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Sprawled on a bolster in the large living room, Yin Xu Dong held his game controller  as he stared at the screen intently, his fingers jumping across the controller that controlled the character on the screen. He was definitely not going to lose this time!♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 70 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

When the opponent on the screen suddenly stopped moving, he looked at the tiny figure beside him in suspicion. The tiny figure that had been previously sitting cross-legged on the sofa had long thrown his controller aside, making a dash for the door instead.

The door opened and a person with a pretty silhouette walked in. The tiny figure immediately pounced on her, “Mummy!”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan kicked off her shoes and walked over, barefoot, to carry the little figure, asking blandly: “Gaming with your dad again?”

“Enh! It’s not fun playing with daddy, he keeps losing. Mummy play with me instead.” Aggrieved, at his father’s lack of gaming skills, the little figure hugged Zhuo Xiao Xuan by her neck and pecked her cheeks, complaining.

When Yin Xu Dong in the meantime had ran to the kitchen to cut some fruits. When he heard that, he immediately imploded, exclaiming: “Stinky brat! You’re looking down on me?! I was deliberately letting you win, you’d have died countless times otherwise!” Not only did the kid look like her majesty his wifey, even his character and ability were as valiant as her majesty. It’s just that having a three-year-old brat beating him every time when they gamed was especially embarrassing.

What was strange was that their son looked like how her majesty his wifey did now—after she’d gone through the cosmetics surgery—instead of how she’d originally appeared. In fact, their son’s face was close to a replica of his mother’s; he’d even inherited the poker face from his mother. Just imagine a lil’ kid walking around with a blank expression on his face all day long; perhaps that’s why his wifey favoured him.

Yin Xu Dong walked out the kitchen and placed a plate of cut fruits in front of Zhuo Xiao Xuan, saying eagerly: “Wifey, have some fruits.”

Zhou Xiao Xuan picked up one and sent it into her son’s mouth. Yin Xu Dong sat watching them, so salty his eyes reddened. Sob sob, his wifey’s never fed him before! As Yin Xu Dong sobbed sorrowfully mentally, he picked up a fruit and placed it into Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s mouth, “Wifey, ahh?”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan slanted him a gaze, saying blandly: “Being mushy is not romantic.”

“…yes, wifey.” Z L T

“Ah! Mommy’s back, why didn’t you guys tell me when you were eating fruits!” A five-year-old girl dashed out from the room and stood with her hands on her hips, shouting as she pointed, “You! You! You’re stealing mommy away again!”

“Sit and eat some fruits.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan instructed her daughter who had a fuse as short as Yin Xu Dong.♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 70 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xiao Le pouted, but when up against her stern mother, everyone in the family would listen. Though she liked mommy a lot, she would be very frightened whenever mommy’s eyes squinted slightly. At times like these, only her di di Xiao Tian would still dare to sprawl himself on mommy, while daddy, her and that stupid dog would retreat back into their sofa silently.

* 弟弟 = di di; little brother 

Why was it that only her di di was the special one? This made her extremely unsatisfied. Mommy rarely hugged her but she wanted to her hugged the moment mommy gets back from work as well! So whenever she saw her di di glueing himself to mommy, she would be so jealous her eyes turn red, and she would, along with daddy, glare at him.

“Xiao Le, come here to daddy.” Yin Xu Dong gestured at his pouting daughter.

Xiao Le didn’t move. When she saw that her daddy continued waving his paws like a fortune cat, she inched with great reluctance over to him, muttering softly: “But I want to be with mommy.”

Yin Xu Dong sobbed mentally, speechless. His wifey was always cold to people so it made sense she’d ignore him occasionally, but why was it that both his kids too preferred his wifey over him?!

Yin Xu Dong inhaled deeply, relaxing his expression as he spoke gently to his daughter: “Xiao Le, have you heard of the saying that the daughter’s father was the daughter’s lover from her previous life? So, daughters would always be closer to their fathers.”

Yin Xu Dong said that to deepen their father-daughter relatioship. Who knew the speaker paid no heed but the listener heard it well; his words had Zhuo Xiao Xuan lifting her daughter over and placing her beside her son, and then she proceeded to tell her to stay put and not move.

Xiao Le minced her lips at Yin Xu Dong, saying: “Why did I have such poor taste in guys in my previous life, I don’t understand why I’d ever like you?!”

Yin Xu Dong was rendered completely speechless. A hand over his hurt heart, he collapsed on the ground, not getting up.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan sitting on the side lowered her head to look at her daughter, her voice flat: “Oh, so you’re saying I have a bad taste since I like your father?”

Xiao Le bit her lips and shrunk her head. Her silence was returned with a look of disdain from Xiao Tian.♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 70 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

At her words, Yin Xu Dong revived. He popped up immediately, hugged Zhuo Xiao Xuan from behind, propped his head on her shoulder and turned his head to steal a few pecks. “Hehe, I knew wifey loves me the most.”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan was gaming with her son, so she asked Yin Xu Dong as she multitasked: “You got off of work early today?”

“I’m on leave today. Your husband’s so busy in the hospital I can’t breathe, so I told the director that if he didn’t give me two days leave, I might just accidentally cut the wrong part during a surgery, and that may potentially cost a life. After that, he agreed and let me take two days off.”

“Need me to give him a visit and have him not squeeze you dry?” Zhuo Xiao Xuan controlled her character on the screen. With a kick and a punch, the screen was greeted with the words game over!

Yin Xu Dong wiped his non-existent perspiration, “It’s good, things are fine, I’ll talk to him about it.” Her definition of “paying him a visit” probably consisted of catching him off guard in the middle of the night, then covering his head with a sack and gracing him with a splay of kicks and punches, before saying: “You will die if you don’t increase his salary; you will also die if you let him OT!”

“Wifey, I’m on leave for one more day, should we bring our kids out to play?” He was terribly busy at the hospital every day. Though his wifey no longer seemed to be sent out for missions—she was transferred to another department—she was also up to her ears. It’s getting to him how both of them barely had time to spend with their kids and leaving them at home alone.

The two carrot-heads’ eyes evidently lit up at the idea. Zhuo Xiao Xuan swept them a glance. “The two of you want to go?”

“Enh enh!” The two carrot-heads nodded their heads furiously. It was a rare opportunity!

“Alright, you guys decide where you want to go then.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan nodded her head. After which, she stood and walked over to the balcony, gesturing for Yin Xu Dong to follow. She turned around to look at the two carrot-heads that were discussing away with fervent passion, before saying to Yin Xu Dong softly: “I’ll need to head out tonight for a bit. I’ll probably be back late, find an excuse for my absence for the kids.”

“Ah? Are you going back to finish tomorrow’s work? Let’s forget about the trip if it’s too tiring then, we can always go another time.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not tiring; work’s relatively easy. I’m leaving then.” After saying that, Zhuo Xiao Xuan left.♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 70 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

Xiao Le slanted her head as she asked Yin Xu Dong: “Daddy, where did mommy go?”

“Mommy? She went to get some soya sauce*… Have you guys decided where you want to go yet?”

* 去打酱油了 = went to get some soya sauce; went to finish her business

Zhuo Xiao Xuan was back before dawn broke the next day. After taking a quick shower, she sat down on the carpet in the master bedroom and meditated instead of sleeping.

He’d wanted her to get some rest and they head out a little later for their trip. However, when he saw her sitting down and meditating without another word, he went back to sleep on the bed; he’d long had her figured over the years they’d spent together.

Just as the day brightened, Xiao Le pulled the yawning Xiao Tian over to knock on their door. Zhuo Xiao Xuan stood to open the door.

“Mommy, daddy, let’s go!” Xiao Le hopped onto the bed excitedly to pull off Yin Xu Dong’s covers.

Yin Xu Dong grabbed the clock by the bedside table blearily, groaning when he saw the time. The kids were too excited, just look at the time! He hugged his daughter that had been tugging on his hair, begging: “Our dear Xiao Le, the amusement park’s not open so early in the morning!”

“Then let’s go to the Underwater World Park!”

“It’s closed as well.” 

“Animal World?”

“Also closed.”

“Humph why do the animals like to sleep in like daddy?” Xiao Le was unhappy.

“Exactly, exactly, so can you let daddy sleep a little bit more? Daddy promise you that we’ll definitely bring you guys over before the place opens.”

“Oh~” Xiao Le hadn’t wanted to let her daddy go so easily. However, she accidentally met gazes with her mommy. At that, she immediately shrunk her head, climbed down from the bed and ran over to Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s leg, hugging her thighs as she smiled up, beaming, at her, “So did mommy manage to get your soya sauce?”

“Zhuo Xiao Xuan: “…” Z L T

Xiao Xuan yawned as he rubbed his eyes. He walked past her and headed back to his room to catch a little more sleep, muttering: “Idiot…”

When it was time to head out, the family of four wore matching shirts. Yin Xu Dong looked at Zhuo Xiao Xuan who was carrying Xiao Tian. The pair of poker faces upon feeling Yin Xu Dong’s gaze turned to look at him at the same time, asking: “Why?”

“Nothing. You guys are just really adorable!” The pair of expressionless people was spamming his moe button so badly.

When they reached the amusement park, Xiao Le held Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s hand while tugging the slightly reluctant Xiao Tian in her other hand. As for their daddy, he was sent out to queue for the tickets.

“Mommy mommy, I want this one later, and that one, I want to play that one too, and the one there…” Xiao Le chattered on beside Zhuo Xiao Xuan as she pointed continuously.

“Enh, as long as you don’t vomit like the other kids, you can play anything.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan glanced at the kids retching non-stop after alighting the Pirate Ship ride.

Xiao Le looked at them in disdain before patting her chest, “I’m not so useless!”

In the end, after their first station—the roller coaster—Zhuo Xiao Xuan carried the unruffled Xiao Tian and stood by the side as she watched Yin Xu Dong holding Xiao Le. Xiao Le looked terrible as she vomited away. Zhuo Xiao Xuan asked: “You still want to play?”

“Ugh… I wanna.. vomit…” Xiao Le said as she vomited. 

Yin Xu Dong urged her in concern: “Let’s play something else, those are too violent.”♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 70 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

As for the rest of the entertainments, she—— 

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” The entire haunted house reverberated with Xiao Le’s cries.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan held Xiao Tian’s hands as they followed behind. When she no longer was able to withstand the child’s screams, she walked over and handed Xiao Tian’s hand to Yin Xu Dong while she carried Xiao Le. Wiping away her tears from fear, she said: “What’s there to be scared about? All those things are fake! Look at your di di, he’s not scared even though he’s younger than you.”

Xiao Le hugged Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s neck tightly, sobbing: “Sob sob, I get scared easily, mommy doesn’t like me… sob sob…”

Yin Xu Dong reached to pat her head, “Foolish girl, what are you talking about liking and disliking, both of you are my children. Mommy likes the both of you, no? Mommy majesty?”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan nodded her head, exasperated. “Yes. If I didn’t like you, why would I be still carrying you? I’d have long kicked this noisy kid out the house.”


“That ghost hand is controlled with a remote control by the person over there. Oh, and this brain that’s flying around is hung by someone above. And the one there…” Zhuo Xiao Xuan pointed out all the flaws of the haunted house as she walked down the route with Xiao Le.

The employees cried in their hearts: “The fvck! What the hell are you even doing here?! Hurry leave! If you’re still not going to go, the pissed manager’s gonna start cutting our pay! It’s not easy earning money nowadays y’know!”

After an entire day of entertainment, the two carrot-heads knocked off the moment they boarded the car. Yin Xu Dong drove, turning his head slightly as he said to Zhuo Xiao Xuan in the backseat: “It’s been a long day. Go get some rest, you didn’t manage to sleep last night.”

Her two kids were sprawled all over. “Enh.” Zhuo Xiao Xuan propped them up.

Yin Xu Dong looked at the rearview mirror at the pair of adorable children and his wife, his heart melting into a puddle of warmth. What more else was there he needed with his wife and children by his side?


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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