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The officer sitting across Qin Ke Xuan continued: “Allow me to introduce myself. Surname Chang, name Jiang Lin. I am the company commander of war preparation Troop Company 32 on duty in Chinese People’s Liberation Army, military district City B. You are currently not my subordinate soldier so it is unnecessary for you to address me by the military’s standard. You can just call me Chang shu.”

* = shu; uncle (the recipient of this address need not be biologically related to the person addressing) I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Chang Jiang Lin stretched his hand at the solider on his left. That soldier produced the materials and placed it in his hand. He placed the materials on the table, both his hands clasped together, saying: “You infiltrated the military base’s weaponry storeroom. Other than the micro-surveillance monitors that had recorded the situation, you were not captured on surveillance along the way. I do not believe that is a coincidence. If you have discovered there were surveillance monitors in the storeroom, you also would have the ability to evade them. This performance is elite to the point even Special Forces troops have difficulty comparing up to. In the beginning, we suspected you were a Special Forces soldier trying to steal information on our country’s military affairs, however, after we have investigated your background, we discovered your physical capabilities are not actually very good and have not been exposed to any systematic training. From the information gathered, you completely transformed after that car accident and proceeded to join an underworld organisation. We have been unable to find out the cause that has resulted in your physical finesse changes. However, there is a scientific research that suggested having experienced severe accidents might trigger special abilities in humans that are unexplainable by science. We have determined, for now, that that is the cause that resulted in your change…”

Qin Ke Xuan raised her head, cutting his words off coldly: “Say your objective.” They have a very large and powerful intelligence network and were essentially able to collect information for almost everything.

Chang Jiang Lin paused, before giving a knowing smile. “Straightforward, I like! Then I’ll be frank with you. Lass, interested in joining the Special Forces unit?” These kinds of talented people, if not utilised by the country, would join the small-scaled underworld organisation, and their destructive ability would not be prominent. However, if dug away by foreign spy organisations, then these people will be a threat to the country and they would not allow such things to happen.

“No.” She knew these people didn’t have any good intentions. Now that she’s seen it, they were pretty much the same as Zhou Lin (the person who had Qin Ke Xuan join the dark organisation). They had their eye on her abilities, hence as to why they want to rope her in to serve the organisation use. Expect that these people in front of her were representative of the country.

“Lass, you infiltrated the military base’s weaponry storeroom on your own and even stole a few bullets. If this is all fiction, then that’s considered a thief stealing things, but we’re talking about the offence of seizing the country’s classified military information! You’ll be shot dead no different from a spy! You need to know that usually when such things happen, there is a need to report to the higher-ups. Say, do you think we should report this less seriously? Or more seriously?”

“You are threatening me?” Qin Ke Xuan completely paid no any heed to his threat. Even if they wanted her head, she would not comply obediently. She was, at least, still confident in her own abilities. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Haha, this lass is interesting, interesting! Then if we were to bribe you, would you then agree to our terms?” Chang Jiang Lin asked, laughing loudly.

Qin Ke Xuan shook her head. “That will depend on how enticing your bribe is.” Z L T

“Good, good. We can report you upwards as a spy, wipe the record of your entry into the underworld organisation and resolve all the trouble that arose due to your involvement with the underworld. Trivialities aside, the main point is that we will provide you with a referral to the immediate Special Forces brigade. To a soldier, that is of supreme glory. You will have boundless prospects…” Chang Jiang Lin continued on unceasingly about the advantages of joining the Special Forces.

Qin Ke Xuan after listening for a short while stopped him, saying: “These are not important to me. I only have one demand.”

“Do tell.”are you readin’ this on ZLT

“I am very interested regarding the Theory of Relativity topic and the part of it that covers the theory about time travel. There have been many who have envisioned about time machines and even engaged in its invention. I would like to understand the research on this topic very much. I need the relevant information regarding this scope of study.”

She had researched a lot of information via the computer. Every time she came across a word she didn’t know, all she needed to do was the Baidu it and she would be able to analyse it. However, she was only able to obtain very surface-deep levels of information. There were sites that had mentioned that information regarding high technology concerned a country’s classified information, hence was strictly prohibited from being made public.

As for research regarding time machines, the majority of the information she had gathered was regarding the fantastical creations of fictional novels and movies. There were some who had mentioned about the theory on wormholes by Hawking. He had said that time machines were not an impossible invention in science, but all she could do was to identify the correct direction, and was not able to acquire any useful information. She had originally wanted to gain information through the dark organisation, however she had been unable to gain results all these while.

Through her research, she found out that the invention of a time machine required talented manpower and financial investment, however, people of such talents were more often than not in the control of the country’s government. It was unlikely for people with such talent and financial resources among the common folk. Now that the military had come knocking on her door, perhaps it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Theory of Relativity, time machine? This… I’ve heard of the Theory of Relativity, Einstein suggested that theory. Even though not a lot of people understand what that thing is, but if it’s information, they can be found in bookstores. As for time machines, that stuff only exists in movies, they probably don’t exist in real life.” Chang Jiang Lin had been wondering what conditions she would demand, turns out she wanted that?

Qin Ke Xuan frowned and stared straight into Chang Jiang Lin’s eyes, they weren’t evasive; he wasn’t lying. Did that mean that even officers of his military rank were unable to know the exact information? Or was it to say, the military was not even involved in the research of time machines to begin with. However, the largest investment in technology of a country is in the military. She believed that as long as she could find any trace, she would be able to uncover the information and data. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“What does the Special Forces do?” Qin Ke Xuan after making her decision began querying and understanding the organisation she was about to enter.

Chang Jiang Lin introduced to Qin Ke Xuan with gusto: “The missions of the Special Forces are to damage, assassinate and kidnap, reconnaissance behind enemy lines, seize intelligence, work as anti-agents, engage in anti-raids and anti-hijacking and etcetera. Special Forces soldiers are generally selected from soldiers on active duty aged between 18 and 21. However, there are also special cases where we discover talented people that are not on active duty nor reach the age requirement. With regards to such cases, we have established a more special type of unit, the Special Forces Reserve Squad. They will stay till they have matured and are able to enter the Special Forces Squad.

The missions didn’t sound too bad, neither did they make things difficult for her. She paused to think for a moment, saying: “I’m still a few years away from 18, can you overlook this age difference?”

Chang Jiang Lin replied difficulty: “I’m afraid we cannot. You need to reach the age requirement set by the country. Other than having a healthy and strong body, being quick-witted and courageous as well as having a self-sacrificial attitude and battle experience, the requirement for a Special Forces soldier to have a high educational level is very strict. So you need to graduate when you’re 18 from high school before entering the Special Forces Squad.”

Didn’t that mean she would still need to continue going to school? And finish the three years in high school! That length of time would take too long. If it’s like that, then exactly when would she be able to return to her original world? Given the current circumstance however, there was nothing she could do other than waiting for opportunities to come by.

Qin Ke Xuan’s gaze torched as she looked at Chang Jian Lin. “Okay, I’ll join.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COMZ L T

Just as Qin Ke Xuan walked out of the interrogation room, Yin Xu Dong pounced over and grabbed her shoulders, looking her up and down to check if she had been beaten. “You’re okay right?” Behind him trailed the Qin and Yin parents.

Qin Shu Hua went over to Qin Ke Xuan emotionally, wanting to hug his daughter, but was blocked by the stay-away-from-me aura Qin Ke Xuan exuded. In the end, he only patted her shoulders with force, saying: “It’s good you’re back, it’s good you’re back.”

Qin Ke Xuan peeled his hands off and replied nonchalantly: “Let’s go back.” She turned around to nod at Chang Jiang Lin before exiting the door.

“Aye, aye, Xuan Xuan wait for me!” Yin Xu Dong immediately followed behind her. Z L T

The parents of the two families quickly followed, worried their children would stir up more trouble.

Qin Ke Xuan returned to the Qin house she had left for a month and returned to the days before she had left. She continued going to school as though nothing had happened the entire month. Every time Qin Shu Hua wanted to ask her why she had left, and why she had provoked the underworld people, she would always reply him with ‘no comment’. If it hadn’t been Jiang Hui Lin intensely comforting her husband that all was good that she returned, Qin Shu Hua almost would have died from anger.

Because Qin Shu Hua had published a person-looking post in the newspaper, everyone knew she had gone missing for a month. Hence when Qin Ke Xuan returned to school, everyone was gesticulating and the people in class were all discussing. The effort was futile even when their form teacher had once again forbidden them in doing so.

Luo Sheng Hui rolled over to Qin Ke Xuan and sat down in the seat in front of her after class ended, asking frivolously: “Qin Ke Xuan classmate, long time no see. Was it fun running away from home?” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan was engrossed in her textbook. She had to make wise use of her time to hurry learn all the stuff a Special Forces soldier needed to learn, then see if she could enter the Special Forces Squad proper in advance. She had never minded the rumours and slanders anyway.

The other guys standing beside Luo Sheng Hui punched him, laughing: “You’re asking so straightforwardly, will she even answer?”

The bunch of them frolicked around. Luo Sheng Hui upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan ignoring him reached to snatch away the textbook in her hand. When knew that the Qin Ke Xuan that had been engrossed in her textbook suddenly slammed it shut, stood up and walked out the classroom.

Luo Sheng Hui thought he hand annoyed Qin Ke Xuan, and shouted loudly after her: “Where are you going? Lesson’s gonna start soon!”

Qin Ke Xuan walked in the school with her textbook in hand, thinking of searching a quiet place to properly read her textbook. As she walked, she noticed Yin Xu Dong tipping-toe in his level one music room peeping out in her direction. What’s he doing out here instead of attending lessons in his classroom? Qin Ke Xuan walked over to behind him asking: “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at Lu…” Yin Xu Dong suddenly whipped around, getting a huge scare, screaming: “Xuan Xuan! What are you doing here?!”

“I asked you what are you doing.” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 28 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM


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