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It’d be strange for them not to attract over the examiners with the way they were eating and chatting beside the lake in the open. How could there possibly be such egotistical targets! Even the snipers had to hide in the grasses chomping on dried food, feeding the mosquitoes, yet these targets were there enjoying their piping fragrant wild chicken. Just wait, they snipers will definitely finish off these arrogant targets!

Chi Qu Qi upon hearing Qin Ke Xuan’s reminder immediately looked around at the darkness, alert, but he was completely unable to notice any movement. He quietly moved to touch his assault rifle on his thighs hanging from his neck. 

Qin Ke Xuan grabbed her bag, saying loudly: “How are we so stupid? To lug around this heavy bag pack everywhere we go? Why don’t we secretly hide all the stuff inside somewhere, then wait till we’re returning before we place everything back?” 

“Hah?” Chi Qu Qi was struck dumb. Why would they fret over trying to slack off instead of fretting about running away at such a time like this when they were going to be captured on the spot by other people?

“Take your bag over, take out all the things inside and put them behind the rock.” Qin Ke Xuan continued saying loudly, and then said softly: “I’ll extinguish the fire, follow me tightly.”

No wonder, Qin Ke Xuan was purposely talking loudly to attract those people’s attention and let them think they were slacking off. They hence would not shoot them at the moment after seeing them really unloading the stuff from their bags, as they would be able to kick them out for as they were slacking off. As the Reserve Squad didn’t allow anyone to slack, there would be no reason for any slackers to continue remaining in the Reserve Squad.

“Oh, okay, how did I not think of that!” Chi Qu Qi faked talking loudly as he grabbed his bag, heading over to Qin Ke Xuan’s side. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 37 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan upon seeing it as a good opportunity squatted by the lake. She took off her helmet to scoop some water and extinguished the fire. When the water met the fire, it immediately extinguished. Following which was smoke gushing out. With the only source of light extinguished, the darkness immediately encased the two of them. The two Special Forces soldiers that had been aiming at them immediately reacted and realised they were tricked, and so, they hurriedly aimed in front and fired. However, by the time they wore their infrared night vision device and surveyed the surroundings, other than the few soldiers located at their ambush place, the silhouettes of the two figures were long gone.

They went over to check the side of the lake, asking each other how many shots they fired in total before checking against the rock for the marks; none of the shots hit them.

“Looks like we’ve really met a thorny newcomer. Not bad, not bad. We’ll team up and focus on them later on!” The team leader of the surprise attack team told the team members. 

“Will it tilt the fairness?” One of the members questioned.

“Tilt what fairness, we need to reasonably distribute our resources, get it? That newbie’s the one that finished off one of our teams, and now, they’ve managed to escape despite being surrounded by two of our teams! You can tell others about this, but I’ve definitely got no face to lose! Listen up, we will find them and finish them off in the following days!” It wouldn’t excite him even if he finished off eight or ten of the other little sheep Reserve Squad members. There’s finally a newbie that’s showing some potential, how could they possibly give up this chance to play with them properly?

He brought his team members and scoured in the direction of Qin Ke Xuan and Chi Qu Qi’s footsteps whereas the other team continued cutting through the forest looking for other newbies that’s on their own.

In the dark forest, two silhouettes were zipping forward at a very fast speed. The silhouette following behind stopped, and Chi Qu Qi bent forward, panting. “Pant, pant, pant, Qin Ke Xuan, pant, let’s rest a bit, pant, I, I can’t run anymore.” 

The silhouette belonging to Qin Ke Xuan in front stopped as well. She looked at the panting Chi Qu Qi in extreme discontent. They’ve only ran for a little bit and now he’s already out of breathe? Forget it, in this world where the people were all so frail as though they were daughters that had never left their houses, he was already doing pretty well. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 37 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

“Let’s rest for a bit.” Qin Ke Xuan said blandly, and then speedily dashed towards a tree in front. When she approached the tree, she stepped up the tree trunk continuously, leaping up. Both hands grabbing a branch, she flipped up and sat on the tree. Honestly, if it hadn’t been Chi Qu Qi being here, it wouldn’t be as troublesome as this to scale a tree for her. All she would have needed to do was to leap up.

But what she had already done was shocking enough for Chi Qu Qi. He sat on the ground and pinched his thighs, it freaking hurts! He’s not dreaming! He carefully looked at the surroundings, asking the Qin Ke Xuan sitting atop the tree softly: “Oi! Qin Ke Xuan, are you Tarzan?” Even though Special Forces soldiers had some epic skills, it was not to the extent of being able to step a tree trunk perpendicular to the ground right? And, she’s not even a Special Forces soldier yet! 

“Shh.” Qin Ke Xuan squinted one eye, tilted her head and leaned her other eye into the scope of the rifle to observe the situation afar. It had been Chi Qu Qi who had taught her about this scope. Apparently, it could allow one to clearly view things that were far away. Pity that it was at night so it was dark everywhere, hence the scope didn’t really help much. 

“We’re staying overnight here.” Qin Ke Xuan lowered her head to announce to the Chi Qu Qi below. 

“Ha? Here? You sure?! Let’s not even talk about being discovered by them, what if a wild boar or wild wolf run out, what are we going to do?” 

“They don’t know how to climb trees.”

“… You mean we overnight on the trees?”


Chi Qu Qi swept a look at the forest; there was, indeed, no other choice. And so, he pantingly climbed up the tree Qin Ke Xuan was on and sat down on another branch. “I’ll guard, you sleep. I can rest here. Even if I sleep, I won’t fall.” He pointed at the big branch with a few more branches branching out from it; it was large enough for someone to cuddle up in there without falling off. 

“No need.” Qin Ke Xuan sat like that on her branch and closed her eyes to rest. 

Chi Qu Qi shrugged, hugged his rifle and surveyed the surroundings for movements. In the beginning, he was still able to remain awake. However, as time passed, his eyelids gradually became too heavy to be kept open. Thinking about no matter how amazing those Special Forces soldiers were, they were still humans, so they still needed sleep right, then let’s just all sleep together. With that thought in mind, he smacked his lips and leaned on the tree trunk, falling asleep. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 37 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

In the dark of the night, Qin Ke Xuan opened her eyes. She glanced sideways at the Chi Qu Qi nodding away, and looked once again at the rustling noise from not far away. She fished out an empty ammo from her waist bag, clipped it between her fingers and flung it out. It hit something and the rustling immediately died out. She then stretched her hand to grip Chi Qu Qi’s shirt just in time to keep him from falling backwards. “So troublesome.” Qin Ke Xuan muttered. 

The second day, when the sky was still murky bright, Chi Qu Qi was hit on the head by something. Immediately, he was shocked awake. After moving his body, he suddenly remembered he was still on the tree. He thought he’d fall off the tree, but only realised he was tied to the tree by a string. He turned his head in shock to look for Qin Ke Xuan, but he didn’t see her. Anxious, he shouted: “Qin Ke Xuan! Where are you?!” 


A bland and calm voice belonging to Qin Ke Xuan sounded from above. Chi Qu Qi raised his head and saw Qin Ke Xuan with a leg bent hugging her knees as she sat on the tree branch above. It was impossible to try to decipher her expression from her painted face, but he was sure she looked as expressionless as usual.

“Oi, hurry help me untie, why did you tie me at all?!” Z L T

“Untie it yourself.” Qin Ke Xuan was in a rare mood where she couldn’t be bothered to move. Her good train of thought was chopped off by him. 

“Oi! I was tied by you, how do I untie! Hurry! Stop joking!” Chi Qu Qi shouted in irritation. 

“If you were held captive by the enemy would you still get the enemy to untie you?” Qin Ke Xuan stood up from the branch. Holding on to the branch, she leapt from above to the branch she rested on the previous night. “I’m going to look for something to eat. If you still haven’t untied yourself by the time I return, I’ll call over the people who are looking for us to help you untie.” With that, she jumped down lightly and quietly, leaving behind a fuming Chi Qu Qi clenching his teeth in rage. 

He watched Qin Ke Xuan just walking away like that and couldn’t help but want to just slam head-on into the tree. If she really called over those people to help him untie, then he would just be sent directly back to the base. He tried to untie the ropes in a rush. Freaking hell, exactly how did she tie it for it to be so dead?! He shifted his hand in difficulty, trying to reach for the dagger attached to his waist. With a flip of his hand, he cut the ropes tying his body. 

“Still not done?” Qin Ke Xuan raised her head to look at the Chi Qu Qi who was currently duelling with his ropes. She’d already returned from picking some fruits; he’s seriously too slow. 

“Freaking hell! Why are you so fast! And, your knots are dead tight, how would I be able to untie them so quickly?!” The dagger that was assigned to each of them was very sharp. As he talked, he had already cut away the ropes. Chi Qu Qi tugged away the ropes on his body and jumped from the tree, and then pounced at Qin Ke Xuan, baring his fangs. “Why did you tie me?!” I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 37 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Qin Ke Xuan threw one of the fruits she had in her hands at him, saying lightly: “If I don’t tie you, you’ll fall off. I sure haven’t seen anyone who can guard the night and still getting hurt even though nothing happened at night.” 

Chi Qu Qi caught the fruit and sent it into his mouth. After hearing Qin Ke Xuan saying it like that, the sides of his lips tugged awkwardly, and he bit into a fruit. “Hehe, where did you pick these fruits from? It tastes pretty decent, pretty decent…” It was probably due to him getting bitten by a snake yesterday and losing so much blood, and then walked a day’s worth of mountain road, that’s why he was so tired he fell asleep and didn’t even notice Qin Ke Xuan tying him. However, what actually happened was Qin Ke Xuan that pressed his sleep acupuncture point so she could tie him up.

Qin Ke Xuan very nonchalantly ate the fruits in her hands as she walked forward. When she passed the place that had been rustling last night, she pushed aside the wild grass and saw a wild rabbit that had been shot by her empty ammo lying dead. She picked up the dead rabbit and threw it at the Chi Qu Qi following behind.

Chi Qu Qi caught the dead rabbit, saying excitedly: “Wow! There’s actually something like catching a rabbit after guarding a tree-trunk! That’s amazing, we have rabbit meat to eat!” Z L T

“The people from yesterday are catching up. Finish them all.” Qin Ke Xuan calmly told him her opinion.

“You… you’re still not awake yet right? How are we supposed to finish them?!” Chi Qu Qi looked at Qin Ke Xuan as though she was from another universe.

“Not willing to? That’s fine, I originally hadn’t wanted to stay together with you anyway. You can go.” She could finally get rid of this bothersome person. It would be much more convenient for her to go on her own as she wouldn’t need to worry about as much things. 

“You, you what do you mean by that?!” Chi Qu Qi flew into a fury. It was as though she was very unwilling. He inhaled deeply so as to not choke on his rage. He shook the dead rabbit in his hand. “Then what about this?”

“Your gift.” The mountain was filled with wild animals anyway, she would be able to hunt some anytime. She was not going to lug around a dead animal to fight with other people. 

“Who wants it! Then let’s part!” Chi Qu Qi threw the dead rabbit on the ground and walked away puffing anger.

Qin Ke Xuan watched expressionlessly as he walked away, bent down to pick up the rabbit and aimed it at the retreating figure.

“Ah! What is it? Rabbit? Qin Ke Xuan!” Chi Qu Qi turned around, ready to blast fire at Qin Ke Xuan, but he didn’t expect her person to be gone already. He couldn’t help to twitch her lips. “Can you appear and disappear any more unpredictably?”


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM.
T/N: Tenth day of Christmas dump (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚

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