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She literally spared no effort to search for it!

If they passed each other on the streets, she’d have thought he only had a similar appearance. After seeing his moves just now however, she didn’t believe that there would be someone like him in this world. How could someone without inner force be able to do what he’d just done?

Zhuo Xiao Xuan suddenly recalled the cliche plots her dormmate had concluded for her. Weren’t their encounter an exact replica of a cliche plot, and spelt out in caps and bold?

When she saw his gun pointed at her, she immediately collected her thoughts and dodged sideways to evade the bullet shooting her way. Her lips beneath her cap mincing, she contemplated exactly how she should complete her mission seeing how they were interfering, or how she should finish off her target first in such an environment.

Both methods were hard. They were evenly matched; if she were to go against him, she had to give it her all in order to secure victory. And if she were to do that, she wouldn’t be able to attend to the other opponents around. In such an event, it’d be hard to say if she would be able to dodge their bullets if they were to raise their guns to shoot at her. What’s the most annoying part to everything was the fact that they had a lot of people, and everyone was armed with a handgun, while she was only her own without even a single accomplice.

The only workable plan was for her to join the enemy’s enemy’s faction, after all, one’s enemy’s enemy is one’s friend. She had to borrow their strength to extinguish her enemy. She would finish off her enemy’s subordinates before concentrating her firepower to target the leader—this was the battle tactic “encircling cities with the rural areas” ole Mao* had mentioned. ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 62 is hosted at ZHAN LANN♢

* referring to Mao Tsedong 

Zhuo Xiao Xuan weighed the number of bullets she had brought and roughly counted the number of people there was at present; just barely enough. She then started firing at the enemy’s lil lackeys in concentration, finishing them off—very resource-savingly—with a single bullet each, every one of her shots busting the heads they had been craning around

The pursuers upon realising that there was a sharpshooter—who was  a lot better than themselves who were sweeping a majority of their bullets onto the vehicles—among them killing off their pursuees was immediately were encouraged. Their motivation burning, they were so excited they increased their firepower.

The ole man encased safely within the encirclement of protection realised what was off. At that, he said to one of the bodyguards by his side: “Finish that person off.”

“What about this side?” 

“I still have people with me. If that person kills off all our people, we will only have one path left and that is death. Hurry go!”


If Zhuo Xiao Xuan was still a little suspicious about his identity previously, then his following actions—leaping across the firewall of raining bullets with qinggong over to where she was—completely cleared her of any misgivings.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan pushed off the ground and retreated several steps, sending a shot at him quickly. He turned his head to dodge her shot, returning a shot very speedily at her as well.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan grunted coldly, and waved her arm, the handle of her gun sending the bullet flying in another direction as well. You’re not the only one who can accomplish such a move.

As expected, when he saw her pulling a move like that, his expression was no longer as settled as before. The person in front of him whose only uncovered part was the pair of eyes was skilled as well! His expression becoming serious, he readied his stance. “Come.”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan kept her gun; it was too boring if they were to bang at each other with their guns no? In that case, why not do it the way they were good at and draw things to a close quickly?

As they fought, the two inched towards the road, furthering from the bunch of people engaged in the crossfire.

“Brother where are you from? Why are you still wrapped up? Cowering and hiding yourself away is not very upright nor noble.” They clashed again. After the both of them backed away again, he asked.

Upright and noble? What a joke! What’s there to be upright or noble about when countless people’s blood had already stained your pair of hands? Zhuo Xiao Xuan didn’t reply him. Her leg kicking, she swept up a sleet of snow, curving it at him, and seized the moment he closed his eyes to attack.

He immediately blocked, and the two of them crossed blows again. The two however were evenly matched. The group with her target tonight was turning their defeat into an almost victory, and was chasing their previous pursuers. If they really were to win, the bunch of them would definitely come over to help exterminate her.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan gritted her teeth, attacking him as though completely mindless of her own life. She didn’t dodge his palm sending her way, rather, she went forward to meet it, churning a powerful force in her hand as she sent them at his chest at the same time.

He did not expect she would make such a life-forsaking move at all. It not that he was conceited, but ever since he came to this world, he had yet to meet anyone who could stand against him as his rival. This person dared to hurt him with but pure force?

The two of them ate a palm from each other just like that. The force they both met with were so large both of them were sent flying out. Not only so, his chest was in agony. The warm blood in his chest surged up into mouth, and the twang of metal overwhelming his mouth and nose. He spat out a mouthful of blood. Raising his hand, he wiped the blood by his mouth, his gaze raising to look at Zhuo Xiao Xuan.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan slowly swallowed the blood in her mouth, eyes coldly sweeping past the bunch of people chasing her way. At that, she turned and leapt into the drain on the side, dashing away. Even the gunshots that sounded behind were unable to stop her in her tracks.

“Do we need to pursue him?” Someone asked him. 

“No need, you wouldn’t be able to catch up to her*.” His palm had met Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s chest, so he naturally knew that he wasn’t a he, but a she.

* the written form of he (他) and she (她) is different, however, both words are pronounced as “tā”, so even if the guy said the person is a “she”, the other lackies wouldn’t know that person who got away was a “she” instead of “he”.

When Zhuo Xiao Xuan saw that he didn’t chase her, she ran for a while more before stopping. A hand against her chest, she laid on the snowy ground; her exercise had her suppressed blood rising again. Raising her hand to pull off the mask that was getting stained by the seeping blood, she panted loudly. ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 62 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

She only slowly sat up to cultivate to heal herself after a while. After which, she returned to where she had laid at in the beginning to retrieve her sniper rifle, dismantled it into small pieces before placing them in her bag and leaving.

When Zhuo Xiao Zuan returned to the city, she immediately donned on the clothes she’d left the house with. It was dim, still early in the morning. There were only a few cars and pedestrians on the road. She went to the bookshop she got her mission from. Someone else sat watching the store; the old man on shift previously was no longer around.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan threw out a coin as she’d done previously and pulled up her collar. “Give me a copy of ‘Off Of Work!’ magazine.”


Zhuo Xiao Xuan took the magazine and flipped through it. The same moment she closed the the magazine, she tucked a slip of paper into the pages. After that, she threw the magazine back. “What the, this magazine’s terrible.” After which, pulled up her collar up even more, burying half her face into it before turning to leave.

She was cold and hungry after such a busy night. On top of that, she’d gotten some internal injuries. Therefore, all she wanted to do now was to find a place to catch some sleep.

After waking up in the morning, Yin Xu Dong opened the glass window to his balcony. Just as he was about to inhale some of the fresh air, he saw a person sprawled on his balcony. If it weren’t the fact that he hung around Xuan Xuan so much that his muscles as well as his guts grew, he’d have gotten the largest of scares.

And so, a certain courageous someone squatted down, flipping the person lying on the ground around. “Xuan Xuan?! What happened to you?”


“Fine my ass? Would you be lying here if you were fine? Would your face be paler than the snow on the ground if you were fine? Would your lips be blood-stained if you were fine?” Yin Xu Dong wiped the fresh trickle of blood seeping from her mouth, and princess-carried her over to his bed, his heart going out for her. Yin Xu Dong took off her jacket and covered her tightly in blankets; he’d touched her face and hand previously—they were cold as ice.

“Are you okay? Let’s go to the hospital?” Yin Xu Dong touched Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s face, extremely worried.

“I’m really fine. Oh yeah, didn’t you say you became a military doctor to heal my injuries? Here’s an opportunity.”

“But, but I just started learning, and I haven’t learnt much either, how can I help you out?”

“It’s fine. I just have a little internal injury. I’ll be fine after resting a few days.” 

“Internal injury?! How did you get an internal injury?! Does it hurt?!” Yin Xu Dong exclaimed and pounced over at Qin Ke Xuan, checking her all over for her injury.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan raised her hand to push away his head. “Didn’t I say it’s an internal injury? How will you be able to see it? Stop shouting, and don’t let anyone know that I’m here.”

Just as she finished talking, a knocking sounded outside the door. “Son? Did something happened?”

Yin Xu Dong immediately covered his mouth and coughed. “Oh, no, nothing. I was just on the phone with He Yi. He said he met with some relationship problems.” Goodness, the unlucky innocent level-number-one’s getting dragged down even when he’s completely uninvolved.

“Oh, then don’t make such noises so early in the morning, how noisy.”

“Alright, oh and, mom, can you cook me a pot of soup, I think I need some blood-nourishing, I’m feeling really dizzy recently. I think I might be getting anemia.”

“What? Anemia? Did your period come or something? What’s a strong lad like you getting anemia for, let me see what’s wrong!”

At hearing that, Yin Xu Dong almost wanted to slam himself against the wall. His mother sounded as though she’d slam through his door if he didn’t open the door. At that, he immediately zipped over, opened the door and flashed out his room. After which, he locked the door behind him.

Mama Yin felt even more confused. “Aye? Say are you hiding a lady in the room or something? What’s with your secretive behaviour? Is there something you’re afraid of me seeing?”

Mother, you guessed that right! Your son’s hiding a lady in his room! ♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 62 is hosted at ZHAN LAN TRANSLATIONS♢

Yin Xu Dong hugged his mother’s shoulders and brought her down the stairs. “Goodness mom, stop being so gossipy! Like I said, that soup…”


“Xuan Xuan? Wake up, are you hungry? Eat something before you sleep again…”

Amidst her daze, Zhuo Xiao Xuan was patted awake lightly. The moment she opened her eyes, she met Yin Xu Dong’s worried gaze.

At seeing Zhuo Xiao Xuan awake, Yin Xu Dong was relieved of his anxiety that had lasted at least half a day. He brought her up and rested her against the bedpost before holding the bowl of soup close to the bed. He sat down on the bed beside her, scooped a spoonful of soup, blew at it before sending it at Xiao Xuan’s mouth.

Zhuo Xiao Xuan reached to take the bowl and spoon, glaring at him. “I didn’t break any limbs. I can drink on my own.”

“Oh, drink more, there’s still more in the pot.” Z L T

Yin Xu Dong sat down by the table, switched on his computer and started searching up how to heal internal injuries. After looking for half a day online, he turned to say to Zhuo Xiao Xuan: “I read all the information I found; I think it’s better we go see a Chinese medicine practitioner. It won’t do holding it out like how you’re doing it now, what if it wrecks your health.”

“Enh, I’ll go a few days later. I’ll stay at your place for these few days to exercise and recuperate. You watch out for me and make sure no one disturbs me during my cultivation.”♢ I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 62 is hosted at ZHAN LANN ♢

“Alright, rest assured! I won’t even let a fly enter!”

After Zhuo Xiao Xuan drank two bowls of soup, she recovered some of her strength. And so, she sat on the bed and started cultivating. Before long, she was perspiring and was thoroughly drenched. Yin Xu Dong upon seeing that from the side wanted to help wipe the perspiration on her face. However, he was worried he’d disturb her cultivation. Didn’t the wuxia movies always said that if the external world were to come into contact with the cultivator, there was a possibility that the cultivator could be distracted and get possessed by the evils?

Hence, Yin Xu Dong watched for a long time nervously. After which, he saw a miraculous sight一smoke was seeping from Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s body. The perspiration from her body started evaporating; before long, her perspiration was completely evaporated.

Just as Yin Xu Dong thought that she was almost done, Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s face contorted in agony. Her throat tightening, she grunted lowly before blood seeped out of her mouth. In the end, she spat out a large mouthful of blood. That had Yin Xu Dong shocked stiff. He immediately pounced over to catch Zhuo Xiao Xuan’s falling body, sobbing: “Xuan Xuan, let’s go to the hospital, you can’t…”

Zhuo Xiao Xuan weakly waved her hand. “There’s… no need. The blood I just spat out was the bad blood. Just let me sleep a bit, I’ll be fine.”

Yin Xu Dong’s eyes reddened. Gritting his teeth, he contemplated, but decided to follow what she said and let her down. “Enh, then rest well. I’ll prepare more soup. If you’re still not any better, I’m going to bring you to the hospital.”


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TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHAN LANN


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