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After Yin Xu Dong said that, his vision blurred and Qin Ke Xuan disappeared in a flash. What happened all of a sudden? He was utterly confused. Was it that he was hungry? Oh right, he sighed mournfully, he hadn’t had lunch yet! There probably won’t be much food left in the canteen now right? Hurriedly, he dashed towards to canteen to get his food.

Qin Ke Xuan popped her head from behind the wall and watched Yin Xu Dong leaving, her expression still one of blandness. The flush that’s flooded her cheeks and neck, however, hadn’t gone away. She reached to cup her burning face, biting her lower lip lightly before burying her head in both her arm, not moving.

She only returned leisurely when lessons were almost starting. Someone shouted at her the minute she came in: “Qin Ke Xuan, where did you run off to? Our form teacher’s looking for you! She told you to go office when you’re back!”

There was a teachers’ office installed on every floor of the classrooms. When Qin Ke Xuan arrived, there were other teachers in the office other than their form teacher.

“Qin Ke Xuan! What’re you doing here not attending lesson?!” The form teacher reproached her the minute she saw her.

“You’re looking for me?”

“How is it that you are you so disobedient despite your refined appearance?! Your frequent absence from school aside, why are you always not properly attending lessons even though you’re in school?! Is that how a student should be like? And with your results, you still have the nerve to skip lessons? What are you planning to do, just get by high school till graduation, grab a cert you barely managed to get and go out and make a spectacle of yourself?”

Qin Ke Xuan stood impassively, quietly waiting for her to finish. In her time, teachers in schools often would use rulers to hit the palms of their students for skipping school. So this painless and itchless scolding, to her, was nothing much.

“Say, Song lao shi, there’s a lot of other kids skipping school from your class, why’d you especially make things difficult this girl?” Another lao shi sitting on the other desk beside Song lao shi who didn’t see things eye to eye with her couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Zhang lao shi, when have I made things difficult for her? This student is skipping lessons, should I not reprimand her for doing that then?”

“You were dragged down by your distant (female) cousin she’d reported weren’t you? Isn’t that why you’re making things difficult for her?”

The two of them countered each other and before long, they started quarrelling. The other teachers in the office quickly came over to mediate.

Qin Ke Xuan very automatically left the office and returned to her classroom to attend her lesson. When she heard the teacher teaching Politics “reading the textbook” in front, she pulled out her Physics textbook and continued reading. Qin Ke Xuan was very interested in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography these four topics. Even though the things written in the textbook were very well-founded and often backed up with real examples, there were still some parts she did not quite understand. However, that did not at all affect her interest in these subjects. As for Politics and History, however, she promptly discarded them after memorising and understanding.

After today, the form teacher’s attitude towards Qin Ke Xuan was always very poor. However, Qin Ke Xuan did not take it to heart.

As she was heading back home after school ended, she bumped into Yin Xu Dong’s his friends, Ah Lang and company. Yin Xu Dong however wasn’t among them. Ah Lang and company who had also seen Qin Ke Xuan paid her their respect. She was too epic to dare to trash a lao shi (even though that incompetent lao shi had been sacked already)! Yeah! Even though they’ve never really liked that woman that had screwed Dong zi round in circles, but they weren’t able to do much since she was after all his teacher, and a female teacher at that.

“Yo! Dong zi’s mei, long time no see!”

“Dong zi said you said you didn’t like him cuz he’s ugly, so he’s hidden in some goodness-knows-where corner being sad! Do you really dislike him for becoming ugly like those shallow-minded women?”

Qin Ke Xuan frowned. She did think he was ugly but she didn’t say she didn’t like him. Turning, she walked towards the wall where she had gone to this afternoon.

“Woah! So cool, and moe, so moe!”

“Moe your head! If you dare make a move at her, you’ll meet with Dong zi’s wrath!”

As expected, Yin Xu Dong was seated there. He was so deep in thought that he didn’t even notice Qin Ke Xuan walking over.

“Yin Xu Dong.” Qin Ke Xuan shouted behind him.

“Wahh!” Yin Xu Dong got a scare. Why was it that Xuan Xuan always appeared and disappeared like a ghost? “Xuan Xuan? How come you’re here? Don’t you need to go back to the military now?”

“Not for a few days no.” Z L T



“Then let’s go play! We haven’t played together for a long time!” Yin Xu Dong exclaimed in excitement.

“I don’t dislike you.” Qin Ke Xuan suddenly said.

“Hah? Oh, I know I know, you’re not someone who judges by the appearance.”

“The last time you were looking for me, you said you got these pimples because you’re worried about me. So they popped up because your pent-up anxiety damaged your health?” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 43 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Aye? Did I say that? I must have been joking. You don’t need to mind it, it’s not your fault.” Yin Xu Dong scratched his head, saying in embarrassment.

“Stretch out your hand.” Qin Ke Xuan commanded.

Yin Xu Dong obediently stretched out his hand, asking in curiosity: “What’re you going to do?”

A hand gripping his wrist, Qin Ke Xuan’s other hand check for his pulse. With his sluggish vessels and inner balance was all over the place, it was no wonder so many pimples sprouted on his face. “I’ll help you straighten out your inner balance and unclog your vessels. It might hurt a little but hold it in and don’t scream.” At that, her thumb pressed on his Hegu* acupuncture point and rubbed heavily.

* Hegu (合谷) acupuncture point is in the middle of the 2nd metacarpal bone on the radial side; basically somewhere between your thumb and index finger

“Ow! It hurts it hurts it hurts!” The pain caught Yin Xu Dong off guard, and so he howled in pain.

“Shut up.”

Yin Xu Dong quickly shut his mouth after being fiercely glared at by Qin Ke Xuan and nodded his head, holding it in as he clenched his teeth. Qin Ke Xuan pressed at his Hegu and went up his arm along each and every acupuncture points, heading for his shoulders. When she reached the Zhongfu* acupuncture point, she stopped and kneaded his other hand the same way. When she was done with the two arms, Qin Ke Xuan had him sit with his back towards her. After which, she pressed both her hands on the back of his shoulders and started kneading.

* Zhongfu (中府) acupuncture point is on the upper lateral chest, the crossing point of the Lung and Spleen Meridian.

Yin Xu Dong felt Qin Ke Xuan’s hands moving downwards from his shoulders before her hands stopped at the two sides of his waist. The moment her hands slid forward to knead his lower abdomen though, his head exploded.

Where, where, where was she touching?! Z L T

Before long however, he didn’t have the effort to mind such an ambiguous question. Qin Ke Xuan’s thumbs that were pressing into the two sides of his lower abdomen had him beading cold sweat from the pain, and so, he couldn’t help but lightly moan.

Qin Ke Xuan continued, her face thoroughly flushed. She seriously wanted to slap herself a few times. Why was it that she had to feel him down over such a small case! Why was she so rash! Clenching her teeth, she warned: “Shut it!”

“But, but it… it hurts… ow…”

“One more word and I’ll make it hurt more!” Qin Ke Xuan threatened.

“Enh…” Yin Xu Dong suddenly recalled from the biology book that some girls would experience pretty bad pains during their period. This was probably how it felt huh? Poor things. Whether it was him trying to distract himself or he was brain-farting, he asked Qin Ke Xuan: “Does your stomach hurt as much as this when you’re on your period?”



Yin Xu Dong felt like fainting from the pain right now. Meanwhile, Qin Ke Xuan, who wanted to just kill him with the pain, pressed down even harder.

Following this, no matter how painful it got, Yin Xu Dong didn’t dare make a sound. He was afraid his brain would cramp again and he’d sprout something embarrassing. Qin Ke Xuan also remained silent as she kneaded his entire body. After finishing, she said: “For the next few days, come here at this time.” After that, she left.

Yin Xu Dong howled after Qin Ke Xuan’s figure disappeared before his eyes. Goodness, how long were these painful days going to last for?! I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 43 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

And so, this would happen in a certain wall corner after school every day…

“Xuan Xuan, are you doing it right?”


“But why is it that my pimples are worsening?” Yin Xu Dong cupped his red and shiny face, looking at Qin Ke Xuan mournfully.

“In the face of death, the pimples will fight to live.” Qin Ke Xuan drank Yin Xu Dong’s tribute—a packet of milk. She heard that drinking milk makes you grow taller.

“Oh. Is today the last time then? There’s no more in the future?”

“Enh, after tomorrow, I need to train every day.”

Yin Xu Dong sighed in pity: “It’ll be hard to meet in the future.” The times where he could meet her dwindled ever since she joined that burdensome RS. He’s heard that soldiers from the military usually wouldn’t be able to come out from their base. So after she actually does join the military, he probably really wouldn’t be able to see her for at least two to three years. At that, he felt even worse, and so he started glumly: “You like being a soldier?”

“I don’t.”

“Then don’t be one then! Just look at your small limbs, how can you handle the training at the military! It’ll be super hard for a girl like you!” Yin Xu Dong upon hearing that became excited.

Qin Ke Xuan leant against the wall and looked at the sky. “I need to find a way to go back.” Her tone was wispy but firm.

Yin Xu Dong didn’t understand. “Is this some philosophical quote? What does it have anything to do with joining the military?”

“Enh. If I find it, I’ll tell you.” If there was a day where she could really return to her original world, she would definitely bid this “disciple” and “ge ge” farewell.

“So ultimately, you still want to join the military. Do you know that you can’t wear those pretty clothes, you can only wear those military uniforms in military, and you can’t go out shopping for at least eight to ten years? …” Yin Xu Dong rattled off an entire list of disadvantages of being a soldier. “The most most important thing is that there is a possibility for you to be deployed to the frontier, then that’ll no longer be a question of whether we can still meet; it’ll be so dangerous!”

“Don’t worry about that.” She’d experienced much more dangerous things that risked her life every time.

“But, you were injured so badly the other time!” Even after so long, he could still clearly remember how piercing the bloodied bandages she’d taken out was. He could completely imagine how severe her wound was.

“That won’t happen again.” After learning her lessons, she would not be so naive to try to clip a bullet when it’s being shot at her.

“Why not I join the military too. I’ll be a military doctor so I can treat your wounds for you.” Yin Xu Dong suddenly made up his mind. That way, not only would he be able to see Xuan Xuan, he would also be able to help her in a time of need instead of helplessly looking on.

“You sure?” Qin Ke Xuan raised her brows. Z L T

“I’m sure!” Yin Xu Dong nodded his head firmly.

“As far as I know, you’re currently in second year, class 15.” She could already tell how terrible his grades were from his class.

“What’s wrong with class 15? Aren’t you from class 15 too, didn’t you become an SF soldier? In that case then why can’t I!” Her words hit Yin Xu Dong’s tender spot so he immediately imploded. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 43 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Then work hard. I hope you won’t let me down.”

“I definitely won’t! Just wait to be blown away!”

And so, Yin Xu Dong who’d always been sloven and fooled around turned over a new leaf. From then on, he started studying hard and making progress every day, determined to become an outstanding military doctor. And his change could very well be credited to Qin Ke Xuan!

Qin Ke Xuan also began her training life. She was still undergoing training together with the RS at the base led by their SF seniors. After all, she still had to attend lessons in the day so only the RS training would fit her current situation.

If there was anything she was unsatisfied about, it would be being chased around every day by Chi Qu Qi and being questioned about stuff that happened during the surprise attack test like where she went and what she did. Her joining the MI6 was a classified information, so she cannot reveal it to anyone. Chi Qu Qi didn’t believe anything she said, and so, she was stuck with being tagged around by Chi Qu Qi.

One day when they were practising hurling hand grenades, Chi Qu Qi secretly asked Qin Ke Xuan: “Did you join one of our country’s secret military organisation? Tell me tell me, I promise I won’t leak to a third person!”

Even though he was just guessing randomly, he’d gotten it right. Qin Ke Xuan continued hurling her hand grenade, not planning to respond to him.

“Aye, say, why didn’t they choose such a genius like me? Why did they have to choose you?” Chi Qu Qi complained self-righteously. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 43 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Chi Qu Qi! You’re talking again! 200 more grenades!” A captain standing on the side berated.

“Yes! I will make sure to fulfill the task!” Chi Qu Qi immediately straightened up and carried out his punishment.

Pity was that Qin Ke Xuan was unwilling to give him any bit of information no matter how much he tried to trick her into talking afterwards. Angered by that, Chi Qu Qi would call Qin Ke Xuan stingy every time he saw her afterwards.



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