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“I just saw two burglars! Am I not supposed to report this to the police? And so I called them, I’m writing my witness right now… this is so exciting don’t you think so?” 

Oh bless, things were really out of hand now. This was the first time Xuan Mo felt so evidently helpless.

According to what Lu Yu Chen described, he’d either saw a ghost or bumped into some extraterrestrial beings. 

The Golden Stone building was still perfectly quiet though, no movements or anything from there. Xuan Mo contemplated for a moment before she decided she should still go down to take a look.

She dashed out of her dorm as fast as lightning and made her way towards the building. The fact that she couldn’t sense anything told her that there was definitely something wrong.

Just before she was about to reach, she reined in her presence and retracted her mental net. Standing amidst the thick bushes, she looked at the building quietly. The number of soldiers on duty had increased to a total of ten people these few days. Just the entrance had three; there were also a few spread out across every level. Security was indeed watertight, but even so they didn’t notice Xuan Mo.

It was a chilly night. She didn’t discover anything even after all the lights to the dormitory buildings in the distance switched off and everything around her delved into silence.

Xuan Mo kept her eyes wide open; she didn’t dare let her guard down even for a moment.

In the distance, a car drove over silently. It made no engine noises, it didn’t have any headlights on, nor did it produce any sort of vibration. The entire vehicle seemed as though it could melt into the darkness of the night.

Taut with tension, Xuan Mo squinted her eyes at the car.

The soldier on duty didn’t even notice that the car had already driven over to the entrance. When the door opened, a guy decked out in a suit walked out.

He walked silently over to the guard post, breezed right past the soldier and stood outside the basement. 

And then, he turned to look in Xuan Mo’s direction. 

Submerged in the darkness of the night, his gaze was indecipherable. Eyes slightly squinted, a blue light seemed to have glinted past his eyes. 

 Xuan Mo had no idea why she was discovered, but she was not one to take flight in the face of danger. She took a few steps backwards slowly before she released her presence and ran towards the hill at the back. 

While she didn’t hear anything, she was certain that the “person” was following behind her. 

The night wind breezed past, in the dark night, she slowly ran into a bushy area that had nothing save for greenery. 

“!@¥%……” He suddenly spoke,“@¥#¥%@@¥%!”

“…” Xuan Mo was silent for a moment. She recognised the language, it was Bolde, the language of a stray civilisation… but her body was unable to produce such high frequency sounds. With no other options available, she pointed at her throat and shook her head. 

The guy nodded his head, made some adjustments and continued: “@##%……@#?”

She pointed at her throat and shook her head.


She pointed again and shook her head.



The back and forth continued on so long both of them got annoyed. Xuan Mo puzzled over this for a moment before she asked: “English?”

The expressionless guy suddenly revealed a frustrated expression; he pointed at his head and shook his head.

Was he trying to say that he didn’t have any Blue Planet being language logged in his head? Xuan Mo deciphered. It’s only been a few days, he’d probably rushed all the way here the moment he received the signal. All he had to do was to get rid of it in one go, so there was no need to register the local language beforehand.

While they couldn’t communicate, this foreign being didn’t seem hostile, so it seemed like there was still space for negotiation.

The guy walked one circle around Xuan Mo with an expression of amazement before he spoke in Bolde language: “Which civilisation is your outpost from?”

Xuan Mo gave a bitter smile as she squatted on the ground. She picked up a random twig and started drawing a broken battleship, with two ends of the broken ship forming the word Abu in Scorpion in an attempt to shock a response if he was a fellow Scorpion.

When the guy squatted down to take a look at her drawing, he suddenly widened his eyes before staring harder at the simple diagram for half a moment more; he then inhaled sharply, falling to the ground on his butt.

Xuan Mo wasn’t impressed by his emotional response. Even she wasn’t excited — and she was the one that suddenly chanced upon an impossible opportunity to return home — what was he getting so riled up for?

The guy gathered himself before he suddenly opened his mouth. A piercing light sparked from his mouth, following which was a sound that seemed to have enveloped their surroundings. It was a language that required no medium to transmit. What was the most shocking was word that he communicated through the vacuum: Abu! 

It was a pure, Scorpion accent. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 153 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Xuan Mo widened her eyes. She didn’t believe that lady luck would be so kind to grant her such a miracle. She’d been hoping that someone from Scorpio would come — lo and behold, was the person before her a Scorpion?! 

Just as she was wondering how she should verify, she suddenly felt an excruciating pain; protruding from her chest was a mental energy-materialised silver blue dagger. 

Her combat reflexes jumped to attention the instant she felt the pain. Holding in the agony, she supported herself with both hands as she retreated a dozen of metres backwards in a flash. The mental energy dagger continued to erode her mental energy. With a low grunt, she activated her mental energy, and pushed the dagger out with a colossal force of her summoned mental energy. Having lost its source of energy, the dagger disappeared into thin air before it hit the ground. 

The guy stood up and slowly raised his hands. A faint red light pulsed between his hands. The red light slowly churned into a frightening, violent sphere…

Xuan Mo stood too, before suddenly smiling. She shook her head, raised her index finger and used her mental energy to materialise a sign the shape of a book. In the middle of the book was a symbol of a sickle.

The guy clenched his teeth and retreated. He released the energy in his hands. When the faint red light blinked and died out, the only things left in his wake was the set of clothes on the ground. 

 Xuan Mo closed her sign and looked at the clothes on the ground, speechless. 

The sign of the Elge civilisation originated from their mission to sustain their knowledge on lives, not just their own life force, but also that of others. 

She had no idea how this stray Elge being appeared on Blue Planet, perhaps he had wanted to borrow the powers of the golden stone to travel elsewhere. One thing she did get out of this was — it seemed like the golden stone commotion wasn’t only attracting allies…

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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