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Xuan Mo wasn’t updated but everyone else knew, Mid-Def team was one of the top teams from one of the national universities in the country. It’s rumoured that they have computing students and military students in the team, and was nicknamed the double-sworded fortress, the all-rounder team. They’d rarely lost in national games. In fact, they were good enough to stand on the international stage, and had once left behind a legacy. Even with the new batches replacing the older players, their standards have never fallen.

Tears welled up in Ah La Lei’s eyes. Needless to say, he was confident in Xuan Mo, but that was also dependent on who their opponents were. They’d been extremely lucky to only play against crappy teams and not bump into pro teams. In fact, they’d been jumping in glee because of that. Never had they once imagined they’d need to go up against such a heavy-weight player instead. They’re only at their twelfth win streak and their battle points was already close to theirs. How terrifying!

He quickly went to baidu* Mid-Def team replay and comments on their play. There would always be some people out there who would collect videos, make montages, analyse their overall play style and weakness. There was still half an hour left but he wasn’t able to figure them out no matter how hard he looked through the video collections. He was so anxious he couldn’t sit still, so he quickly called for Xuan Mo: “Abu, abu, come over and check this out, we need to understand our opponents so we can win the battle.”

* baidu is Chinese search engine, i.e. a Google equivalent

Xuan Mo was looking down as she played Chain Me Up, this was a game someone recommended to her, apparently it can train your speed and observation skills. Within a blink of an eye, she finished a round. The other three on the other hand yowled: “Abu damnit, are you a bug? You’re even acing Chain Me Up!” After which, they quickly left the game.

Xuan Mo shrugged, before finally remembering to reply Ah La Lei: “Don’t worry, I don’t make light of any enemy.”

Ah La Lei cried internally: “I want you to pay more attention to this, more attention!”

Xuan Mo only replied blandly after a long while: “You are making light of yourself if you take the opponent too seriously.”

Seeing how he couldn’t make Xuan Mo bat an eyelid more, Ah La Lei looked for Lu Yu Chen and started berating him instead: “Ah Chen, you gotta treat me, this is compensation for my mental loss!”

Lu Yu Chen: “Heh heh… it’s starting.”

Within the game room as they players were waiting for each other’s team to log on, the Mid-Def team lead Sofa standing on the rightmost suddenly exclaimed in the public chat: “Huhh?! Eighteen win streak?!”

His sentence seems to have ignited a chain further explosions. Before the players from Thunder team could react, the other three players from Mid-Def team started shouting: “Yea Boss, why didn’t you tell us earlier, what were you doing earlier, did your mom drag you out to eat crab butter again?”

“No, it’s crab legs this time, I wanna vomit.” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 94 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Then at least sound off here; you abandoned us without a word for your crab legs immediately after the ballot, we were waiting for you with trembling hearts literally!”

“Sorry sorry, let’s try our best hahah.”

Thunder team members collectively sent many ellipses to indicate their unhappiness. They’re chatting in the public chat as though they were invisible!

When the last member from Mid-Def was here, both teams entered the game. The moment Xuan Mo received information from her team mates, she started setting up the battlefield. This time, she was situated at a location towards the front. As she was at the front lines of the battle, she had to make considerable preparations and was mindful to not head off carelessly.

As usual, she gave out instructions incredibly fast, as though she didn’t need to think through them. Though the other members didn’t seem to have improved in their awareness, they were incredibly good at obeying commands and would be able to complete a whole chain of commands without having to even register it in their heads.

“Lu Yu Chen, take note of the group of satellites in your northwest direction. Send investigation vessels regularly to check the area. Even if you do find something, don’t make any move. Let me know and immediately retreat.”

“Tan Lu En, change your warship A logistics vessel canon to manual mode, aim and fire towards the east.”

“Ah La Lei, you only need three medium sized infantry troops. Use the remaining time to build cannons.”

“Fang Zheng Yu mobilise all your warships and head towards me.”


Her mental-net rippled. Suddenly, a hand landed itself on Xuan Mo’s shoulders. Along with it was a creepy laugh: “Aye, your sis is my sis no, what’re you worried about. Let’s go sing K later, my treat.” After which, he even squeezed Xuan Mo’s shoulders, asking: “Your name’s Xuan Mo right, how does your older brother call you?”

Ma Bing said: “He calls her Ah Mo.”

“Oh, then I’ll call you Ah Mo too, join us later Ah Mo.”

Xuan Mo was not at all flustered at the touchy hand on her shoulder. The amount of strength he was putting on her wasn’t enough to pose as a threat so she couldn’t be bothered to respond to him. She was not going to do anything that would potentially risk their battle.

“Aye, Ah Mo? Ah Mo?” When Ma Bing saw Brother Bang’s face falling, he called anxiously.

“Shut it.” Xuan Mo said coldly.

Brother Bang lowered his head and peered at Xuan Mo’s computer, laughing: “Aye, lil sis’ playing StarCraft! Hoh, look at the speed she’s going, I know how to play too, and I’m pretty good…”

And then he couldn’t continue. Just within the span of a few seconds, he’d realised that Xuan Mo wasn’t just fast, her hands were so quick he could only see shadows of her movements. The tapping sound from her typing on the keyboard had become a consecutive string. And every move she made was different. In other words, she was incredibly quick, and had a 100% accuracy rate.

Having floated around in Internet cafes since forever, even if Brother Bang wasn’t that good, he certainly was trained enough to differentiate what was good from bad. His hand slowly slid from Xuan Mo’s shoulders as he watched the game interface from her screen. As he watched, he looked at her flying hands.

“The heck, you’re a freaking pro!” He almost yelled.

On the other side, in Mid-Def’s channel, someone was shouting: “What the freaking hell! Who the hell was that! Who the hell was that!”

“The guy’s a god.”

“Boss I’m getting ganked again!” This sentence was followed by the sound of someone smashing their mouse. “And it was by a player that was situated in the furthest location, did he know that we’re gonna pass by here?”

“Ahhhh my space watchhouse! Ahh my vacuum fort! Ahhhhhhh!”

“Boss if your ambush fleet at the satellite group isn’t coming out, we’re gonna get our asses kicked by Thunder!”

“…can’t come out.” Boss’ voice was very calm, “I was discovered.”

“The hell! How’s that possible?”

“And, there’s a high possibility that they’ve been sending scouts over since a long time ago.”

“Shit! This team is too much of a dark horse!”

“The commander was freaking sick, the person can’t possibly be one of our profs can they?! Major Li? Warlord Zhong?”

“The commander is probably the one named abu.”

“How do you know… don’t tell me you were baidu-ing during such an important moment… ah my base exploded, Boss we gonna die together!”

“My sis was the one that checked. Thunder didn’t have any players called abu before.”

“…boss, we’re gonna die sob sob sob.”

“Yeahah! Boss! That abu player’s base is gonna collapse soon! His military resources are completely depleted!” Someone shouted.

Boss contemplated for a moment before shouting: “Quickly retreat, be careful not to get baited!”

At the same time, Ah La Lei howled within the Thunder team chat: “Abu, what’s wrong?! Why’s your resources depleting so quickly?! You’re gonna die if you take any more damage!”

Xuan Mo was very calm: “Lu Yu Chen, blast consecutively in the direction of my base twelve seconds later. Fang Zheng Yu, go all out at enemy Planet X. Ah La Lei, send three warships, wipe out whoever you meet, you know what I mean.”

“What about you Xuan Mo.”

“I’m fine.” Xuan Mo was unflustered. Before long, the moment her base was destroyed, the enemy team leader SOFA’s base was also destroyed. Tightly after, the remaining four team members she’d instructed carried out her instructions successfully.

The last of bases the opponent had that struggled to survive became but dust within a blink of an eye.

They won the battle, losing only one base.

Even after he exited the game, Ah La Lei still hadn’t woken from his dream. Frankly, losing one base was the most damage they’d taken so far in a game when Xuan Mo was commanding. Yet, there didn’t seem to be anything different in the entire battle process, everything felt the same as usual — Xuan Mo would dish out commands in her bland tone and they’d rush madly to maneuver their characters to carry out her instructions. During which, they didn’t seem to feel the opponent’s scariness, nor did they feel particularly tired or found the battle to be more difficult than usual.

Was it because they were too strong? Ah La Lei thought to himself gleefully.

Suddenly, Xuan Mo said coldly: “Who was the one that touched me just now, come out.”

The voice chat was silent for a moment before Lu Yu Chen’s furious voice sounded: “The hell! Mo Mo where you at? I’m coming over now!”

Xuan Mo ignored him completely. She swept the bunch of “Caleian” behind, exasperated: “Honestly I usually beat y’all up the moment I see people from your planet. I tried really hard to restrain such an impulse this time. You guys are the ones that provoked me. It’s been so many years really, why are y’all as annoying as ever?”



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