was it that they synonymous-ly fall for her so frantically? And that they’d rather choose a beauty over their kingdom? She sure hadn’t seen such an Emperor or Prince.

“Transmigration novels are what’s trending now. A lot of people fantasise about transmigrating even. Do you think there is anyone who can transmigrate in this world?”

“Yes!” She herself was an unforgettable case. Unless she didn’t exist in this world, else, she won’t not believe in its existence.

“Aye? So sure? Then do you think one can really transmigrate with such methods?”

“No idea.” The female MC in this novel experimented with a lot of futile methods. In the end however, she only transmigrated when she died in a car accident, so Zhuo Xiao Xuan couldn’t possibly take the risk to get into an accident and try dying, could she? “Maybe one would be able to transmigrate if there is a time machine.”

“Haha! Xiao Xuan, did you watch too much Pokonyan!*? How can there possibly be a time machine! Time can’t reverse itself!”

* 叮当猫 = Pokonyan!; Pokonyan! is a 1993–1996 anime series produced by NHK. There are 170 episodes, each 10 minutes long. It is licensed by Enoki Films as Rocky Rackat!. Pokonyan! was very popular in the 1990s, when there was a tanuki trend.

“Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that when the speed of something exceeds the speed of light, time will reverse.”

“First of all, I won’t deny the theory the great Einstein said, but I think that once time has passed, it’s passed, it’s impossible to turn it back. For those who have passed away, how is it possible for time to reverse and for the dead to come alive? If there really was a time machine, then won’t everyone be able to return to the ancient times? If that’s the case, then history would be a mess!”

“…true.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan lowered her head. Then could someone only transmigrate forward in time into the future?

Zhuo Xiao Xuan lowered her head and continued reading. After a while though, she finally couldn’t stand it. What in the bullshit was with the plot! The top killer organisation sent out a killer to assassinate this weak female, yet the mission drew to a close with killer failing? Even the top killer in the organisation returned unsuccessful, and even said that he would “no longer kill anyone” because he fell in love with her? And from then on, he defected from the organisation to stay by the female’s side to protect her, and then watched on as she tangled herself with the Emperor and multiple Princes unceasingly? Exactly how breathtakingly beautiful of a woman the female MC was that any male species would fall in love with her at first sight?!

Zhuo Xiao Xuan dumped her book aside and went to wash up and sleep. She swore that she won’t ever read transmigration books again; she was a retard for having read them in the first place! ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 57 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The next day before the sun was up, there was someone in the dorm that’d sneakily waken up to brush their teeth in preparation for the training. In some of the dorms where the students were being too noisy, they were immediately shouted at to cease their ruckus by the people on patrol, and were recorded for the demerits.

After training for a period of time, the company commander had the sergeants round up all the students together for a break and sit in a circle to howl some songs to communicate some feelings.

The company commander stood in the centre-most position, shouting in excitement to stir everyone’s enthusiasm. “Who do y’all recommend to come up for a performance?”

“Zhuo Xiao Xuan!” Someone seated among the guys shouted, before the bunch of them burst into laughter. There were few females in military school to begin with, and the majority of had tough and stocky build, hence, Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s thin, weak build with a height that barely inched past the minimum height requirement for female soldiers on top of her fair and delicate face was especially conspicuous when mixed among the bunch of tanned students. All the guys had noticed that the prettiest girl in their school was Zhuo Xiao Xuan. Hence there was no time to lose for them to have her go up to perform at a time like that. There wouldn’t be such an opportunity in the future if they were to miss this one, hence, they naturally were going to grip on tight to this one.

And so, Zhuo Xiao Xuan who’d remained low-key all throughout the training was pushed out to stand in front of everyone without rhyme nor reason. She was not a shy person to begin with, so she stood in the centre of the open space, natural and unrestrained.  ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 57 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

The company commander said to her: “Sing a song for us.”

“There Is Unity In Strength?” That was the only military song she knew how to howl out.

The audience however was dissatisfied. They’d heard this song way too many times. “No way! Another song! A song that isn’t a military song!”

“Change a song then.”

“Don’t know anything else.” She said coldly.

“Then, what do you know?”

“Kill… a battle competition I mean.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan paused and pointed at a guy. “You, come up.” Humans won’t learn their lessons if they’ve never gotten a sound beating.

The guy was the one that started shouting for Zhuo Xiao Xuan to go up to perform. He walked out amidst the laughter and jesting of the other guys and stood by Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s side. After being coldly gazed at by Zhuo Xiao Xuan, he finally scratched, a little embarrassed: “Hello, I’m Zhang Wu. We’re going to compete? I don’t think that’s good though? It’d be bad if I accidentally hurt you. Let’s just sing a song instead.”

“You’re overthinking. Get ready.”

The two of them stood face to face. Zhuo Xiao Xuan gestured for him to begin first, but he didn’t want to no matter what, and insisted that she should make a move first instead.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan ran over with an incredibly slow speed and sent a punch at him; Zhang Wu dodged. She then kicked at him, and he evaded after retreating a few steps.

“I don’t need you to go easy on me. If you don’t make your move, I’ll return to my seat.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan said coldly as her attack was once again dodged

After being threatened by Zhuo Xiao Xuan, Zhang Wu finally carefully stretched his hand to catch her punch. Zhuo Xiao Xuan proceeding to catch his stretched hand with a backhand move however him shocked. He didn’t think she would be able to do anything with it though. Just as he was about to concede defeat in this inappropriate contest, his body was suddenly pulled by Zhuo Xiao Xuan. By the time he reacted, both his feet were already off the ground and his entire being was smashed in a flip onto the ground

Everyone, much less Zhang Wu, was flabbergasted. They’d noticed that Zhang Wu was purposely going easy on Zhuo Xiao Xuan who was at the disadvantage. Who would have known that she’d throw him over her shoulders and turn the tides?

“You’ve let me win. I’ve practised this move before. If you weren’t careless and guarded yourself properly, I’m afraid I won’t be your opponent.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan said to the standing Zhang Wu. ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 57 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

At hearing that, everyone understood. Everyone could tell that Zhang Wu was throwing the contest, and Zhuo Xiao Xuan indeed only won with her sudden attack. It was fine though, as everyone knew in their heads who’d have won and lost if Zhang Wu had been serious.

Zhang Wu said, laughing: “You’re still pretty amazing. Normal girls don’t have the strength to throw a person like that.”

Following that, a few more other went up to dance and sing a few songs, and the time passed just like that.

In the entire month of the military training, other than that one time when she intimidated the guys with her shoulder throw such that they wouldn’t call her out randomly for any more performances in the future, she hadn’t had any other outstanding displays; she’d stayed in the middle of the group when they ran, be it long-distanced or short-distanced, and she’d hit the bullseye only seven or eight times out of ten when shooting…

It was a Sunday after the military training was over. The students had a single day off for break. The enclosed management of the military college stated that everyone who wanted to leave the campus had to apply to take turns to leave. The school wasn’t worried about students sneaking off; first of all, there were teachers and students on shift to check up on the students, those caught would be dealt accordingly. Secondly, W Military School was built with a mountain skirting its side, and there were no residences within the several-kilometre-radius of the school. Other than fixed regular bus services that went out to the city, there was no other transport available. Yin Xu Dong had to rent a mini-van with great difficulty the last time he visited. Those that wanted to take the bus out had to display their approved application papers, so students who’d sneak out would only return, their attempt futile.

Ever since military training began, Zhuo Xiao Xuan had not met with Yin Xu Dong. She thought for a while before decided that day that she was going to his school to see, and so, she submitted an application to leave. Very unfortunately, her submission was too late and her approved leave ended up being queued behind, therefore, she was not granted approval to leave this time.

However, Zhuo Xiao Xuan had never been the most rule-abiding citizen. To her, sneaking out was the most trivial of trivialities. Not only so,  going without transport wasn’t a problem either, for she could easily run to the bus stop to wait for a bus with her qinggong.

She arrived at the Military Meds College very soon, and went in after registering at the guardhouse. Before she left, she’d called Yin Xu Dong telling him that she would arrive at this timing. Hence, she saw Yin Xu Dong the moment she entered the school gates.

“Xuan Xuan!” Yin Xu Dong immediately rushed over to give Zhuo Xiao Xuan a bear hug.

After the bear hug, Yin Xu Dong sighed: “You lost weight again… oof!” After being slammed in the stomach by Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s elbow, he loosened his hug and excitedly pulled her into the school, introducing her all the various sceneries in Military Meds College. Along the way, he also lamented how the administration here was too strict, and that they had to wake up on time, eat on time, go to lessons on time, go to sleep on time. He narrated all of his dissatisfaction, and the fact that he’d thought they’d be able to meet often since both their schools were in the same city. However, students weren’t allowed out of military school usually. Even if they wanted to leave during the weekends, they had to take turns in applying for the quota.

“I’ll come look for you when I have time.” 

Yin Xu Dong was beyond elated at first. Following his jubilance however was replaced with suspicion as he looked at Zhuo Xiao Xuan. “Xuan Xuan, you can’t have… sneaked out, can you?”

“Enh, my application wasn’t approved.” Z L T

“Ahh! You’ll be dead if you’re caught. I heard the punishment’s pretty severe. Why don’t you go back first and come down again when your application’s approved?”

“No one will know. Or, are you suspecting my abilities?” Zhuo Xiao Xuan slanted him a gaze.

“Of course not! I’m just worried if you’re found out…”


Zhuo Xiao Xuan turned in the direction of the sound to see a few girls walking their way. The girl standing in the middle was looking straight at her. Zhuo Xiao Xuan swept her an expressionless gaze before turning her head back.

Yin Xu Dong however, strangely felt a little nervous all of a sudden. He raised his hands to greet the girls stiffly. “Hi! Liu Ting.” After that, he immediately lowered his head and quickly muttered beside Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s ears secretly: “She’s the belle of the Nursing Department; she’d confessed to me before.”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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