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IMPORTANT NOTICE: seems like COVID is spreading globally; infectious diseases, like climate change, like pollution (btw was researching trash for an assignment and read that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is three times the size of France?!?! NANI???), know no borders, everyone please stay safe.

During which, please respect each and every individual and treat them for who they are, and what they do, not where they come from, not what language they speak and definitely not what colour their skin is. It’s times like these where the darkness in humanity really rears its ugly ass head, and you realise how absolutely revolting some people (i’m already being incredibly polite here using the word people) can be in their behaviour, speech, manners, everything – please don’t be like that. I mean, do you loose a potion of your body if you don’t discriminate or something? Will it kill you to be lil bit more considerate in your words and the things you do?

Also saw some news that completely confused me, I mean I understand if masks and hand sanitisers run out – pardon me but i come from a place where civilians don’t hold guns so i really don’t understand – why are bullets running out too? Are people going to rob you at gunpoint for masks? (Does that happen??) Are you gonna shoot someone? And if you do, the questions is – who? And why?




After her monthly tests ended, Xuan Mo’s constantly feeling her eyelids jumping.

She felt that she was becoming more and more of a human, only that bunch of girls in her class would blow things like eyelids jumping out of proportion, yet today, even she herself felt that way. There was this human saying that says if your left eyelid jumps, something bad’s going to happen, if your right eyelid jumps, something great’s gonna happen. However based on her accumulated experience seeing and hearing eyelid jumping happening to other people, nothing good had ever came out of it.

As expected, a phone call that came in illustrated how accurate she was… Ah Gui whom she hadn’t heard from in a long while called: “Wu Qi, I see you’ve been networking!”

Though was a compliment, it sounded strange. Xuan Mo remained silent and listened.

All you did play a game, how did you get yourself into this mess! We thought that you were young, so we figured that we should let you be for a few more years, but you, are you feeling left out… You create such a huge emotion, are you lonely?

Xuan Mo contemplated for a while before saying: ” I think I might continue being lonely for a long time.”

“…Were you dumped?”

“Is being lonely and getting dumped correlated?”

“Yes… no… uh… why are we discussing that?”

“You said I was lonely.”

“I was asking if you were lonely!”

“Enh, lonely, then you asked me if I was dumped.”

“Is being lonely and getting dumped correlated?”

“That’s exactly my question.”

“…beep…” Ah Gui hung up instantly, pulling at his hair in frustration with both hands, and proceeded to slam his head against the wall before his mind finally clearing up, and dialled for Xuan Mo again: “Wu Qi, don’t interrupt me, let me speak, your gaming on StarCraft was noticed, and you weren’t trying to conceal your identity, now we’ve received detailed information there is a university that wants to recruit you. And that University… cough… Is a little bit complicated. It’s fine if you want to attend other university, but you should be extremely careful about joining military universities such as National Defence… be extremely cautious…”

“So if they do reach out to me, do I go or do I not?” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 99 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“You must have a normal identity to be in zone seven, but those from National Defence…”

“So I can’t?”

“…it’s best if you don’t.”

“Do you think what you say can sway me?”

“Wu Qi, there are actually a few others your age already executing very dangerous mission, to date you’ve not been sent out not only because it is your background, but also because your behaviour can be extreme, and also because you’re too difficult to be controlled, do you understand?”

“Do you think what you say can sway me?”

“If you continue like this…”

“Zone seven has never been the thesis to my living, so why should I expect to be controlled?” Xuan Mo’s tone was disdainful, “Ah Gui, you see yourself too highly.”

Ah Gui almost going mad, this is Zone Seven! Zone Seven! Even if no citizen in their country their existence, they were still absolutely vital to the country!

“If you don’t agree with what I say, then fine, admit, it’s me that can’t see highly of you.”

“Wu Qi!” Ah Gui raged.

“You know what my real name is, Ah Gui, I can be really obedient actually, it just depends on who the one giving instructions is.”

“Xuan Mo, you signed the contract.”

“I remember, but with regards to the non-disclosure term during my probation period and after, it shouldn’t be a problem even if I leave, right.”

“Coming and leaving as you wish, do we look like a public toilet to you?!”

“You are the one that came looking for me, if you like to see yourself as a public toilet… It doesn’t matter to me.” Xuan Mo didn’t feel like beating around the bush with him anymore so she hung up.

After keeping her phone, Lin Fei ran over: “Xuan Mo, go to the meeting room in the office building, someone’s looking for you.” She was smiling broadly, appearing particularly youthful.

Before Xuan Mo could sit down properly, she had to stand up again, left the classroom in wake of the strange gazes from her classmates. Class was starting very soon, and Lin Fei will be going through their script in the next period, yet all she did was smile and pat Xuan Mo’s shoulder as she entered the classroom.

Xuan Mo was always uneasy if she didn’t know what to expect. After walking a few steps, her mental net already transmitted information regarding the meeting room back to her. Inside sat four people, with one of them being one of their school teacher and the other three strangers.

She couldn’t hear what they were chatting about, but the thick stack of information booklet that one of them placed casually on the table clearly read: “Country Z National Defence information file“.

Xuan Mo was suddenly reminded of a phrase, something along the lines of Cao Cao arriving just as they spoke of him.

Her footsteps slowed.

Even if she knew what they were here for, she didn’t know how she should respond.

The more she understood how life was like here, the larger she realized the difference in mindset was. The lifestyle here differed vastly from what she was used to; no matter her personality, she’s never felt restrained before, being prevented from doing something, nor did she ever need any form of guidance, or need to be given something…

But gradually, she realised, even if she wasn’t mentally prepared yet, her body, weighed down by social responsibility weighing, would make its move first.

Studying, forever studying, since elementary School, junior High, high School; now that she finally seemed to have some sort of choice, university too became a necessity. She did some rough calculations, humans’ average lifespan was 70 years, but they would waste 20 years learning about things that they would not need to use; by the time they reach masters or doctoral level that Lin Fei always mentioned, it’d probably turn out to be 30 years… that was almost half their lifespan.

When she thought of it that way, she suddenly felt a sense of admiration… lifespan back at Scorpio was an average of 400, yet many would regret wasting their time on useless things due to their early-life careers. Look at blue planet beings, look at how confident they are in spending half their lifetime constantly learning and re-learning shallow knowledge…

It things go as she predicted, no matter how long she could keep her body fresh, she would need to return to her pod to recuperate after 70 to 80 years. In other words, if she were to follow through step-by-step with the blue planet being’s life plan and waste half her life “studying”, and were to return from her recuperation, who knows, she might need to repeat the entire process all over again…

…that would really be a tragedy.



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