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As to why the Demon Lord was punished to kneel, the memory Su Su received from her body was as followed —

Ye Xi Wu and her concubine-born older sister Ye Bing Shang fell into a river together a month ago. 

The sixth prince jumped into the river to save her concubine-born sister, the valedictorian scholar jumped into the river to save her concubine-born sister too. Not only so, even the original Ye Xi Wu’s recently wedded husband Tan Tai Jin jumped intoo the river and swam towards her concubine-born sister. 

In the end, one of the original Ye Xi Wu’s shadow guard realised that she was in a pinch, and rescued her instead.

The original Ye Xi Wu almost drowned as a result. When she returned, she flew into a fury. She couldn’t rage at the sixth prince or the scholar, so she displaced all her anger on Tan Tai Jin. 

She had Tan Tai Jin kneel on the frozen river; he had to stay kneeling until she forgave him. 

Before the punishment started however, the original Ye Xi Wu fell sick. Subsequently, her grandmother brought her and Tan Tai Jin to the temple to pray and seek for blessings.

However, the origianl Ye Xi Wu was kidnapped by bandits en route. 

Now that everyone had returned, Tan Tai Jin naturally had to continue serving his punishment.

Su Su rubbed her chest. She wanted to head out to see the young Demond Lord kneeling in punishment.

This must be a rare welfare as a result of her transmigration 500 years into the past!

If only she had an image-recording pearl, she would definitely record this as keepsake and bring it back to show her sect elders; the entire cultiavtion realm would exhale in exaltation at such a fulfillment!


Tan Tai Jin was kneeling on the ice.

Two days ago after he returned, the chamberlain of the General’s Manor appeared before him. The latter tidied his sleeves as he slanted him a glance before speaking with a smile: “I hope zhi’zi you have not forgetten the third miss’ words from before.”

Tan Tai Jin remained silent. His gaze lowered and reined, he went out to kneel on the frozen river. 

Before long, the winter chill had his face turing beyond pale.

The winter this year was particularly cold. A few mainservants walked past the river. As they did, they whispered amonst themselves: “Third miss is punishing the zhi’zi again?”

“Hadn’t they just returned from the Tian Hua Temple? The third miss punished the zhi’zi to kneel again, what a poor thing.”

“Shh, lower your volume, are you not scared of third miss?”

Ever since the third miss and zhi’zi wedded, the former was always punishing him. 

Everyone knew that the third miss only had eyes for the sixth prince, and had hated the zhi’zi to the core. 

The third miss was Ye Major General’s favourite daughter. Tan Tai Jin on the other hand was the Zhou Kingdom Emperor’s most hated son. 

Having lived in the Great Xia Kingdom for so many years, Tan Tai Jin had been coerced even by servants, much less receive punishment from the most favoured third miss Ye Xi Wu. 

He was loathed by everyone; to the people, they saw him as a punching bag, and so they displaced their anger, hurled their insults, venting on him.

The glances maidservants spared Tan Tai Jin were often coated in pity more than anything. 

The beautiful youth had always been quite a humble and polite person, and he was one without any loftiness. He was of a pitiful birth, the treatment he received as a result was often one of torment. 

Even if Ye Major General caught wind of this, he would serve a sentence or two in reminder to his beloved daughter, and nothing more would this situation stir. 

The thick snow had covered the green pine in the distance. Tan Tai Jin coughed. The chill had entered his lungs, rendering even breathing a painful, piercing chore. 

Beneath his knees were ice, it chilled even his bones in agony.

Upon the youth’s raven hair had already formed a layer of frost.

Tan Tai Jin had knelt for long, too long, he almost couldn’t feel his knees. With a muffled groan, he had to support himself by pressing on the frozen surface so as to keep himself upright.

The ice reflected his face.

It was a weak, harmless appearance of a youth.

He recalled two days again, when he carried the third miss back from the bandits’ den. Old Dowager Ye had turned green. 

“Not a single word of this will be heard beyond today. If I hear of anyone letting it slip, the Ye family will not show any mercy!”

The Old Dowager’s expression was one of fierce gravity, even the gleam in her eyes was doused in menance. 

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