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She was running, breathless, her beating slamming a crazy staccato in her chest. Her head whipped back for a second, and the endless sea of dark fur of the evtrée chasing in her wake had another scream bubbling in her dry throat.

She had accidentally turned a wrong corner, and, not only lost her group mates, but also, very tragically, ran into an entire nest of evtrée. She remember freezing, paralyzed with fear.

It was the first time she froze, from fear, from terror, from dread.

She shuddered just recalling the thousand pairs of piercingly glowing eyes lighting up the dark cave. A hair-raising yowl, and before she knew it, she saw beams flying at her.

She’d dropped her baggage, and just ran.

She’d learnt about evtrées back in the academy. Predators, these carnivore beasts are at the top of the food chain. They had been countlessly warned to not provoke any. Or even come into the sight of any.

Oh goddess, she’d been running, for a record-breakingly long while, even longer than the torturous runs she endured during the hellish training back at the academy.

Ave stumbled, her numb legs threatened to give out under her. A whimper threatened to escape her throat, but hand shot up to cover her mouth. She swallowed it back.

Ave had never whimpered before. Not when she fell of the cliff, not when she sunk into the parasytic waters, not when she was on missions. Perhaps she knew they were only academy-based missions, that’s why the element of fear was absent.

This time was the first time her party ventured into the caves. And perhaps it would be her last time. Her eyes swum with tears, the vision before her eyes blurring.




He glided along the darkened hallways, a ball of light dancing in his open palms. Xavier turned the corner, his ear perking at the thunderous footsteps miles away. He fisted his open palm, extinguishing the pulsing bob of light smoothly. He stepped off his glider, and the material misted before disintegrating into nothing.

He bent down, his fingers grazing the uneven ground. He could feel the trembles, from so far away.

He walked towards the tremors, a crestfallen tilt of his lips hung solemnly on his face.

A fleeting tinge of bloodlust sparked in his eyes as he flexed his fingers. His footsteps remained steady, cold. He walked, unruffled, towards the source of the earthquake-like tremors, his eyes darkening in fervor.

He turned in the next corner, the tremors dying down as he effortlessly whizzed past the maze-like cave, emerging at a junction ahead of the route of the impending tremors.

His blade flickered out; he gripped it, his fingers itching to feel the slice of the cool metal through flesh, itching to smell the metallic twang of blood in the air.

He paused before the corner, his back against the cave, waiting, patiently, a leopard eyeing its prey.

The pattering of footsteps lighter than he expected sounded, and just as his gaze swept up, she greeted him with a solid slam, a marvelous shriek erupting.

He scowled at the interruption, his arm flicking backwards, his sword dissipating as though it never existed.

Her frozen body registered a foreign body, but her mind sagged in relief. Someone. There was someone here. “The… the evtrée, they’re… they’re…” Her trembling voice dragged out.

An arm wound around her dainty waist, pressing the trembling girl against the side of the cave wall, his body warm against hers.

“Shh.” His voice sounded beside her ears, pushing her against the cave wall, the two melting into the shadows.

Her shoulders slumped, in tiredness, and her alertness drooped as well, and she leaned into her savior, eyes squeezed shut, her hands clutching the material of his coat tightly.

She inhaled to calm her pulsating fear, her word trembling like a leaf. She could barely work up any voice to talk.

“Help me.”

Outside the arch of the tiny notch she’d inserted her into, thunderous galloping shook the ground.

In the pale glow of the cave, she caught a glimpse of silver. A mask, dulled with scratches, shielded the upper half of his features, leaving only his eyes and mouth visible. She stared into where she’d assumed his eyes were, hers eyes searchingly dilating in terror.

In the darkness, his eyes clearly made out her dainty features, her bright green eyes brimming with tears, her button nose, and her pale lips dyed red with blood.

He released her, turning to leave.

“Don’t, it’s dangerous!” She pulled his coat, stopping him just in time as a zip of light shot past where he would have been if she had not stopped him.

He turned, his quiet gaze on her quivering hands gripping his coat.

His warm hands covered hers, releasing her grip on his coat. He turned around again.

Her cold hands, desperate, clipped on to his warm ones instead, pulling him in place. “Don’t leave me.”

Terror griped her heart at the thought of being alone in this dark cave. Ave exhaled, shakingly. She never knew she was such a coward.

“Then run.” He pulled her in tow, seamlessly ducking past the streams of shooting beams.

Ave stumbled after him, choking on a scream at his recklessness, somehow, also, managing to evade the beams that would have normally hit her. Her numb legs cried out to her, she bit her lips, wanting to slow down, to rest, but she couldn’t just stop. “Where are we going?”

She watched, choking on a gasp as he sidestepped another shot, the light zipping past just a hair’s breathe away from his face. Her eyes widened, half in amazement, and another half in an almost heart attack.

“Exit.” He hurried along and zipped skillfully along the thick cave wall, pausing against a wall of cement.

“You know the way?”

“We’re cutting through.” He said calmly.

Her heartbeat shot up again, her grip on his hand tightened. “Are you crazy?” A short exhale of absurd laughter erupted from her already breathless voice. “Unless you’re Xavier Vontere, you’ll die. We’ll die.” She dumped out the name of the charts-topping adventurer as a poor comparison. Not that he would ever appear in these middle-low regions.

His corner of his lips lifted just the tiniest bit. That’s him.

Her voice lowered to a mere whisper. “I don’t want to die.”

His dropped her wrist he had dragged her by, stretching both arms out to flick out two glinting blades. The cold metal clipped her heartbeat as dread settled in the pits of her stomach.

“We won’t.”

And in that moment, she almost believed him.




A/N: this was actually inspired by this webtoon i’d read really long ago, i suddenly can’t quite remember the name, i cant even remember the name of the MC *covers face*, but it’s a korean webtoon about a boy who had to climb a tower, apparently reaching the top could grant you one wish or something like that and he’d face lots of obstacles during his climb up, he also became super OP as the novel progresses; it was a (soz for the caps but) FKING GOOD read, not too sure if it’s completed or still ongoing, it was super popular i remember. Oh i think this was probably around the same time when the Noblesse webtoon was trending hahaha (oh and i heard Noblesse’s getting some sort adaptation?!?!), Noblesse was absolutely awesome too T^T the authors and/or illustrators are so goddamn talented ahhh!!!

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