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As for looking for the safe and opening it, it was Jackal’s job, Qin Ke Xuan knew nothing about such high-tech stuff. Jackal successfully unlocked it and found the name list. Just as he was about to take it away, an alarm suddenly sounded.

Wolf and Leopard outside asked anxiously: “What happened?”

“Fvck! That ol’ Xiao set a fixed time for the which the safe can be opened safely. When it’s opened outside that time, an alarm will sound!” If he had destroyed that system then such a situation would not appear!

Leopard saw the lights flickering on and people moving, and instructed lowly: “Retreat immediately! We’ll provide support!”

Qin Ke Xuan said into the intercom: “Stay outside and don’t move. Listen, I’m commanding this time, listen to my instructions.” She did not need another one to impede their progress. She flicked a bland look at the awkward and anxious Jackal, saying: “Just this once.”

Jackal shouted anxiously: “Da Jie! If we’re caught this time then there’s no next time!”

Qin Ke Xuan grabbed a porcelain and threw it at the window. The glass panes immediately broke, falling on the ground in a pitter-patter. The porcelain, too, flew out the window and landed on the ground with a shattering sound, and then she strode out the study room, “Catch up.”

Leopard followed after Qin Ke Xuan tightly, and walked down the stairs to the first floor, turning into a corner and banged the door open with a kick. The person inside immediately screamed: “Who are you?!” It was a woman.

Jackal closed the door behind them, turning around in time to see Qin Ke Xuan’s shadow zipping forward, and she was already standing in front of the women. Her hand hacked downwards, and the woman collapsed on the ground. Tsk tsk, she was so cold-blooded, even towards women.

Qin Ke Xuan went to the windows and opened it, looking down. This place was not bad, there were no lights shining in this direction. As for the other people, they probably thought they escaped through the study room window, and all went scurrying in that direction to search. The rest of the people were probably still prowling through every level, and probably would not head in this direction at least for a while. However, the problem was that if they did not leave as soon as they can, they would be trapped, and by that time, it would be difficult to escape.

Qin Ke Xuan turned around speaking to the Jackal behind her: “Go down from here.” She stepped on the window ledge and jumped downwards, stepping on the stone ledge protruding from the windows on every level, before dropping down onto the ground.

Jackal remembered that it was still the fourth floor, and lunged towards the window to look down in fear, but saw An Ye completely unscathed below. He heard An Ye’s calm and flat voice through his intercom: “Hurry.”

Jackal looked at the thin water pipe at the side, and swallowed, before biting his teeth and reached out for the water pipe to slide down. He slid down, squeaking all the way. Everything was still all right until he reached the second floor where the water pipe could no longer bear his weight and broke with a “bang”. Thankfully the second floor was not too high up, Jackal only felt his legs numbing, but they were not broken.

This little incident, however, attracted the attention of the people searching for them, “They’re there! Quick catch them!”

Qin Ke Xuan grabbed Jackal’s elbow and ran around the wall while saying into the intercom: “Leopard, go back to where Wolf is.”


“We’ll catch up.”

When they reached the surrounding walls, Jackal immediately squatted, inter-crossing his fingers. Qin Ke Xuan quickly stepped on his connected palms, and Jackal’s arms gave a forceful boost, tossing Qin Ke Xuan up into the air and she landed on the wall. She bent down, stretching her hand to pull Jackal up. Jackal gripped the wall, borrowing Qin Ke Xuan’s grip, and scaled the wall.

The people pursuing them upon seeing their targets slipping away actually pulled out their guns and opened fire at them.

After Qin Ke Xuan heard a loud “bang”, something flew at her at a ridiculously fast speed. It was a hidden weapon! It was so quick, granting her no time to dodge. Her left hand instinctively raised, her index and middle fingers lifted to clip the hidden weapon, but who knew her fingers were unable to rival the strength and drive of the weapon. It rubbed past her fingers and buried itself into her left shoulder. Her left shoulder throbbed in pain, and Qin Ke Xuan groaned stuffily before falling off one side of the wall.

Jackal grabbed Qin Ke Xuan in time, and the two of them fell down. Just as he was about to check her injuries, Qin Ke Xuan waved his hand away, pressing her wound and stood up, saying with a low voice: “Go.”

“An Ye, your wound…”

“Jackal, go back first then dress the wound, hurry.” Leopard heard them through the intercom and guessed that An Ye was injured, and was commanding Jackal.


Qin Ke Xuan pressed her wound and detoured around the Xiao family’s house with Jackal to lose their pursuers before rushing towards the little alley where the car was parked. The two of them entered, and the car shot off.

Leopard had already prepared the first aid box that was opened and placed on one side. He stretched his hand, ready to take off Qin Ke Xuan’s clothes, but was slapped away by Qin Ke Xuan, and she glared at him coldly. He paused for a while before reacting, urging her anxiously: “You’re shot, we need to hurry staunch the bleeding, it’s not the time to assess the gender differences!”

“I won’t die.” Qin Ke Xuan was clear of the injury on her own body, “Just tell me how to dress the wound.”

Wolf, Jackal and Leopard frowned, what was she getting at? She wanted to dress the wound on her own? They were out on a mission, yet the three big and alive guys let a girl get wounded, and did not even help dress her wound, were they still worthy of being males? Especially Jackal, who was particularly guilty, if he had been more careful, then they would not have been discovered, and she would not have gotten hurt.

Qin Ke Xuan said lightly: “Why are you people not talking? You won’t let me handle my own wound?”

Wolf slammed the steering wheel, gnashing his teeth: “You know we don’t mean that, we..”

“I don’t know.” Qin Ke Xuan cut him off, “And I don’t want to know, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say.” As long as she took out the concealed weapon, everything would be fine. Except that this weapon was a little powerful, to completely penetrate into her flesh, it was going to be a little troublesome.

The three guys lost their anger. Leopard raised his hand to surrender: “Say! It’s just taking out the bullet, except that we don’t have any appropriate apparatus to do that, so we can’t extract it. Since you’re not letting us help, then stop the blood first, I’ll contact the organisation to see if there’s anyone who can help extract the bullet.”

“If the person is a woman, then she can help.” Qin Ke Xuan thought briefly before agreeing.

The three of them were too exasperated to educate her about the fact that human life is beyond value, and beyond gender differences.

Leopard took out his phone to dial for the organisation doctor, “Hello! Yes yes yes, yes it’s my fault, I promise I won’t bother you in the middle of the night in the future. Compensate, yes I’ll compensate okay? Mmh, we’ve got someone who was shot here and needs you to extract the bullet. Aye, she’s a lil’ girl, how can she be treated roughly like men! Okay, we’ll reach soon, get ready the instruments, bye.”

He hung up, and exhaled loudly in relief, turning to say to Qin Ke Xuan: “An Ye, you owe me big time man, I finally found you a ‘suitable’ female doctor!”

Qin Ke Xuan pressed her wound, saying: “Drop me off the car.”

“Aye? Why, are you not willing?”

“I never owe people.” If he wanted her to owe him something, she would rather go back home and grab a knife to dig out the so-called bullet on her own.

Leopard wept bitter tears, “What sin have I committed! Do you need to torment me like that?!”

Jackal turned around and urged: “An Ye, he’s joking, you don’t need to take him seriously.”

Qin Ke Xuan looked at them earnestly, saying: “I don’t accept jokes, and I won’t owe anyone, even while joking.”

Leopard held his anger, gnawing his teeth, saying: “When a member of the organisation is injured, the organisation is responsible for looking after the injured. Can you accept it now?”

“Accepted.” Qin Ke Xuan nodded.


Qin Ke Xuan was brought to the basement. Upon opening the door, she saw a woman sitting on the sofa. Her makeup was exquisitely done up, and voluminous curls draped loosely. She was an enchanting beauty, but the close to a lack of fabric clothing her body rendered Qin Ke Xuan unable to agree blindly.

The beauty stood up to welcome them, and walked around Qin Ke Xuan, sizing her up and down, before she clicked her tongue: “Where did you guys abduct such a pretty girl from?”

The three guys rolled their eyes simultaneously, “It’s Boss who abducted her, none of our business.”

The beauty fished out a rubber band and tied her hair up in a few moves, and walked over to the desk on the side, calling Qin Ke Xuan: “Come over here and lay down. Aye? Where are the three of you guys going?”

The three guys rolled their eyes again, “No direct contact between males and females!” They were going to evade this!

When Leopard closed the door, he could not stop worrying and urged Qin Ke Xuan: “An Ye, you must listen to Xiang Jie, don’t get angry.”

Xiang Jie wore her gloves, picking up the surgery knife to slash away her blood-stained shirt, and Qin Ke Xuan lowered her head to look at the wound. There was a hole on the snow-white skin, and the blood was already clotting up.

Xiang Jie clicked her tongue loudly, “Tsk tsk, what are they doing? To actually let a lil’ girl eat a bullet, aye, you’re An Ye right? Why don’t you stop following them and drift with me hmm?”

Qin Ke Xuan started to suspect if everyone in this organisation was a chatterbox, why did each and every one of them have so much nonsense to talk about? “Please hurry up.” She had to rush back before dawn breaks.

“What’s the rush? Don’t want to chat with me? It’s such a rarity to get another female join this organisation, of course I’mma talk with you… Aye? Why are you getting up? Okay okay okay, I’ll start immediately, say, aren’t you impatient? … Aye, I’ll stop talking alright? Lie down lie down, I need to find some anaesthetic, hah? Don’t need? Woah! You sure you don’t want any? Alright, then I’ll start! … Ayeee seems like the bullet’s a little deep, I need to cut through, endure it a little hah! Hahaha, I found the bullet! Aye? Why’re my tweezers? Tweezers, tweezers, it’s here. Phew, it’s out, everything’s all right once I sew your wound! … OK, mission accomplished!”

Wolf, Jackal and Leopard stood eavesdropping outside, cold sweat drizzling down.


Wolf, Jackal and Leopard saw the pale Qin Ke Xuan pushing the door open and walking out. Xiang Jie was inside cleaning up her apparatus, and shouted excitedly: “An Ye Xiao Mei Mei, you’re welcome anytime! I’ll give you a fifty percent discount!”

That woman… Wolf, Jackal and Leopard followed Qin Ke Xuan speechlessly and drove her back to the fixed pick-up location near her house.

“An Ye, you sure you don’t need us to send you back to your place?” The three of them were very worried she would walk halfway and faint.

“Mmh.” Qin Ke Xuan nodded and left.

When she got back to the house, since her shoulder was hurt, she could not jump up to the balcony. Seeing how it was still very early in the day, and everyone was still asleep, she fished out her keys to open the door, and quietly returned to her room, locking her bedroom door, and laid on the bed without even changing her clothes.

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  1. I find her reasoning to be ridiculous. A supposed killer, exposed to the underbelly of shady business as a pugilist, and she’s now concerned about decorum? Her having such mindset of being conservative even in her injured state doesn’t make sense considering her background. She frustrates me.


  2. I was wondering when she’ll encounter guns. She’s OP and all but without knowledge while going after dangerous missions she might as well be dead.

    I’m glad they didn’t aim for a vital spot.

    Thank you for the update!

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