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“This is all your fault!” She screamed at him, ducking under an annoying branch as she zipped through the forest.

“How is it my fault!” He yelled back, chasing after the girl, his blade clipped to his back thumping rhythmically as he leapt over a fallen log.

“Aargh, I hate you!” She gave an angry shriek, as though releasing her pent up frustration. “Stop following me!”

“I’m not. I’m heading in that direction too.” He replied, his lips twitching.

“How can you laugh at a time like this!” She hollered back. She knew that blasted asshole was smiling without even turning around.

“I hope we don’t fail the final grading.” He was laughing out loud now.

She gave another screech of exasperation, her legs not stopping despite the strong urge to turn and slam a kick at his jewels.

“Stop following me! All the stupid shit you’ve lured is following you following me! Go away!” She pulled a random branch of a tree she’d ran past and flung it backwards at him, hoping to trip him or scratch his face or something. She did not want to fail. And she did not want to be chased by the gorillas and god knows what other creatures running after him.

“Baby, you’re stuck with me till the end of the forest.” He seamlessly weaved past the branch flying at him. “Did you forget we’re in the same section?” His lips pulled apart to reveal his glinting fangs, flashing her back a smile.

Indigo shivered at the creepy smirk she knew he was giving, and clenched her teeth, her fangs cutting her lips. “Who the fudge was it that put you in my section!” She howled in an anguished tone. “Can’t you fight them off or something?”

“Don’t wanna.” He said, “I’ll lose you.”

She screeched again. “That’s the whole point!” She felt like pulling her hair out.



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