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Fan Xiao Qing did not take it to heart. After this event, she continued her farming and levelling days as per usual.

It was that day when she’d just hit level 30 and was stuck between the dividing lines of the system’s safety zones when she saw him flying past her, spurring his horse on. He ran an entire portion of distance before suddenly pulling on the reins and stopped to look over.

Fan Xiao Qing shivered, and immediately recalled who the guru in front was. Z L T

Fan Hua San Qian turned and rode back, grabbing her while flashing a smile so flatteringly demonic. “You only rose twenty levels in a week?”

Fan Xiao Qing didn’t have any friends in the game, and the dry and dull farming and levelling was unable to spark her interest, so she only logged on occasionally when she was bored to air her cockiness, and so naturally, she rose quite a few levels in the week at an average pace.

However, Fan Hua San Qian’s disdainful gaze was beyond infuriating. Fan Xiao Qing harrumphed, lugged her large sword and turned to go. ♢ ONLINE GAME: WILLINGLY CAPTURED, CHAPTER 02 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

It was Fan Hua San Qian’s credit, though, that thoroughly enflamed Fan Xiao Qing’s fighting spirit. After work, she utilised her spare time to log on to complete quests, her attitude one of extreme conscientiousness.

After investing lots of energy into the game, Fan Xiao Qing’s levelling speed was one akin to riding a rocket—it shot up extremely fast. After a week when she entered the realm of maxing her level and stood before Fan Hua San Qian did she suddenly come to a realisation.

That asshole’s waiting for her to be void of the system’s safety zone to kill her……

Female sword-wielder’s attack and defense were both high and was the most essential tanker of a guild. Hence, this occupation, very naturally, was in high demand by guilds after maxing the level. However, Fan Xiao Qing was an obstinate girl. She didn’t join other guilds, instead, she joined Fan Hua San Qian’s guild. And so, she followed the guild in farming and swindling monsters every day.

Consequently, Fan Hua San Qian got angry. After their team was once again wiped, he lifted Fan Xiao Qing, and as what had happened when they’d first met, he sent her a stun and froze her firmly where she was.

Being a head taller than her, he stood before her, arms crossed, saying coldly: “Who gave you such guts to drag my progress?”

Fan Xiao Qing flat-out pretended to act dumb. “I’m only a rookie whose progress went as far as levelling 20 levels a week, it’s not like I want to hinder my gameplay progression.” Z L T

Her words had Fan Hua San Qian unable to reply, and he wilted.

That was such a grudge-holding girl.


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