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The bunch of them went to the readied shooting arena with grandiose. Sergeant One said to the people in the Reserve Squad: “You have a total of five people, I’ll take out five people too. One person is sent out each time, the side that is able to complete shooting within the minimal time will win. As long as three people from one side win, that side will be considered the winner of this competition, can do?”

“Okay, if we lose, we’ll run one round around the company of troops shouting we’re useless scoundrels.” Chi Qu Qi shouted.

The squad leader berated in discontent: “What madness are you saying?!”

“Squad leader! We’re still the Special Forces Reserve Squad regardless, have some confidence. If we really lose to them, we should just retire and get out of here!” Z L T

Upon seeing the other party suggesting such a punishment, Sergeant One didn’t want to appear weak, and said: “Then if we lose, all of us, including those who did not participate, will run a round admitting we’re scoundrels!”

The soldiers from the two sides were both burning with fervour. It looked like they had not seen each other eye to eye for a very long time already, just that there had not been any medium through which they could relief their discontent. So they were all seizing this opportunity to ferociously jeer at each other. Qin Ke Xuan took the assault rifle Chi Qu Qi handed her and listened carefully to their instructions: “We have five people. I’ll go first, followed by Tian Xue Qin, Lin Shao Yun, squad leader, and lastly Qin Ke Xuan. Qin Ke Xuan, since you haven’t learnt how to shoot a moving target 100 metres away, you’re going last so you have time to properly get the gist of our movements, get it?”

In the first round, Chi Qu Qi was matched up with a normal soldier, and so he won without doubt. Qin Ke Xuan memorised their running and shooting actions with ease. This shooting training was pretty interesting. The target popping up anytime and anywhere could train the person’s sharpness and reaction speed. Z L T

After four rounds, other than Lin Xiao Yun, all the three guys from the Reserve Squad had won. Even though the winner had been determined, the last round would still continue. Qin Ke Xuan was matched with Sergeant One.

Sergeant One upon seeing Qin Ke Xuan was not a familiar face, said: “Newcomer? Let me say this first, I’m not going to let you even if you’re a newcomer or a female.” Z L T

“No need.” The killer organisation she had been in had never not sent her out to kill because she was a female. Not only so, even as a female, she was ranked as the number one killer in the organisation. So long you had the skills, no one would mind if you’re a women, elderly or child.

Even though Qin Ke Xuan’s movements were not very standard, she won Sergeant One easily. Sergeant One brought his three squads of soldiers and ran a round around the camp, shouting out they were useless scoundrels in aggrievance, eliciting many onlookers from other troops. Of course, it also alarmed the leaders upstairs, and so the two sides were fiercely reprimanded and punished all the participants to go back and write a self-criticism report.

When the Reserve Squad returned to their warehouse base, Chi Qu Qi’s non-stop chirping pronounced his gratification about being able to foil Sergeant One’s plans. Z L T

“Haha, I can finally relieve my resentments after holding it in for so long! Shaung*!” Z L T

* = shuang; a word that expresses one feeling invigorated/rejuvenated/really awesome

Chi Qu Qi was just a big headache. The squad leader kicked him, scolding: “Shuang my ass! Now what! All the people in the entire base will know we Special Forces Reserve Squad have our noses up in the air. Now that we’ve ruined the senior soldier’s reputation, they’ll definitely start ostracising us!” Z L T

Qie, even if we don’t ruin their reputation, they’ve already combined forces in ostracising us enough! It’ll all turn out the same in my opinion, so we should just fiercely jeer them! Squad leader, you dare say it’s not shuang?” Chi Qu Qi played around with the dagger in his hand, saying in disdain.

The squad leader rolled his eyes. “Course it’s shuang, but shuang in the dark yourself.”

“Dude, man show* much.” Z L T

* 闷骚 = men sao; ‘man show’ in English; refers to someone (usually males, but can be used for females as well) who is shy on the outside but wild on the inside

Qin Ke Xuan ignored their bantering and looked around at the equipment she’s never seen before in curiosity. As expected, it’s right to walk the path of joining the military. The technology utilised by the military was, as expected, the latest state-of-the-art, and this was especially evident for the Special Forces unit. They entered a room, inside the room sat a very large and very strange-looking machine that had a space in the middle for a person in sit in. There was a lot of stuff she didn’t understand installed in front of the seat. Perhaps this was something linked to the time machine? She’d seen all sorts of time machines in time travel movies, the majority of them were a coffin-like box. The person would be able to time travel just by lying in it and pressing a button.

“Qin Ke Xuan, you want to learn this?” Lin Xiao Yun came over and asked.

“Enh, what is this?” Qin Ke Xuan nodded her head. Z L T

“This is an aeroplane stimulation machine, come come, let ge ge teach you how to play this thing.” Chi Qu Qi got impatient from listening to the squad leader’s naggings. Upon hearing the commotion over here, he immediately came over, switched on the switch and let Qin Ke Xuan sit into one of the machines while he explained the use of each and every operation device. Z L T

After Chi Qu Qi switched it on, Qin Ke Xuan saw a screen on wall lowering slowly before the machine, and then a long road on the screen appeared. What was strange was that there were boxes on the screen. Aeroplane she knew. It was a large metal bird that could bring a lot of people and fly in the sky and could fly from one country to another in a very short time. However, this machine was noticeably different from the aeroplanes she had seen on the television.

“Aye, Special Forces soldier sure isn’t a job for humans. Other than requiring one’s stats to be stronger than normal soldiers, there is a shitload of random stuff we need to learn, I’mma die from excessive ejaculation* sooner or later!” Chi Qu Qi taught Qin Ke Xuan while complaining.

“Oi oi! Is this something to say in front of a girl?!” Tian Xue Qin sent a slap on Chi Qu Qi’s head. Z L T

Chi Qu Qi rubbed his head in pain, saying apologetically: “I don’t mean it literally, I meant 精*(jing; essence) as in 精神 (jing shen; spirit/mind)… Qin Ke Xuan have you memorised all the stuff I explained?” Upon seeing his explanation still elicited looks of disdain from everyone, he automatically swerved the topic of discussion onto Qin Ke Xuan. “What you see on the screen in front is the runway. Later when you fly into the sky, it will be the scene of the sky, quite similar to a normal plane. Pilots use stimulation machines to practice before driving a real aeroplane. As for us, it’s not like we’ll actually need to pilot a plane even if we do learn how to pilot a plane after practising with the stimulation machine. After all, we’re not pilots, we will not have any chance to pilot unless the circumstance is special.”

* original phrase used is 精尽人亡 which means to die from excessive ejaculation, where the (jing) here means semen; Chi Qu Qi rebukes by saying he is referring to with the context of 精神 (jing shen) which means state of his mind, hence is saying he’ll die from mental exhaustion rather than its original meaning.

Qin Ke Xuan nodded her head. The steering wheel, rudder pedal, throttle and valve and etcetera to her were quite similar to that of a car, both required each device to control each function. She was able to grasp the gist of things after trying a few times.

“Hehe, not bad not bad. When you won that guy at the target-shooting arena and made him so angry his face turned green, I knew at that moment that this pretty girl had some skills. As expected, you have my demeanour!” Chi Qu Qi gave her a thumbs up. “But this is just the foundation to flying, let me give you some harder stuff to play with.”

Qin Ke Xuan really couldn’t bring herself to be happy after being praised by him. Who would want to have his demeanour? However, from her observations, out of everyone that was currently here, he, the most unreliable one, was indeed the strongest out of all of the rest. As for the rest of the people, she would have to wait till they come down for night training to know.

Qin Ke Xuan tried all the machines at the warehouse base before the class-wide training finally came. Everyone was all somewhat interested in this newest yet youngest member, and all sized her up after introducing themselves.

However, they couldn’t spare the effort to size her up long because the demonic training began. Z L T

The training for the Special Forces Reserve Squad was lead by the proper members of the Tercel Brigade. In their words, it meant having seniors as their leader. There would only be one captain, the rest of the members would be vice-captain and would be in charge of the varied training activities. Z L T

In the beginning, they were tasked to run ten rounds around the track with weights strapped on. This school field track was no one comparable to this running track; the running track here was several times that distance. Before long, everyone’s breathing and footsteps had become disarrayed. One of the vice-captains running alongside them said very leisurely: “Why, already so tired after running this little distance? If so then it’s better you guys stop being a Special Force soldier, if word gets out, you’re gonna be throwing our faces!” Z L T

Chi Qu Qi muttered: “Easier said than done.”

Xiao Chi zi*, what you muttering about?” Z L T

* = zi; suffix attached to names (works similarly to how ‘xiao’ is a prefix)

“Reporting, I didn’t say anything!” Z L T

“Hoh, I heard you little guy went and made trouble with Sergeant One. Since you’re all capable now, why don’t you run two more rounds? And let’s see if you still have the energy to taint the reputation of the Special Force soldiers?” The vice-captain teased.

Chi Qu Qi’s face creased, and he implored: “Vice-cap! Brother! I’m begging you! Can you please don’t torment this little body anymore? I swear I will not go and provoke Sergeant One purposely ever again! I just brought the newcomer to familiarise the surroundings and shoot some targets, who knew he’d find me a hindrance. I couldn’t swallow this taunt and neither could I allow the newcomer to be bullied, so I wound up challenging him.”

The Qin Ke Xuan following tightly behind him wanted to just send him a kick, why was he dragging her down with him! Pity the captain was just beside them so she couldn’t find the time to make her move.

“Newcomer?” The vice-captain’s attention, as expected, was shifted by Chi Qu Qi. He turned to look at the Qin Ke Xuan behind, shocked. “Not bad, calm and composed, your physical finesse must be pretty good. Finally, a good seedling from this squad.”

Chi Qu Qi upon hearing him turned to look at Qin Ke Xuan. As the vice-captain had said, she was neither sweating nor panting, and that had him clicking his tongue. He really couldn’t tell Qin beauty was such an OP character. Z L T

Xiao Chi zi, you still dare to say you’ve fought all the Reserve Squad members and remain unparalleled?” The vice-captain laughed. Z L T

After short break after running ten rounds was scaling. They had to scale up and down a ladder a hundred times per set. After such intense training, the majority of the people were beginning to be exhausted and laid on the ground panting.

A few of the captains squatted in front of them, snorting: “A proper Special Forces member will need to scale the ladder three hundred times per set! Not only that, you guys didn’t train in the morning so the amount of training is largely decreased. At the rate you guys are going, exactly when will you reach the standard of a Special Forces soldier? Acting dead already now huh? Stand up straight! Scale the barbed wire two hundred times!”

The entire squad howled in anguish in their hearts, it had only been a hundred last time! Z L T

The physical strength of the girl could not compare to the guys, but their captain this time didn’t let the fairer sex go easier, hence did not give the girls any leeway. Other than Qin Ke Xuan, the two other girls’ hands and legs had already gone soft. They even wobbled when walking. As expected, before the two of them hit a hundred, both of them could no longer continue and fainted.

After the captains had the health personals to check if they were fine, they called some people over to carry them back to rest, then couldn’t help but sigh: “They do have some skills, but their physical strength is too weak.” It’s not actually accurate to say their physical finesse was poor. They were a lot better compared to normal males, however they were definitely far from enough when compared to a Special Force soldier.

The only two burly and strong females had fainted, yet the Qin Ke Xuan, submerged in the bunch of tall and sturdy people, still appeared to have great vitality, and was even more at ease than some of the guys. I AM A KILLER, CHAPTER 31 is hosted at ZHANLANTRANSLATIONS.WORDPRESS.COM

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