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Cheng Ming Xuan was still in a daze when after he’d signed the autograph.

He’d felt that he was calm enough. When he saw the blood-vomitting silhouette of that unruffled person turning to go after getting his autograph, he still felt that he was cool-headed enough.

The bodyguard walking in front that’s been flung off like a dog still had a disconcerted expression on his face when he got up. After which, he asked what happened… why did he suddenly blacked out, before planting the earth a big kiss…

Even you don’t know what just happened, much less us! They didn’t manage to catch that female’s face, the amount of makeup she had on her face was comparable to the brainless and frumpy generation N females. She looked like a daoist with a makeup akin to that of a ghost, and that pair of pitch black eyes she had, did she wear contacts…

The masses continued forwarded on instinct despite their heads were still dazed.

There were people behind them asking around softly: “What happened?”

“Was that a fan?”

“Can’t be, right… I mean she looked like she was here to collect debts…”

Cheng Ming Xuan gave a slight glance backward, and the people behind him immediately quietened down.

The screams from the surrounding was loud enough to overturn the entire square. After the first person squeezed past the bodyguards to get an autograph, there were definitely going to be more people who wanted his autograph. Cheng Ming Xuan frowned slightly as he looked at the in-charge in discontent.

This wasn’t the first time the person in charge was glared at in displeasure. He guaranteed as he perspired cold sweat: “Young Master Cheng can rest assured, I will definitely find out who it was that leaked this!”

“And,” Cheng Ming Xuan continued forward, “find out who the careless person was that allowed that girl to slip in.”

If a normal person slipped in then he could close an eye, but that person had to be a fan!

And if that person was a normal fan then could have also closed an eye, but that person had to be an abnormal fan!

And if that person had only been an abnormal fan then he really could have closed both eyes, but that person had to make it seem as though she’d here to collect debts!

… was she even a fan!

Upon hearing his words, the in-charge immediately shot a murderous look backwards. By then however, Brother Sen had long slipped away inconspicuously, so the innocent substitute had to face the in-charge’s gaze that to him, was scorching for no rhyme or reason.

When Xuan Mo squeezed herself out of the crowd, she threw the notebook and the pen in the bin, dusting her hands as she said: “Done.”

“Enh! We’ve received the signal, now we’re heading over to the place we’ve reserved for you to change.”

“Didn’t I bug him already?”

“Yes but you main mission is to protect the target and Zhuang Yu.”

“…” Z L T

When Xuan Mo boarded the RV again, Zhuang Yi pounced at her immediately with an excited expression: “Wu Qi, where’s the notebook?”

“What notebook… oh, I threw it away.”

“What? You threw it away!?” Zhuang Yi screamed, “you threw Cheng Ming Xuan’s personal autograph away!?”

“Auntie, mind it you stop screaming?” One of the youths with headphones on popped his head out, saying in discontent, “we’re trying to catch what the other side is saying… why is someone as old as you you still fangirling over someone so young, he’s about the same age as your son, isn’t he?”

“Get your ass back in the room!” Zhuang Yi said, “what I can’t bias him if I’m old?!”

“Aye, it’s my fault again, please resume your spasm then, just keep you volume a little lower…” The approachable youth returned back in.

Zhuang Yi turned to glare at Xuan Mo: “Wu Qi, where did you hide the notebook!?”

“The first rubbish bin from the square.”

“You really threw it away!?”

Xuan Mo didn’t want to continue debating over something like this. Shrugging, she sat down before the dresser and looked at Zhaung Yi through the mirror.

Zhuang Yi moaned and groaned for a while. She couldn’t bring herself down to digging through the bin just to retrieve a “youth”’s autograph so she could only help Xuan Mo remove her makeup and prepare for the next look.

Before long, an expressionless, western maid appeared before everyone.

Satin ribbon, white apron, dark blue petal dress, with white cotton-lined top with puffed sleeves against the youthful, elbow, arm… and fist.

When she recalled the super-short shorts, silk stockings and leather shoes beneath the large-collared long-sleeve top, and looked at the memories that were being continuously triggered by this certain boorish costume inspired by a certain neighbouring country…

“Is the set designer a Japanese, why is this so… so…” Brother Sen realised something was off after admiring her for a moment, “this is too, cough…”

Sometimes, or rather, very often, Xuan Mo’s glare was effective as a silencer.

“Let’s go.” She said blandly before turning to board the vehicle.

Brother Sen boarded the vehicle in silence, started the car, muttering as he drove: “Some girls dream to try these stuff on, why is it that I’m feeling guilty about it when this girl’s wearing it…”

Brother Sen gave a careful glance through the rearview mirror at Xuan Mo. She was looking out the window expressionlessly, before she suddenly turned around, her gaze meeting Brother Sen’s through the mirror.

“What, what’s wrong?”

Xuan Mo frowned: “Stop the car, we’re here.”

“Oh oh!” He reacted and stomped on the brake. Xuan Mo closed the car door behind her as she heard the car door opening behind her. By the time the person turned to remind her something, Xuan Mo had already entered the back door.

“What a strange person.” Brother Sen was glum, then drove off.

Xuan Mo could hear the continuous instructions given by the surveillance team in her ears; the requirement was to not be seen when entering level twenty-seven, which was where the event was held. If anyone did see her, she was to pretend to be a maid.

Xuan Mo was able to avoid all people without needing any of prompts by the team. She reached the twenty-seventh floor smoothly climbing stairs, taking lifts, and passing through corridors before arriving before the exquisite door. This was one of the back doors to the event that connected the main hall to the lounge. The meeting place was just behind the door.

Xuan Mo waited till there were less people around before pushing the door opening and flashing in. Just then, a voice sounded in her ears: “Alright, head in now… aye, she’s in already?”

The largest population in the Scorpio galaxy was made up of robots. No Scorpion would have experienced something similar, much less a Marshal like her who had been in the upper echelons for a long time. That however didn’t mean that Xuan Mo didn’t know how to imitate. She noticed that there were quite a few people at the dinner dressed like herself. Some of them were carrying plates and cleaning the things on the dinner table, some were arranging decorations while others were standing by the side with their heads lowered, awaiting instructions. There were also a few of them that were zipping through the crowd together with waiters, carrying wine-filled glasses on their trays.

Her gaze flitted. The waiter at the dinner table by the side just so happened to place his tray down by the side as he headed over to the guest at their instructions. She walked forward, discreetly took the tray away, and even placed several wine glasses on the tray.

She turned to survey the place. There weren’t a lot of people; donned in suits, the guests stood in twos and threes chatting. There were also some females dressed in evening gowns that would occasional smile gorgeously.

“Locate Cheng Ming Xuan.” The voice from the earpiece reminded.

Xuan Mo knew where Cheng Ming Xuan was without even needing to look. He was currently bugged and she didn’t receive any instructions to follow him around protecting him, so she wasn’t going to send herself over.

The dinner didn’t last very long. After the guests chatted for a bit, an emcee headed over to the slightly raised podium, speaking: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wine-tasting dinner, ‘Chun Yun’ hosted by Qian Pin Wine Corporation. On behalf of the company, we are delighted and thankful to receive you here today.”


“May we invite the distinguished guest, famous singer Miss Bai Ting Xi up on stage to perform her debut song that is also the theme song to Qian Pin Wine Corporation’s advertisement for the Chun Yun collection! Miss Bai, please!”

A familiar figure walked up the stage. The slightly dimmed lights in the hall had the lady onstage appearing especially bright. Xuan Mo raised her brow. She knew Zhuang Yu had been standing there, but she didn’t know Bai Ting Xi was her, Zhuang Yu was her as well.

It appeared that Zhuang Yu’s appearance was very beautiful, because the gazes of the surrounding Blue Planet beings were synonymously that of appreciation.

“Walk over to Cheng Ming Xuan’s one o’clock direction when she is singing. His secretary will ask you for a glass of wine later; bug the person opposite Cheng Ming Xuan.”


“You remember? Good, looks like you have a good memory.”

At that, the music sounded. The low tune shrouded the entire hall as Zhuang Yu’s singing rose and fell.

Xuan Mo held the tray as she walked over to her instructed location. Before long, she heard someone calling lowly: “Waiter!”

If it hadn’t been for her previous observations, she wouldn’t have known that waiter meant herself. Now that she knew she was being beckoned over, she turned around calmly. When she headed toward the male beside Cheng Ming Xuan, her hand shook discreetly as she passed by her target Tang Qiu En. With that, a bug attached itself onto the inner folds of his shirt.

“Success!” The moment it attached, a mini switch activated its circuit. The surveillance team told her, “after handing over a glass of wine, head over to the side and don’t let Cheng Ming Xuan recognise you.”

Xuan Mo could see very clearly in the dimly lit hall, but others weren’t able to see her clearly. She walked over, handed the person beside Cheng Ming Xuan a glass of wine, placed the empty glass on her tray, and picked up the tray. Just as she was ready to eave, the person beside suddenly said softly: “Hold it.”

That was Cheng Ming Xuan’s voice; his voice was directed at her.

She turned: “Yes, sir?” Z L T

“You are… the girl from just now?” Though Cheng Ming Xuan’s voice was tinged with slight suspicion, he was completely confident.

“… I shall make my leave if you have nothing for me.” After which, she turned to leave.

“Hold on.” When Cheng Ming Xuan saw that Xuan Mo had no intentions of stopping, he immediately said, “waiter, a glass of wine please.”

He’d thought that the girl would definitely turn around without choice and hand him a glass of wine. Who knew that the girl pointed at a waiter on standby by the side, instructing with more gusto that Cheng Ming Xuan: “You, get him a glass of wine.”

After that, she left without a backward glance.

Even after the confused server changed his wine for him, he was still dazed.


Even the people looking over at the commotion were dazed.

Cheng Ming Xuan was the kind of person that was born with a gold spoon. His growth was low-key, but his achievements were made very well-known. Be it the performing arts industry he was interested in or the family enterprise he had to take up, he had never seemed to have failed in any aspect. There really had never been anyone who’d dared to humiliate him or pull the rug from under his feet to his face.

Not only so, from Boss Cheng’s tone, that person seemed to be completely on her own!

Such a wild little female server popped up from goodness-knows-where at dinner had flung his bodyguard away (how very strong of her), grabbed an autograph from him and ignored his request in a matter of a day, or rather, an hour…

How extremely and wildly arrogant, and it was the nose-up-in-the-air kind of arrogance!

Cheng Ming Xuan’s never encountered something like this before. It had never occurred even to his people that something like this would happen. And so, they exchanged looks, zoning out from even Bai Ting Xi’s singing on the stage. It was only when the applause sounded where they awaken from their daze.

“Heh.” Cheng Ming Xuan suddenly laughed. Shaking his head, he sipped his wine, “there are all sorts of strange people nowadays.”

“Boss Cheng, something seems a little off, is it possible that the other side…” There were some vigilant ones among his people that leant in to ask.

“No, don’t you know what the other side is, why would they send such a…” He didn’t know how to describe her either. “Anyway, it’d be too dumb of them if this was really the person they’d sent.”

If he’d been the one with the earpiece from “the other side”, he’d be able to hear the flurry of blood-vomitting sounds originating from the surveillance team.


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