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There was a five-kilometre cross-country run tomorrow so the participants for that segment need not attend night training. Xuan Mo was engrossed in her training when she heard the shout. She could not help but extend her mental power to observe the field; it was pumped up despite the fact that it was late at night.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Ah, she didn’t want to go home. If only she could stay here. Z L T

Ever since attending the military training, this was the second time she so clearly wanted something.

Then let’s find out what are the legal methods for joining the military she could take on once she’s back.

After knocking out that idea in her head, Xuan Mo slipped into a deeper part of her conscious and continued cultivating. Z L T

After warming up the next day, all twenty-six participants stood at the starting line with a gun strapped to their backs while the doctor did their health check. It couldn’t be helped that the participants would get nervous before heading off so the sped up heartbeat was normal. When the stethoscope was pressed against Xuan Mo’s chest however, the doctor’s forehead couldn’t help but crease.

The instructor who was observing by the side walked over and asked when he saw the peculiarity of the doctor’s expression: “Is there something wrong?”

“Uh, no, nothing.” After placing the stethoscope down, he couldn’t help but pressing it once more against Xuan Mo’s chest.

Xuan Mo frowned. She didn’t like it when people got so close to her.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

“Is there really no problem?” The instructor evidently didn’t believe the doctor.

“Nothing, nothing.” The doctor placed his stethoscope and looked at Xuan Mo in shock, “this lass has a good mentality!”

“What do you mean?” The instructor asked. Z L T

“Her heartbeat is very steady; she is very calm.” After that, the doctor left.

The instructor looked down, it’s that lass again. At that, he couldn’t help but frown: “If there’s nothing wrong with your health then let’s get ready to start.” Z L T

“Yes! Instructor!” Everyone replied with energy. Z L T


After the pistol went off, everyone dashed forward. Z L T

The segment after that was the part where they had to egg each other to sing on.

Xuan Mo wasn’t someone who’d install a false set of lungs for herself just to stay low-key. When she started seeing the people running beside her panting heavily however, she couldn’t remain as non-human anymore, and so, she lowered her head and quickened her breathing as she ran at a steady pace forward, quietly taking the lead among the people around her. She steadily opened the distance between her and the person behind her, and looked at the few guys dashing ahead of her, and the ones that were in the lead from the beginning.

The guy was tall and his steps were large, so it was natural he’d take the lead. The competition was according to their timing anyway, so the guys and girls ran together. It’s already been over one kilometre, even the males who were accustomed to running just one kilometre were starting to get tired. The fact that they were carrying such a heavy gun on their bag added to the exhaustion as well, so they were quickly tired out.

Xuan Mo, on the other hand, took this opportunity to dash forward at an even speed.

She didn’t give a shit about the guy and girl differences. She looked down at the bunch of weak weak-kneed shrimps that weren’t even cannon-fodder-worthy if they were thrown onto the battlefield.

Flipping her hair, she dashed ahead, unrestrained, leaving the guys behind her staring with their eyes wide open. At that, they too gained a burst of speed to catch up. All the participants were ones who could run after all, so even if they were tired, they’d still have some energy left. And so, the result of such a situation was Xuan Mo carrying her gun striding evenly ahead while a bunch of guys roared and howled as they chased after her speed.

In an effort to prevent the participants from slacking, there were cameras along the track, some of while linked to the large screens. The squads on the field took turns to sing, those who weren’t involved in any training sat on the grass as they watched the screen. Everyone was already numb to the fact that Xuan Mo was dashing ahead in front on her own, and settled for watching the competition continue on with their eyes wide open.

Xuan Mo’s speed didn’t appear to be very fast, but she kept an even speed throughout. There were a few guys that managed to break past her occasionally, but they weren’t able to maintain that speed.

Commissioner Li noticed Team Lead’s expression becoming grave as he looked at the screen after returning from a meeting.

“Ole Dong, what’s on your mind?” Z L T

The Team Leader was silent for a moment before saying: “I’m thinking about that lass.” Z L T

The Commissioner forced his mind out of the gutter: “Why, she caught your eyes?” Z L T

“Ole Li can you get any dirtier! My wife’s still waiting for me at the barracks!” The Team Lead told him off jokingly, “I’m thinking that lass’ going to be someone we’ll eventually come into contact with sooner or later!”


“She’s only a year one in high school. She must definitely get her education foundations in place first. Should we get someone to ensure things run smoothly for her?”♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“That lass doesn’t seem average at all. There already must exist someone behind her.” Z L T

“Aye, that’s hard to tell. Look at her, isn’t Xiao Shen in their school’s United Front Work Department, it’s time for him to get some work done after chilling for so many years.” Z L T

“A’ight, I’ll ask him about it.” Z L T

Cheers sounded as the participants neared the finishing line. The instructors pulled the students up as they headed in lines to welcome them back.

Xuan Mo was the first in line. Tightly after her were a few guys. Their faces were pale as though they were about to be sacrificed. Despite their terrible state, they managed to pull through the entire five kilometres tightly following Xuan Mo, so they  indeed had a very strong conviction.

The finishing line was just ahead. There were students cheering them on all around them. Xuan Mo was running at a decent pace in the lead. The two guys running behind her were so exhausted their faces were red. One of them gave a loud howl before rushing forward in a desperate attempt to get past Xuan Mo even if he was out of stamina.

Xuan Mo couldn’t help but laugh at the guy rushing forward madly as though he was afraid she’d break past him. She shook her head, no longer increasing her speed but instead keeping at her current speed.

When the guys behind her saw her keeping at her current speed, he thought she was running out of strength. Encouraged by that fact, the roaring guys rushed forward. They were a spent bullet however–they ultimately weren’t able to get past the student in the lead, so they struggled to keep ahead of Xuan Mo.

Someone finally crossed the finishing line. Z L T

The participants crossed one by one; Xuan Mo was the fourth out of everyone, but first among the females. The results were split according to their genders so Xuan Mo was still the first.

Only a handful of others knew who the real champion could have been. Z L T

The girls held complicated feelings about the fact that Xuan Mo emerged as the most distinctive one. But owing to her usual quiet and “willing to work” attitude, she was indeed not too bad of a person. After getting to know each other, they gradually had things to gossip about and stories to tell. Xuan Mo had never said anything bad about anyone, and even if they weren’t very close to her, being with her gave them a strange sort of security, so the girls in the end circled over, handing her water and towel as they asked how she was doing.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Tian Jin Jin helped to wipe off the non-existent sweat on her forehead. Xuan Mo wanted to dodge on reflex but didn’t after a moment of hesitation; she allowed Tian Jin Jin to wipe away.

Tian Jin Jin appeared extremely professional. The reason Xuan Mo was bent down with her hands propping off her knees was to hide the fact that she was fine, but Tian Jin Jin’s actions, along with the group of girls following after Tian Jin Jin that massaged her shoulders, rubbed her elbows, patted her legs, gave her water and towel forcibly made Xuan Mo appear as though she was in a terrible state.

Xuan Mo felt that she had been thoroughly physically patted down by the girls’ “concern”. That action naturally triggered the memory of needing to evade their touch, or at least the need to blush.

But… how should she blush… does she even have the ability to do that… Z L T

After trying several times, she felt uncomfortable. Did she really lack the ability to blush? That seemed to non-human. Xuan Mo frowned when phrases such as thick-skinned and shameless popped up in her head with memories triggered about not blushing.

“Mo Mo, what’s wrong, do you need to go to the toilet?” Qi Shan asked her in concern. Z L T

Xuan Mo was rendered speechless. Tian Jin Jin immediately initiated: “I’ll accompany you!” Z L T


Before she could say anything, Tian Jin Jin was already helping Xuan Mo to the toilet. Z L T

The toilets were simple. The doors to the male and female faced each other; the two toilets were separated by a public sink. When Xuan Mo entered the toilet, the odour made her uncomfortable, so she walked over to the sinks, twisted the tap and washed her face instead. “I’ll just wash my face.”

After she said that, they heard the sound of vomiting beside them.

A group of guys surrounded one of them who was leaning against the sink retching.

That guy was the intense guy who came in first.

When they realised they were being spectated, they turned around. Upon seeing Xuan Mo, they paused before laughing: “Woah! Look here and see the superman*!”

* there is some slight sarcasm in the word “superman”, who is referring to Xuan Mo

When the guys turned back, they heard Tian Jin Jin saying in discontent: “You’re the superman! Your entire village’s superman!”

Xuan Mo looked at Tian Jin Jin’s angry face strangely. What’s there to be unhappy about. Superman, superman, didn’t that mean you’re more superb than normal man? It didn’t sound wrong when they took the word as it was.

As to the mental image of a guy wearing his underwear on the outside while being surrounded by a bunch of girls that popped up in her head with the mention of the word “superman”, she had long labelled him as an idiot and dumped him into the recycling bin in her head.

The guys didn’t mind her words. They looked at Xuan Mo for a moment before one of them walked over, handing her a bottle of ointment as he smiled: “You’re Xuan Mo right? Are you tired from the run? Try this, rub some on your forehead and you’ll feel much better; it helps with the nausea.”

Xuan Mo took the bottle and looked at it curiously. There were strange characters written on the bottle; this was probably the language this civilisation of Earth was using. When she opened the bottle, she was greeted with a refreshing smell.

She dabbed some of it and rubbed it on her forehead. As he’d mentioned, the clear, refreshing smell immediately brushed past her eyes, entered her nose and cleared her head.♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLION YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

Xuan Mo smiled slightly, returning the bottle: “It is useful, thanks.” Z L T

The male student was a little uneasy. He took the bottle back and waved his hand: “It’s nothing.”

Xuan Mo washed her face again and looked around. It was close to dinner. As a participant, she was able to enter the canteen first, and Tian Jin Jin was able to accompany her in. When she heard the rumbling sounds of the stomachs around her, Xuan Mo said: “Canteen?”

“Enh!” Tian Jin Jin’s reply was loud and clear before she pulled her in the direction of the canteen. Footsteps sounded behind her; it was the guys. When the two of them saw the group of guys, they said: “Let’s head over together!”

Tian Jin Jin minced her lips, no objecting.

“Does her family own a martial arts training centre or something?”

“Maybe her entire family’s from the military, so she’s been training since young!”

“Even if that is the case, she can’t be this strong. I mean look at her weak and fragile appearance.”

“And she doesn’t tan at all.” THMYO IS HOSTED @ ZHANLAN TL

“The fact that she got into First High must mean that her studies are not bad as well!”

“The heavens are unfair ahh!” Z L T

“People like them definitely must have worked really hard to get where they are, it’s useless being envious.”

The person’s words shut up the majority of the people who were gazing over in envy. Xuan Mo looked over; that person was a female human being. From the information she received from the girl, she could infer that girl was probably pretty; the mental fluctuation of the males around her were all pretty high when they were conversing with her.

It can’t possibly be because the girl was too ugly right. Z L T

Xuan Mo didn’t like having so many people staring at her; it immunes her sensitivity to danger, but there wasn’t anything she could do about the current situation save for sitting down to wait for the green bean soup Tian Jin Jin went to get for her.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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  1. No one would shout when running 5 km. If someone would shout or speak it means he has enough energy to run faster. The situation where runner shouts on the last stretch of 5 km distance is radiculous.


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